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  1. Theresa Brandon

    Compostela requirements, pre Camino Ingles in UK

    I walked 25K in the US, getting stamps from Post Offices and Libraries. It wasn't any sort of recognized route, just town to town. I then brought my stamped Credencial, a letter from a local priest, and a map with distances marked on it. Walked from La Coruna to Santiago, getting two stamps a...
  2. Theresa Brandon

    A stupid washing thing..

    I've used it for decades but I do have oily skin and hair.
  3. Theresa Brandon

    Reviews: Stiff rocker-style shoes that come in women's extra wide

    Would a stiff insole help? It might open up some possibilities for shoes that aren't quite stiff enough right out of the box. https://tegadesign.com/collections/insole
  4. Theresa Brandon

    Into Baiona - Litoral or Coastal?

    I took the blue route, going up (and down) after several days of walking by the ocean.
  5. Theresa Brandon

    First Time Pilgrim - What Day Bag?

  6. Theresa Brandon

    A stupid washing thing..

    I use Dawn dishwashing soap for shampoo/laundry/shower.
  7. Theresa Brandon

    What should I do about calluses?

    I find glass foot files work better than a pumice stone.
  8. Theresa Brandon

    It's been done before... cutlery/bowl/cup?

    I carefully use the heating coil in my Zojirushi Insulated "Thermos". The 20 ounce is quite slender so I keep a Nite Ize Cinch-a-Lot Stretch Strap-Blue around it, and hook it to a strap for extra security.
  9. Theresa Brandon

    It's been done before... cutlery/bowl/cup?

    I carry chopsticks, a lightweight thermos that I use either for hot or cold drinks, a heating coil, some instant coffee and tea, plastic fork/spoon/knife combo. I had a foldable bowl, too, but never used it.
  10. Theresa Brandon

    Small hip/shoulder pack

    I put carabiners on every zip, and an extra one on the strap of any fanny pack/sketch bag so I can hook it to my belt loop, a chair, a table leg, or my big pack, when I'm not wearing it.
  11. Theresa Brandon

    Small hip/shoulder pack

    Sherpani doesn't make this one anymore but it is still available on Amazon...
  12. Theresa Brandon

    Small hip/shoulder pack

    Check out Sipsey Wilder https://sipseywilder.com/pages/bag-comparisons
  13. Theresa Brandon

    stop halfway Betanzos to Bruma

    Costa da Egoa is one of my favorite Casa Rurales. It isn't on the Camino Ingles but is easy to taxi back and forth.
  14. Theresa Brandon

    Help with shoes for someone with big feet....

    Men's Speedgoat, 15 W in some colors (others colors in that size are on backorder). I didn't check their other models. https://www.hoka.com/en/us/mens-trail/speedgoat-5/1123157.html?dwvar_1123157_color=FRYL
  15. Theresa Brandon

    Photo contest for CP calendar

    Beware of the rights you may be giving up.
  16. Theresa Brandon

    "Itchy" backpack straps

    I was going to suggest KT tape as a buffer. Or perhaps lambswool?
  17. Theresa Brandon

    You can invite a companion on Camino, but you can't make them walk (in preparation)!

    Get the contact info for local taxi drivers at your accommodation each day. The Ingles has sections that are very rural so it isn't always going to be easy to find a taxi if you need one between towns. Whats App is a good way to communicate with taxi drivers. (And a translation app if needed)...
  18. Theresa Brandon

    You can invite a companion on Camino, but you can't make them walk (in preparation)!

    Make sure she is training on lots of hills and is using (and bringing hiking poles). Consider sending her bag ahead each day. Make sure she brings a comfortable day pack, too. Or send her belongings ahead in a duffle and carry her regular pack with a "few" snacks ;) Look at the elevation for...
  19. Theresa Brandon

    Leonardo Da Vinci in Burgos Cathedral (?)

    The anatomy of the arm and hand are both really unconvincing.
  20. Theresa Brandon

    Immersion heater question

    I use a lightweight metal thermos.

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