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    best albergues

    Call her. Fernanda’s English is pretty good regarding reservations and beds. +351 914 581 521. +351 is country code for Portugal
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    Is the Ingles Social or Solitary?

    Good point about Bruma. I’d make a reservation at the very nice private albergue to avoid disappointment. Quite a few upset pilgrims were turned away the day I was there.
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    Is the Ingles Social or Solitary?

    Sorry I missed you, Sid
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    Is the Ingles Social or Solitary?

    I walked late August last year and was able to make friends pretty quickly. Tended to see the same people along the way and at the albergues.
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    Difficulty comparison: Camino del Norte vs. Camino Frances from St. Jean Pied de Port

    Started early June. Medium fit, early 60s. Lots of mud, slippery descents, especially the first week. Quite a few tough spots for me. I thought about quitting numerous times but glad I persevered.
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    Looking for Information on Documentary Filmmakers from Mexico

    I think you’re talking about Chabelo Padilla. You can find him on FB.
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    Hospital de Bruma Pilgrim Hospital

    I would write or call them to confirm.
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    My wife is leaving me...

    Don’t forget to try the famous Tortilla de Betanzos, a wetter version of tortilla español. Es muy muy rico!
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    A word of warning on trail runners or light weight shoes.

    “Are you going to Santiago “? “Yes, but don’t tell my feet “.
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    A word of warning on trail runners or light weight shoes.

    I like to think I’m on a first-name basis with every stone on el Camino!
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    Neda or Pontdeume?

    I walked this route a few weeks ago. In order to make it in five days and make the stages reasonable for me I cut off the 4-5 KM by crossing the pedestrian/bike path by the train bridge just before the monestery. I heard from several people that the first stage to Neda was “too short “. I was...
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    Some thoughts about our Camino Inglés

    Just be aware that it is quite a hilly route and train for that. Another route to consider would be the Portuguese central to do with your 80 year old friend.
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    How do you carry the important stuff?

    Fanny pack worn cross-body. Everything is at your fingertips at all times. I like it so much that I’ve continued to do it after I returned home.
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    Ferrol albergue open?

    Does anyone with firsthand knowledge know if the new municipal/xunta albergue is open? If so, how was your experience?
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    Last minute trip planning

    I was able to reserve albergues for each night of my upcoming Camino Ingles by emailing them. Since I’m an older, slower pilgrim I prefer the security of a reserved bed rather than feeling I have to hurry along the way. I used Gronze and later John Brierley’s book to identify the towns I wanted...
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    First timer tips afterwards - blister

    Blisters are one of the biggest problems on the Camino. If you’re tired of reading about it just scroll on by.
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    First timer tips afterwards - blister

    I’m a threader, too. It works for me but I let others make their own decisions.
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    Trail runners vs road runner shoes

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    Trail runners vs road runner shoes

    Camino Frances is very bumpy. I’d definitely recommend trail runners with a rock plate to protect your feet from a million pokes. Buen Camino

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