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  1. mickcope

    Poles at Santiago airport with Ryan air

    Morning all When I came through Santiago airport last year we were able to load hiking poles in the hold free of charge with Ryan Air . Has anyone used them recently and is this policy still in place . Thanks Mick
  2. mickcope

    Meals in Roncesvalles, worth it?

    Is there a supermarket there or somewhere to buy some food ?
  3. mickcope

    Waterproof Jacket

    I used the Altus in torrential rain. It was amazing
  4. mickcope

    "The British pilgrimage problem" - magazine article

    I’ve not done the sums. But I work on the basis it is cheaper for me to fly to spain and walk than it is to walk the South West Costal path. It is such a shame. But the cost of accommodation and living expenses becomes prohibitive Mick
  5. mickcope

    Not what I expected!

    Totally agree with this. Mick
  6. mickcope

    Dry Bag for Shower

    I like that. Thanks
  7. mickcope

    Train - London to Santiago

    thanks a lot mick
  8. mickcope

    Train - London to Santiago

    Hi. - has anyone taken the train from London to Santiago - my son is scared of flying - so this looks the best option (or drive via Ferry) From what I can see the route looks to be: * London Paris * Paris Madrid * Madrid - Santiago Thoughts welcome. ta MIck
  9. mickcope

    Running last 100kms

    great track Will
  10. mickcope

    Running last 100kms

    Your 'why not' question is great. . I plan to do my next camino at some speed (for me) next week but am wary of talking about it because of a common view that it may not be a 'proper' pilgrimage!. I notice that wiki suggests a pilgrimage as 'a journey, often into an unknown or foreign place...
  11. mickcope

    Hiking skirts ... For men

    thanks a lot for that. mick
  12. mickcope

    Hiking skirts ... For men

    It wasn’t. But could be now !!!
  13. mickcope

    Hiking skirts ... For men

    An that’s great thanks a lot.
  14. mickcope

    Hiking skirts ... For men

    Reading a blog recently - one of the hikers was talking about his use of mens hiking skirts. When he listed the advantages they seemed really interesting. I wonder if any men on the forum have used these (and I am conscious that a Kilt may fall into the category) With a SJPP start next week...
  15. mickcope

    Calendar MAY 2022 start - Check in here!

    starting may 24th. - From SJPP - lots of packing choices ✅
  16. mickcope

    albergue in Roncesvalles full!!

  17. mickcope

    albergue in Roncesvalles full!!

    Are there generally taxis available in Roncesvalles ?
  18. mickcope

    LIVE from the Camino Where is everyone right now? October 2021

    Casa Morgade Just between Sarria and poromarin Lovely place
  19. mickcope

    OBSOLETE COVID THREAD Positive Covid test

    Can anyone tell me what happens if we test positive in Santiago before flying home Is it simply a case of self isolating at a hotel and then a retest at a later date ? cheers Mick

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