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  1. Jamie Y. Mo

    Soon to be 4 years since my last Camino

    Thank you Anthony. I am thinking of this Fall. Perhaps Sept or Oct. Not as long as I did my past Caminos as I'm fully back to work but I am considering to go over there to walk the way before it becomes too long that I cannot even know whether it was a dream or it actually happened.
  2. Jamie Y. Mo

    Advice on getting to St Jean Pied de Port

    Good idea. Thank you. I remember somebody actually mentioned about flying into or out of Porto as they tend to be cheaper than other airport? I don't know if it's true. Visiting Porto again would be great.
  3. Jamie Y. Mo

    Advice on getting to St Jean Pied de Port

    I'm glad I found this thread. I'm about to book flights from Calgary. I think I will fly into Paris like I did in 2017 but I had a long way to get back to Paris after I finished my Camino. So I want to fly out of Madrid this time. Should be easy to get to Madrid from Santiago, I suppose?
  4. Jamie Y. Mo

    Planning began to go in May or June for 4 weeks.

    Hello, I haven't been here for a long time, I feel. Life has wrapped up itself with busyness and I have not been able to get out of it for a long time. Now, with a new job that gives me more flexibility, I've begun to plan my 3rd Camino next year in May or June for 4 weeks. I'll be flying from...
  5. Jamie Y. Mo

    Soon to be 4 years since my last Camino

    Thank you all for your kindness and understanding. It's just hard not to be able to just go without caring anything in the world like I did the first two Caminos :) and such long time has passed. I do believe there will be time coming soon for me to pack and go. I'm sure you all feel that...
  6. Jamie Y. Mo

    Soon to be 4 years since my last Camino

    Thank you. I will try :) Buen Camino!
  7. Jamie Y. Mo

    Soon to be 4 years since my last Camino

    Hello all. It'll be soon 4 years since I walked my last Camino (the 2nd one). It is just hard to believe that it's been that long which I never intended to be like this. It's always there in the corner of my mind like a phased out nostalgic note when I think of my walk on Camino. It's just...
  8. Jamie Y. Mo

    In Canada a new trail inspired by the Camino

    It would be lovely to walk around the island when it's off season but I know it can get quite cold in winter. A few things that come to my mind are if they let you wild camp. If not, I wonder how much the accommodation is going to cost. I know things are not quite cheap there. Also I agree...
  9. Jamie Y. Mo

    Does the Camino Ruin Us for Evermore?

    Before Camino, my idea of travel was to pick a country or a place that I heard someone saying about it in a way that appealed to me or read somewhere or saw something that made me want to go and see/experience myself to kind of prove that I have seen and done that too and I am one of the many...
  10. Jamie Y. Mo

    Anyone in Korea?

    Good for you. I've traveled to Korea, Japan and China a few times too. Loved all of them. I have a family member living in Korea right now so it won't be too bad. Just that I'm there for work mostly.. and I haven't spent much time in small towns and the islands so I'm looking to do something...
  11. Jamie Y. Mo

    Anyone in Korea?

    Thank you for the info! Sounds like you've been there yourself. That's great.
  12. Jamie Y. Mo

    Anyone in Korea?

    Awesome. Thank you! Jeju island is where I'll be frequently. I have heard about it but have no details yet.
  13. Jamie Y. Mo

    Anyone in Korea?

    Yes only if you have a visa but it's not easy to get a visa these days. Yes I think I am lucky.
  14. Jamie Y. Mo

    Anyone in Korea?

    I'll be moving to Korea for a while for work in a few days. I'm wondering if there are any pilgrims there in this forum. Not Seoul but Southeast part of Korea. Looking to do some walking when I'm available.. Thanks!
  15. Jamie Y. Mo

    Comment by 'Jamie Y. Mo' in media 'negev desert'

    Where is it if you don't my asking? Certainly not FC nor PC..
  16. Jamie Y. Mo

    Wanna get paid to hike the Appalachian Trail?

    Gosh, this is so appealing! AT is one of the to-do on my list before I hit 40 ever since I read 'A walk in the woods' when I was in high school. I have met a few that have done PCT (mostly young girls after 'Wild' came out) but never met a soul that did AT personally yet. I meant thru-hike. I...
  17. Jamie Y. Mo

    On this date in June...

    June is a special month for me as I started my 1st and 2nd Camino in early May and slowly getting used to walking with a backpack and the Spanish/Portuguese's June weather pattern, which was quite different than I expected (was in 2017 and 2018) into the very end of June on each Camino...
  18. Jamie Y. Mo

    OBSOLETE COVID THREAD Do you still feel like walking?

    I still want to go and walk the Camino as much as I did want before the pandemic. But I probably will not make any firm decision until my home country makes clear announcements that the virus has gone and we are allowed to go back to the life we had, that is a normal life. This must apply to any...
  19. Jamie Y. Mo

    Trying to understand

    I love what you said. The simplicity is the key part. Absolutely. I miss living out of a small backpack. I miss magical synchronicities, friendly faces too.

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