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  1. John Hawke

    Nice place to stay between Belorado and Burgos?

    I had a great stay and dinner in the Alburge there. Buen Camino! https://www.hotelsanantonabad.com/albergue/
  2. John Hawke

    Sad Day. A very Sad Day.

    I love Tres Picos my go to wine!
  3. John Hawke

    Instead of Sarria to Santiago-any other100-150 km on the Frances

    Very, very Beautiful and difficult. If you like a challenge it's for you.
  4. John Hawke

    Stop Half Way between Pamplona and Puente La Reina

    20 KMs may be too far but I spent a Lovely night at: https://www.eljardindemuruzabal.com/
  5. John Hawke

    Peregrina in wheelchair robbed near Melide

    google translation of first article for English only pilgrims: Jema Sil faces her fifth pilgrimage to Santiago this year alone in a wheelchair. He started the Camino del Norte more than a month ago, which he later decided to link up with the Primitivo and connected with the French. "Years ago I...
  6. John Hawke

    Peregrina in wheelchair robbed near Melide

    There must be a way for us to give her the 100 euros. Maybe with an assist from Ivar we could donate to the forum and he could pas it along.
  7. John Hawke

    Pyrenees difficulty

    In 2016 on my 72nd birthday and after spending the night at Bellari (highly recommended) in Saint Jean Pied de Port I took the Roman way. I had trained but there are no mountains or even hills in Florida so it was difficult. Go slow and listen to your body. I fell on the descent, fortunately no...
  8. John Hawke

    Revised title: Didn't know about other ways to reserve beds, and found no rooms on booking.com

    Only 3 KMs more to Burguete: https://www.hotelburguete.com/
  9. John Hawke

    Where to stay the night before Santiago....?

    I splurged and treated myself, twice. Best stay on the Camino! https://pazoxanxordo.com
  10. John Hawke

    Fav albergue in st.jean

    Been there twice both times a wonderful experience: https://www.beilari.info/en/home/
  11. John Hawke

    Husband wants to come with me!

    This is a very good suggestion says a 3 time veteran!
  12. John Hawke

    Polling Fellow Walkers - Start in SJPP or Pamplona?

    SJPP definitely, you don't want to miss Roncesvalles. I've done it twice, stopped in Orisson the second time, and wouldn't think of starting in Pamplona.
  13. John Hawke

    Where to stay in St. Jean Pied de Port?

    My all time favorite: Beilari 40, rue de la Citadelle 64220 Saint-Jean Pied-de-Port - DONIBANE GARAZI tel. (+33) (0)5 59 37 24 68 info@beilari.info www.beilari.info
  14. John Hawke

    Help Albergue Santa Cruz in Sahagun

    As one of the 4000, I am happy to help.
  15. John Hawke

    Ten Years Ago Since "The Way"

    Wonderful. Thank you
  16. John Hawke

    is the first day as daunting as it looks?

    I've done it twice first at age 72 and then at 74. I believe that having a good restful couple of days before starting is valuable. The first time I walked almost 8 hours to Roncesvalles by the Napoleon route taking the slippery forest route and finding out why it's "Slippery" as I tumbled head...
  17. John Hawke

    How to get from El Acebo to Molinaseca

    In my memory that's a very difficult stretch and I advise going slow along the road. Don't hesitate to take a cab if your ankle is telling you to do so! Buen Camino
  18. John Hawke

    Trekking Poles in Logrono?

    There's a wonderful pilgrim stand outside Logrono and the bearded gent sells staffs that he makes. I've used two and like them better than poles.
  19. John Hawke

    It appears to be happening again.

    My son Noel and Andy last year on the Camino. Noel says Andy knows answers to questions you haven't even thought of, Like where oh where is that Burger King!

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