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  1. K

    Stuck in Bayonne

    A quick note to thank everyone for the advice and support. As Mentioned above by Katherina, replacement buses were running today. SNCF staff in Bordeaux didn’t know this, so don’t be put off if you hear otherwise - staff at Bayonne were very patient in loading on about 50 pilgrims at 12.35...
  2. K

    Stuck in Bayonne

    Thanks - I am partial to a bit of jambon!! But all seems good with Bordeaux to Bayonne train - and with 5 hours to go, Ryanair haven't cancelled Edinburgh to Bordeaux. So tentatively, it could be worse - though I generally only believe Ryanair are flying once I actually land at the...
  3. K

    Stuck in Bayonne

    I'm booked on the 10.19 train and that ticket still seems valid. Will wait until I'm in France, in case there are flight cancellations, which might be the next obstacle if French Air Traffic Control walk out, and will contact Express Bourricot once over there to see if there are options. Nice...
  4. K

    Stuck in Bayonne

    Many thanks - I did try to look on SNCF but didn't find that page. Really helpful, though as you say, travel wise it does indeed look pretty bleak!! : ) Hopefully I can at least get from Scotland to Bordeaux to Bayonne - then if worst case, I'll stump up for a cab just to get to SJPD at a...
  5. K

    Stuck in Bayonne

    Just been notified by SNCF that the train from Bayonne to SJPDP on Wednesday at 12.35 has been cancelled. The first part of the journey, from Bordeaux to Bayonne seems to still be fine. In true French style no further information is given - does anyone with any specific experience of SNCF in...

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