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    Emilio Estevez interview about the Way re-release

    The Way.... I saw it so many times... "Don't choose a life... live one...." The Camino itself is an amazing experience, but for me - my last camino in 2022 was a bit of a disappointment: it's more commercial and less of a Christian pilgrimage... In 2016 and 2019, for example, there was a...
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    Muxia - Finisterre - Santiago?

    Of course, if you will walk from Fisterra - Muxia back to Santiago (and stamps from that way, you can get (regular) Compostella in pilgrims office in Santiago.. (It must be over 100kms, so Muxia-Fisterra-Olveiroa-Negreira-Santiago - or starting in Fisterra to Muxia, etc). I think you will need...
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    July 4th from SJPP - any youngsters?

    A 15-year-old son is old enough to perceive the depth and power of the journey. Do not afraid. I walked Camino with my 13 year old son (from SJPdP to Muxia and Finisterre) , for whom it was a "really long walk". :)
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    Discover the ice-made replica of St. James Cathedral from Santiago de Compostela in Slovakia

    Hey pilgrims, this post is a bit off topic :) I just wanted to draw your attention to an interesting thing we currently have in Slovakia - the Santiago de Compostela Cathedral made of ice. For more information click here: https://www.vt.sk/en/activities/event/tatra-temple-of-ice-21/22
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    Camino Frances - Limited time, avoiding lots of roadside walking

    Hi @Alishmaly, Camino is more than only walking. My first camino I walked from Saint-Jean to Santo domingo de la Calzada, then by bus to Burgos and walked to Santiago (not enough days, same as you) - it was biggest mistake and my best recommendation is - take whole part without dividing, for...
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    Footwear: The Limitations of a Personal Recommendation

    My first camino I started in Merrel Moab low GTX - comfortable, but I had few blisters. Then I switched to sandals - Teva Terraluxe. In those sandals I walked second half of that camino - and then my next Camino (Frances, then to Muxia and Finisterre, total ca 1200 km (half of first Camino and...
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    Urgent advice on Camino needed ❤️🙏🤓

    there is not necessary any travel agency. Walk by yourself, as you want, by your pace.
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    Urgent advice on Camino needed ❤️🙏🤓

    Hi Matteo, Camino is always good idea :) But if you want to walk 100 km, you must start in Sarria, Palas de Rei is ca 70km from Santiago. I don't understand your flight printscreen, sorry :( For this time you must take few more (warm) things, because there is cold too, and good goretex shoes...
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    Recommendation for best Ladies Pack

    @davebugg (and few others) is very experienced hiker. For him isn't problem to pack 20L into 60L backpack. Because he knows. But someone, who want to walk camino first time (like @Coo) is recommendation for 60L backpack simply not good. If you don't have enough space, you take only really...
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    Recommendation for best Ladies Pack

    Sorry, but 60L backpack on camino is totally wrong idea. My wife had 30L Quechua backpack without any problem, (Of course there are better backpacks than Quechua, but I just point to size). Any backpack larger than 40L you want to fill by "only if I need...." things.... (and throw them to the...

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