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  1. Stellaluna

    How many days does the variant take?

    looking forward to doing it!
  2. Stellaluna

    Is it easy to cross from coastal to central path?

    I have the same plan.
  3. Stellaluna

    Buying poles in Porto

    It was a cloth bag... no worries, it will decompose before 100 years have passed.
  4. Stellaluna

    Buying poles in Porto

  5. Stellaluna

    Buying poles in Porto

    Hoping to do Central.
  6. Stellaluna

    Fear of heights

    Me too!
  7. Stellaluna

    Wises or Brierley

    I get View Cart then click that but there is no option "Pay with Debit or Credit Card"
  8. Stellaluna

    Buying poles in Porto

    Hi there, I'm trying to limit my luggage to carry on so I won't be able to bring my poles. Does anyone know of places where I can purchase them in Porto? Thanks, Jennifer
  9. Stellaluna

    Connecting coastal and inland route on Portuguese

    If you can read Dutch!
  10. Stellaluna

    Wises or Brierley

    Was unable to get yours without a Paypal account. Oh well...
  11. Stellaluna

    Porto to Santiago April 2019 observations

    Any suggestions of brands?
  12. Stellaluna

    Length of time for walking El Camino

    Did it at 53 years of age with good physical fitness in 32 days.
  13. Stellaluna

    Hank's Camino Packing List (ultralight: under 5 kg / 10 lbs)

    Great video! Will look for more from you!
  14. Stellaluna

    Interior vs Coastal route?

    Plusses/minusses? Opinions? Give me your ideas please as I plan my second camino. Thanks! Jennifer (Camino Frances July 2016)
  15. Stellaluna

    I think that I'm ready...

    Take the Valcarlos route instead of the Napoleon. At least that is what I've read. No first hand experience.... yet!
  16. Stellaluna

    I think that I'm ready...

  17. Stellaluna

    I think that I'm ready...

    I fly tomorrow and start walking on Tuesday from SJPdP. I have done my final packing and my pack weighs 7kg/15lbs. Some of that weight is electrolyte mix, 10 Clif bars, and a month's worth of specialized vitamins. All of this will dwindle so I think that I'll make it down to 6 kg a week or so...
  18. Stellaluna

    4 more sleeps!

    All of the replies have been both reassuring and informative. I especially like tidbits like this; Thank you!
  19. Stellaluna

    4 more sleeps!

    Ahhhh! That will be the biggest challenge!
  20. Stellaluna

    4 more sleeps!

    until I begin my first camino! I feel an unnerving mixture of excitement and anxiety but as I stated elsewhere on the forum, I'm hoping that my feet will start and my head and heart will follow. Any last minute advice?

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