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  1. Chito

    Accommodation Recommends

    Arribada albergue Is one of my favorites in Muxia for either dorm or private room. https://www.arribadaalbergue.com/
  2. Chito

    The Way: how do you feel about THE movie?

    I had read Paul Cohelo's book back in the seventies on the Camino, so I learned of the Camino's existence. After seeing the Way, having read a few books and watched some YouTube regarding the Camino, I decided to do my first one in 2016 from St. Jean to Santiago. I have walked the Camino 6 more...
  3. Chito

    Depth on the Camino?

    Thank you for your post. I have walked a number of caminos and find that Intimacy invites intimacy. If I'm willing to share something intimate about myself, it invites the other to do so as well. Buen Camino!
  4. Chito

    OBSOLETE COVID THREAD Covid prior to US travel

    I am currently in Leon and have been slowing down due to a cold that I've had for a few days. I'm scheduled to return to the US on May 24th. I sure hope it's not covid. Thanks for posting your experience. Congrats on finishing your Camino.
  5. Chito

    LIVE from the Camino Live on Camino Madrid

    It seemed like many accommodations were closed and distances with closures seemed too much for me. I trained to Burgos and now walking the Frances. You seem young and strong and I'm getting older. Buen Camino!
  6. Chito

    LIVE from the Camino Live on Camino Madrid

    Wishing you the very best on your walk.
  7. Chito

    LIVE from the Camino Live on Camino Madrid

    I was able to take the train to Segovia today. I highly recommend Piña Pentada in Cercedilla. It's a B and B with a wonderful breakfast and I paid 38 Euros. Staff were wonderful and the room was super clean with a nice Garden area. If you are standing at the train station with your back to it...
  8. Chito

    LIVE from the Camino Live on Camino Madrid

    I have not really stayed in any Albergues, did stay with Ray and Rosa, which was wonderful as always. It has been rainy and cold and accommodations between Segovia and Añe we're nothing that I could find nor in Añe it self. I took a train to Segovia this morning and I will train to Burgos...
  9. Chito

    LIVE from the Camino Live on Camino Madrid

    Currently in Cercedilla and plan to be in Segovia this evening. I posted the sign of this wonderful pensione in Cercedilla across from the train station. Very reasonable and wonderful customer care, breakfast and room, very clean. I would love to know if anyone has any updated information on the...
  10. Chito

    John, I'm taking the bus from Muxia to A coruña on Saturday. I did not realize I would be able...

    John, I'm taking the bus from Muxia to A coruña on Saturday. I did not realize I would be able to do that from here and thought I would have to go back to Santiago. Oh my God books and other information is there. Do you have any type of guide you can provide for walking from A Coruña? Thank you...
  11. Chito

    My August 2021 Invierno: Thoughts, Observations, Notes

    Thank you for your thoughtful, thorough and lovely post of your experience.
  12. Chito

    Madrid Airport to Ponferrada

    Muchas gracias to all of you Peregrinos that have responded to this thread. You all offered me numerous options that I am going to consider. Ultreïa
  13. Chito

    Madrid Airport to Ponferrada

    I'll certainly give it a shot. Thank you for posting.
  14. Chito

    Madrid Airport to Ponferrada

    Thank you for your post Kathi. Sounds like you're all squared away. Wishing you a Buen Camino.
  15. Chito

    Madrid Airport to Ponferrada

    Thanks Paul.
  16. Chito

    Madrid Airport to Ponferrada

    I was thinking of walking the invierno but when I last looked there didn't appear to be adequate infrastructure for beds along the way.
  17. Chito

    Madrid Airport to Ponferrada

    Thank you for your response. Do you know if it can be cancelled within a few minutes prior to the departure? Thanks
  18. Chito

    Madrid Airport to Ponferrada

    Thank you for taking the time and thoughtfully answering my question. I know that one can cancel the bus ticket one or two days prior but I don't know if one can do that after the fact. I think I'll take my chances for an empty seat and buy my ticket at the airport. It's very possible that I may...
  19. Chito

    Madrid Airport to Ponferrada

    I'll be arriving at the Madrid Airport a little after 9 a.m on September 3rd. There is an Alsa bus at 10 a.m. to Ponferrada that I would like to catch. I may miss it, however so I'm reluctant to buy my bus ticket ahead of time. Any suggestions?
  20. Chito

    Sept. 2021 start

    I'm from Florida. I'll be starting September 5th from Ponferrada and plan to walk to the coast and back to Santiago. I am 74 years old. To say I'm looking forward to return to the Camino and walk is an understatement. A sincere Buen Camino to all you pilgrims and I hope to meet some of you. ❤

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