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  1. Trailhawk

    Multipurpose shoes for shower and town?

    Same with me.
  2. Trailhawk

    Longevity of Trail and Street Running Shoes vs Boots

    I wear a pair of Quechua light hiking shoes, the cheapest pair displayed in Decathlon Bern. Low ankles, lightweight, dries quickly, and breathable fabric. It survived 921 kilometers of my Camino de Santiago from Hendaia, France to Cape Fisterra. I weighed 90 kilos and carried around 20 kilos. I...
  3. Trailhawk

    Smart Packing and Unexpected Backpack Items

    I carried about 16.8 kilos inside my Silver Knight 55L Tactical Backpack, about a kilo in my Mystery Ranch A5 shoulder bag and a plastic bag with contents of about 1-2.5 kilos carried by my hand, when I started my journey. I looked more like a gypsy, not a pilgrim. A Dutch pilgrim I met on the...
  4. Trailhawk

    Patches on my backpack?

    Attached on my Silver Knight 55L Tactical Backpack were: 1. Flag of the Philippines. 2. Camp Red Bushcraft & Survival Guild, my outdoors club. 3. The Camino Arrow. 4. Cebu Highlands Trail, a long trail I established in my country. 5. Classic Blade Exchange, one of my sponsors. Also on my...
  5. Trailhawk

    Quick drying hiking tshirt help

    I just wear the same polyester t-shirt everyday for 35 days from Point A to Point B. Quick dry, lightweight, cool during warm days, warm when drenched. Doesn't retain odor. I washed it every night in albergues, drip it outside for 1-2 hours, transfer it inside where body warmth from pilgrims...

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