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  1. JulieJH

    LIVE from the Camino Dog attack

    I walked the Mozarabe from Almeria to Cordoba in late October last year and had ZERO trouble with dogs. There were dogs, of course, but they were all behind gates or enclosed in yards. I remember thinking that the Association (who does such a wonderful job all along this route) must have done...
  2. JulieJH

    Menorca and Mallorca - GR221 and 223

    I'm planning to hike the GR221 late November from Port d'Andratx to Lluc - just two of us carrying our packs. Making the stages as short as possible. Wikiloc has some good maps for this route. After the hike, we're staying in Sineu for over a week. It's on the rail line so great for day trips...
  3. JulieJH

    Storing a bag at any Correos while on camino??

    A followup! Today I received a reply to the query I sent to Correos via their website. My query was very specific, asking if I could store a carry-on sized bag at a Correos office in Malaga while I walked the Camino Mozarabe from Almeria to Cordoba. Here is the reply: Buenos días, Julia...
  4. JulieJH

    Storing a bag at any Correos while on camino??

    Hi all; I've read through related forum posts and scoured the Correos website (e.g. Paq Peregrino) but am hoping someone may have experience with this... I'll be walking the Camino Mozarabe from Almeria to Cordoba this fall, travelling into and out of Malaga. Would Correos in Malaga store a...
  5. JulieJH

    From Almeria to Cordoba in November

    I'm planning to start from Almeria on October 27 and have recently been in touch with Mercedes, who is now president of the Amigos of the Mozarabe de Santiago Almeria, after sending an e-mail to caminomozarabedealmeria@gmail.com. She sent a warm welcome, info about short stages and said a new...
  6. JulieJH

    San Gimignano to Monteriggiore

    We stayed at the priest's guest house for pilgrims within the old castle in late October. Beautiful weather and not many tourists after the sun sets. I remember lots of boars running alongside the trail eating chestnuts as my sister and I approached at dusk. They do not turn heat on until...
  7. JulieJH

    Central vs Coastal

    I walked the central route from Azambuja, outside of Lisbon to SdC, but took the Senda Littoral for just one day, out of Porto to Vila do Conde - a beautiful path on boardwalks through small fishing villages. Next day followed an old aqueduct out of Vila do Conde to rejoin the central route in...
  8. JulieJH

    LIVE from the Camino Via Francigena- Lucca to Rome

    I walked with my sister and a friend from Lucca to Viterbo in October 2016. We had one day of heavy rain. It was a beautiful time to walk - the season for truffles, porcinis, chestnuts, olive harvests, and young wine. We visited three very different hot springs along the way. Buon Camino!
  9. JulieJH

    Casa Fernanda

    My sister and I stayed at Casa of Fernanda, Jacinto, and Mariana last Tuesday (16 Oct). Fernanda’s wrist was in a cast but it didn’t appear to affect her bountiful energy or spirit. A Camino angel in multiple forms, who passes it down the way. My own small story was that in the morning I left my...
  10. JulieJH

    Camino Portugues in October

    I start from Lisbon on 27 September and plan to meet my sister in Porto on October 12 for the remainder of the way. Looking forward to it! fyi - I've heard that the weekend of 12 October is a national holiday; one that brings many to the areas of Porto and Vila do Conde. I'm told there could...
  11. JulieJH

    Flights - Carry on Rucksack

    Has anyone tried simply removing the carbide tips from collapsible trekking poles to see if that would make them okay to pack as a carry-on instead of as checked baggage?
  12. JulieJH

    People starting Camino Portugués in September 2018

    I will start walking from Lisbon on September 26!
  13. JulieJH

    Think Portuguese Coastal this Fall

    Jami, I am coming from Indiana and planning to walk Lisbon to Santiago late September thru most of October, with segments on the coastal route. The best fares I've found (using google flights and other searches) are from Boston to Lisbon, with several choices at around $500 round trip. Still...
  14. JulieJH

    Ryanair onboard bag policy changed

    Hi - You can take a ferry from Dublin to Liverpool and then a train or bus to St. Bees from there. - Julie

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