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  1. davebugg

    OK guys, what underwear?

    The Book of Freedoms: Chapter Two, Paragraph 7: Let not thy boys be confined, nor their airiness hampered. For I say unto you, all praise to commando and woe unto those who hamper thy gladness.
  2. davebugg

    Listening to music while on the camino

    Wearing headphones/earbuds and listening to music is a great strategy for those wishing to isolate themselves from irritating and annoying bicycle bells, horns, and shouted warnings from cyclists doing Warp Factor 3. :rolleyes:
  3. davebugg

    "Village to Village" updates going digital-only in 2024 😢

    Just a guess, but perhaps the author found that not enough new information has changed the overall information about that camino route as of the last edition of the guidebook. Or maybe the publisher decided that the money spent on a new edition of the guidebook just to incorporate such a small...
  4. davebugg

    Anyone in the UK want a free OEX hydration bladder?

    Hmmm... if you'd kept it, it may have been useful after a long tiring day of walking as an I.V. vino infusion setup.
  5. davebugg

    Walking the Camino with knee bursitis

    Your doctor has the most insightful and documented information about your individual case. If you are needing a second opinion to set your mind at ease, then my recommendation is to seek another medical specialist to also examine your knee and the medical records pertaining to your diagnosis...
  6. davebugg

    Dark colored shoes too hot in summer?

    The footwear I used backpacking across Death Valley were a dark gray color. I didn't notice that my feet were uncomfortably hot from the uppers being lit up by the sun. I did notice that anytime on pavement the bottoms of my feet warmed up from the surface temps I walked on. There is a guide I...
  7. davebugg

    Long pants and long sleeves in summer? Smart or big mistake?

    When only wearing an inner layer (the layer closest to your skin) because of warm to hot temperatures, an inner Layer with long sleeves acts to protect the skin on your arms from the effects of direct radiation of the sun's UV and infrared radiation, preventing sunburn. This is also helps keep...
  8. davebugg

    stop halfway Betanzos to Bruma

    There is always the option to taxi. You can make arrangements to have a taxi meet you at a stopping point, take you back or forwards to a lodging location, then have the taxi return you back to where you left off the next morning. Also, check AirBnB for potential rentals.
  9. davebugg

    USA - So I just got a start date on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT)

    Triple Crown. . Few of the Few.
  10. davebugg

    USA - So I just got a start date on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT)

    Can you explain that a little more, Damien. As far as I knew there had been no restrictions to the backpacking on the PCT itself, only to where the PCT crosses into a National Park or some wilderness areas which uses a portion of a trail system in that park -- like the John Muir Trail -- where...
  11. davebugg

    Walking with Wet Feet: Debunking the Myths

    Thank you. I do not recommend vaseline-type petrolatum ointments due to their absorption into the skin and when exposed to water when walking it's ability to become emulsified off the skin. I highly recommend any thick "Goop which has a high content of wax – either bee or paraffin (or both) –...
  12. davebugg

    Walking with Wet Feet: Debunking the Myths

    Foot mechanics are as unique as snowflakes between individuals. There are a variety of issues, both controllable and not so controllable that determine foot injuries, including blistering. That is why recommendations from the experiences of one or many do not always transfer over to the...
  13. davebugg

    Walking with Wet Feet: Debunking the Myths

    I have long, put-off finishing a write up of a 'work-in-progress' review of the Merrell (men's) Moab version of a tactical boot. So, I'll just give a quick synopsis here. After 9 months of use in the Grand Canyon and Cascade mountains while backpacking, as well as using them while a glacier and...
  14. davebugg

    Walking with Wet Feet: Debunking the Myths

    Water can enter trail runner shoes, hiking shoes, or backpacking boots through any opening during a rainstorm, when walking through wet grass and brush, or drench into them if you walk through puddles or other standing water along the Camino. Heavier, full-leather boots, properly treated, are...
  15. davebugg

    Tips for Cold Weather Walking

    I'm not going to start arguing back and forth. But if there is ever an example of taking an entire OP out of context in order to cherry pick their way thru and rationalize and define conclusions that were never stated...bingo, you win. Yeah, no one sweats at all on the ascents up a number of...
  16. davebugg

    Tips for Cold Weather Walking

    Given the current season with Pilgrims who will be starting their journeys, I thought it might be of help to repost this information I had written and posted earlier --------------------- When deciding on gear and clothing choices related to walking in colder weather, it is important to make...
  17. davebugg

    Celebrating my old age

    Oops. . .yeah, I didn't want the post to be a downer as much as an encouragement and a little reminder that, as another mentioned, things put off may never be realized. Age may be a state of mind or just a number, but it also comes with the increasing odds of discovering potential issues of...
  18. davebugg

    Celebrating my old age

    Yes, However it is a number closer to the closing chapter of the Book than the Opening. :-)
  19. davebugg

    Being prepared for the rain 🌧️

    I believe that. I find the same level of protection with my Lowa Camino (coincidence) GTX, which are goretex lined, although I doubt the goretex laminate is still doing its job. But the treated leather of these boots are definitely keeping feet dry in snow and cold rain. Since my winter treks...
  20. davebugg

    Being prepared for the rain 🌧️

    Doug, you and I agree on many things, and we will have friendly differences of opinions on others, my friend. To be sure, I use my experience as well as that of observations of larger cohorts of similar hikers and walkers to inform what I relate. You do as well. I do not discount what you feel...

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