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  1. KiwiNomad06

    Le Puy to Santiago: a few random thoughts

    Michael thanks for this wonderful account which I am sure many will find useful. I walked Le Puy to Santiago in 2008, and I have to say I was nodding in agreement through all of your writing. I also found the transition to Spain difficult- it really was like two quite different walks- and I...
  2. KiwiNomad06

    Speaking French on the Le Puy Route

    I found there was a real 'community' amongst pilgrims on the Le Puy route. I met several people who didn't know any French, and they always got by fine, though I have one friend who did find it somewhat lonely at times. If you have a phone, and a guidebook, there is sure to be a fellow French...
  3. KiwiNomad06

    Blogging on the Via podiensis

    Your blog looks great- love the photos. Thanks for posting the link. You are already bringing back so many memories! I am looking forward to following your journey! Margaret
  4. KiwiNomad06

    Experiences from Le Puy to SJPdP?

    Not long now then Severinus. Bon Chemin! Margaret
  5. KiwiNomad06

    LePuy Stopover Places

    I had forgotten about La Romieu, which is a 'detour' not taken by all. I loved it there! Loved looking out for all the 'cat' sculptures. We never found them all... might have to go back! And loved the beautiful roses blooming all around the town. Margaret
  6. KiwiNomad06

    LePuy Stopover Places

    I stayed two nights in Conques. Sure, it isn't very big, but I loved taking time to wander up and down all the little streets and see the houses. Next day it was very hot, and I enjoyed some quiet time in the cool of the Abbey. Margaret
  7. KiwiNomad06

    Lepuy on a low budget

    I've just had a thought: it would be unfortunate if as a result of this thread people decided the Le Puy route is only affordable on a high budget. I am sure we have all met walkers on this route who are in fact quite short of funds. Often enough they are students, and some of them are walking...
  8. KiwiNomad06

    Lepuy on a low budget

    Oztrekker, I had some sympathy for you as it seemed you had chosen the Le Puy route not realising that it was never going to be a budget option. In fact in most of Europe it is probably quite unrealistic to expect any route is going to be the 'budget' option you want, unless you plan on camping...
  9. KiwiNomad06

    Lepuy on a low budget

    I don't want to enter into any personal arguments, but having walked the whole Le Puy route once, and parts of it a second time, I feel that gite owners are being unfairly attacked here. I know from experience how hard they have to work - I had an extended stay in one when I had a sore foot- and...
  10. KiwiNomad06

    Lepuy on a low budget

    Oh Thornley- give my love and regards to [A&R] in Moissac :-) One day I hope I will get back to see them. And Bon Chemin- Bon Courage to you as you start afresh. Margaret
  11. KiwiNomad06

    Lepuy on a low budget

    Yep, horses for courses. Oztrekker, you seem to have misunderstood what you get for demi-pension- for about 30 Euro you get your bed (often shared with just a few people in a room rather than a large dorm), dinner and breakfast. This not 'on top' of the dorm price in most places. And in rural...
  12. KiwiNomad06

    Walking conditions from Geneva and from Le-Puy (snow?)

    I left Le Puy mid-April in 2008, and struck a small amount of snow twice- once at Montbonnet, and the second time at Les Faux (before you get to Saint-Alban-sur-Ligmanole.) Both these places are up around the 1200-1300m mark I think- as are several points on the early part of the Le Puy route.)...
  13. KiwiNomad06

    Accommodation in Le Puy

    Ahhh I remember the coldest day I struck in 2012- I was actually further north on the Cluny route, and it was April 23/24 that were the coldest days. The wonderful woman from the gîte at St-Haon-le-Chatel even came out looking for me to carry my pack because it was so cold. She wanted to do...
  14. KiwiNomad06

    Accommodation in Le Puy

    Ah yes I remember from the photo. The rain jacket hood covers too much of your face, but now I remember, and I remember the very cold weather that led to an inside dinner as well! Margaret
  15. KiwiNomad06

    Accommodation in Le Puy

    Hi Sharon, I'm sorry, I do remember being glad to meet a few people who had used my blog in Moissac, and I do remember meeting a few Australians, but I don't really meeting you there. It was pretty busy while I was there! I really enjoyed the Amis gîte in Le Puy- and it was recommended to me by...
  16. KiwiNomad06

    Accommodation in Le Puy

    Not sure when you are going but I stayed in the Gîte Relais du Pèlerin Saint Jacques- which is run by volunteers from the Le Puy branch of the French association of the friends of St Jacques- and is open from April to October. It can be booked ahead, but only by phone I think (and possibly only...
  17. KiwiNomad06

    Starting from Le Puy day after Ascension Day

    May 8th is another May public holiday in France ;-) Victory in Europe Day. Margaret
  18. KiwiNomad06

    Cahors - St. Jean Pied du Port

    I haven't walked Geneva- Le Puy, though I would still be inclined to walk the Le Puy route first. One thing you need to be aware of with routes like those from Geneva or Cluny (which I have walked) is that your experience would be far more solitary. If you didn't get quite as far as Figeac, you...
  19. KiwiNomad06

    Cahors - St. Jean Pied du Port

    Hi Dan, To be honest, I wouldn't aim to finish in SJPP. It's a very small town, and though I actually liked it and had a rest day there, it's more of a stop along the way than a finishing point. My suggestion instead would be to start at Le-Puy-en-Velay, and walk for as long as you have the...
  20. KiwiNomad06

    Cahors - St. Jean Pied du Port

    Yep Thornley :-) Actually Anitam, sorry I never actually replied to your initial query.... Friends who have a gite in Moissac- 3-4 days walk after Cahors- say that July/August are relatively quiet months for them- partly because of the heat, and partly because the French walkers tend to be...

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