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  1. LornaD

    Anyone "Gut Train" with Kimchi/Sauerkraut pre-Camino?

    Absolutely agree. I should have been more thorough in my comment. Thank you for your addition.
  2. LornaD

    Anyone "Gut Train" with Kimchi/Sauerkraut pre-Camino?

    Kimchi and Sauerkraut both have wonderful benefits for creating a healthy gut. I’d recommend them for any diet. Apple cider vinegar ( must include the mother) is also very effective in creating a healthy gut. I know someone who had stomach issues for years and takes that in small doses and...
  3. LornaD

    Multipurpose shoes for shower and town?

    I had heal pain and a rather severe case of plantar fasciitis. My research led me to Telic flip flops. I purchased on Amazon. A quick look now and they are far more expensive than I paid. I believe there are other identical shoes made by same manufacturer but different brand. I was very pleased...
  4. LornaD

    Injinji socks

    I love my Iniji toe socks. In addition I place surgical tape around two problem toes. If you desire, look up key words: non-woven, stretch, adhesive, breathable tape. It will usually have blue lines on back and you cut to size. I pre-cut to wrap around my toes and handed out a lot to others...
  5. LornaD

    Walking with Meniere's Disease

    Any one out there with personal experience and tips/tricks for walking with Meniere's Disease? I have no experience with Meniere's but I empathize with Vertigo. My hospital has a balance center attached to it that focuses on retraining the brain. I was informed that the brain has multiple...
  6. LornaD

    MRI for a hurting Pilgrim in Hontanas.

    Helpful information. I will pass this on to her. I was unfamiliar with a waiting list for an MRI.
  7. LornaD

    MRI for a hurting Pilgrim in Hontanas.

    My apologies in not giving another update. I realize that asking for help, and receiving such good and thoughtful advice I should indeed offer an equally detailed response. As I mentioned earlier, the Pilgrim has stopped walking for now. She was transported to a monastery and is receiving...
  8. LornaD

    MRI for a hurting Pilgrim in Hontanas.

  9. LornaD

    MRI for a hurting Pilgrim in Hontanas.

    Thank you for your reply. It is so compassionately stated that I think your advice will be well received by her. I shall pass it on.
  10. LornaD

    MRI for a hurting Pilgrim in Hontanas.

    Thank you all. She has stopped walking. She is resting, icing and elevating. She no longer has her hopes hinged on an MRI. She was supposed to return to the Camino with me last year but had to cancel last minute due to a cancer diagnosis. It has been her dream to return to walking. Her grief is...
  11. LornaD

    MRI for a hurting Pilgrim in Hontanas.

    I'm forwarding this to her now. She has lost so much recently. I pray this gives her a spark of hope and different perspective.
  12. LornaD

    MRI for a hurting Pilgrim in Hontanas.

    Camino sister currently in Hontanas, would like an MRI on knee. Was told in Burgos hospital they could not provide MRI only an x-ray. She kept walking and is now concerned she has done more damage as pain is unbearable. She is separated from her Camino family. She lost two from her Camino...
  13. LornaD


    I look forward to meeting you and your wife Peter. See you VERY soon. Buen Camino.
  14. LornaD

    Too cold to walk in October? Too deserted for a woman alone?

    Jade, I also am arriving in Paris on the 17th. I plan on enjoying Paris for a day and traveling to SJPP on the 19th. I would love to connect with you.
  15. LornaD


    This is my first post on a forum, ever. I confess I do not fully understand what I am doing. My eagerness to connect with other pilgrims is reducing my normal tendencies to master this site before posting. I am leaving from SJPP on September 20, 2015. I am also looking for a way to get...

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