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    Sunglasses / Camino Portugues / Walking in August

    I’ve worn good sunglasses all my adult life. I don’t see how the intensity of what you do effects the need-it’s how much time you spend in the sun. Portugal is sunny-protect your eyes!
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    Via Tolosana Food and Drinks on the way?

    Yes, if you prefer road walking, it will definitely be easier. We favor trails over roads by a wide margin.
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    Via Tolosana Food and Drinks on the way?

    Sounds like you’re well-prepared. It should be no problem for an experienced hiker. As you know, many along the CF are not.
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    Via Tolosana Food and Drinks on the way?

    My husband and I did this in spring of 2018. The trail from Montpellier to Castres is fairly difficult. Be sure you understand the altitude gain and loss. Some parts are steep and very rocky. It’s a beautiful trail, but quite remote. Some trail finding skills are a plus. The villages...
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    Your advice on my itinerary for Camino Frances Sep 2022

    Your itinerary for yourself seems fine. It’s reasonable for a relatively young person in decent condition. My hesitation is for your mom. I’m a lifelong hiker and belong to a hiking group in the Pacific NW USA. Our group has a lot of strong hikers, but we’re getting older. We have people in...
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    Packing Toiletries for Lightweight Travel on the Camino de Santiago

    Matador makes good products
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    Compression bags for clothes packing?

    I use ziplock bags. One thing I love about being on Camino is dumping the pack and seeing how few are needed and how little gear there is. So much easier than traveling with a load of stuff.
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    Which is the flattest major Camino de Santiago route?

    The entire Camino Portuguese is the flattest. Whether you begin in Lisbon or Porto, whichever Portuguese route you take has very little elevation gain or loss.
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    My Unconventional Trekking Pole Technique

    I love my black diamond z poles, but don’t use them on terrain that isn’t steep or slippery. I can’t imagine fussing with adjustments every time I climb and descend and I don’t think I know anyone who does, except in an exceptional situation. Mine don’t adjust, but they fold small enough to...
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    Packing Toiletries for Lightweight Travel on the Camino de Santiago

    I don’t use a toiletry bag on Camino. A ziplock bag inside a super light small packing cube ( I use an oblong shape with zipper) saves a few ounces.
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    Ethical Clothing Options for a Meaningful Camino Journey

    I haven’t read all the replies in detail, but if they haven’t been suggested, there are a few brands to suggest. First is Patagonia. They have a human rights policy and sell used as well. Some companies that sell gear made in America are Zpack, Hyperlite Mountain Gear, Danner (boots), and...
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    Looking for a Group to Walk the French Way with in May 2022

    I’ve walked several sola caminos since reaching age 60. (Now 67). There are lots of advantages to being alone. First and foremost, your pace is your own. I’ve seen many injuries caused by someone trying to keep another’s pace. It’s pretty natural to meet up with others and you can choose...
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    OBSOLETE COVID THREAD Traveled to Spain from USA (preferably West Coast) recently (late 2021)?

    Amy, I agree that transfer through some countries might be easy. You still need to research, and moving targets regulation-wise are stressful. We purchased our flight without knowing that the transfer country-even though we just sat in the airport for an hour and a half-required a test and...
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    OBSOLETE COVID THREAD Traveled to Spain from USA (preferably West Coast) recently (late 2021)?

    If you transit through another country on your way to Spain, you need to understand what requirements are needed to transfer through that country. With Covid, it’s worth extra cost to me to avoid transfer through other countries. Portland will have direct flights to Spain. If necessary to go...
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    OBSOLETE COVID THREAD Traveled to Spain from USA (preferably West Coast) recently (late 2021)?

    You will need to learn what’s required much closer to the time of your trip. Start to monitor possibly 3-4 weeks before the trip. Be sure to book a refundable flight, or one that can be rescheduled for no cost. Depending on the volatility of the situation, you need to check your official...
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    Clothing suggestions for Camino Primitivo starting 2nd week of September

    Walking sticks, your kit sounds good. I’m not sure where you’re from, and maybe “spree” is the correct word for small stones that are easy to slip on. I’ve always known it as “scree.”
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    Clothing suggestions for Camino Primitivo starting 2nd week of September

    I really like having a silk base layer, top and bottom. It weighs very little. I’ve always gotten by with that, a long sleeve hiking shirt, a smart wool vest and and rain shell as layers for warmth. I bring one pair of warm wool socks, thin gloves, hat and ear band. Sometimes I replace the...
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    Am Confused! Best place to start walking over the Somport Pass - Urdos or Somport?

    My husband and I walked from Montpellier to Puente de la Reina on 2017. No one can predict the weather, but in mid-May, we had punishingly hot days in France, and no thoughts of snow crossings at Somport on May 22. Certainly the scenic value of a walk from Oloron is great, but crossing the...
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    OBSOLETE COVID THREAD USA "Documents of Recovery"

    Re false positives: I can’t speak to re-entry into the US specifically, but I’ve read accounts by a few people who tested positive and needed to quarantine before returning to their home country. It seems that one positive test is usually followed by an opportunity to retest, in order to be...
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    OBSOLETE COVID THREAD USA "Documents of Recovery"

    Thank you, Peregrina, for providing the official and correct information about the requirements. Personally, I would also do the test. When you’re in a line and an official questions your credentials, it’s usually easier to appease them than to appeal to higher authorities. Frontline staff...

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