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  1. Arn

    Casa Fernanda

    My prayers go out to the entire family. Many, many pilgrims owe them for support and a home away from home while in Caminho. God bless them all and a quick recovery for all.
  2. Arn

    How steep is steep?

    On occasion, I like to go back to the genesis of a thread and thank folks as a Way if saying “hello”. As to the comments concerning hiking in the Netherlands, South Florida,etc. A very good friend is a Korps Mariniers Colonel. On a visit to his unit at Texel (elev 7 ft/2m) he had a few days off...
  3. Arn

    1st stage out of Porto

    True in all counts! Bom Caminho.
  4. Arn

    1st stage out of Porto

    Interior...case da Fernanda...not to be missed!
  5. Arn

    One more fix, please: And a Camino travelling101 from an oldtimer to newbies.

    Brother, you have successfully combined travel savvy, common sense and understanding of the insecurities of many first time pilgrims into an easily understood few paragraphs. Well done! Buen Camino Arn
  6. Arn

    Older People on the Primitivo

    One Day When I Was Younger One day when I was younger…em, now what's that I just said? I woke, washed up, zipped up my fly and found I’m still in bed. A second go, feet on the floor, a bounce, then on my feet The Camino waits, and well it should, tie up one boot…repeat. My pack waits in...
  7. Arn

    Just finished 2 1/2 months on sailing boats in the Gulf of Maine. Back home to Virginia after...

    Just finished 2 1/2 months on sailing boats in the Gulf of Maine. Back home to Virginia after Labor Day (4 September)
  8. Arn

    Coastal or Central, for best scenery?

    I like the interior. That said, it's directly connected to a visit to the Casa da Fernanda. IMHO.
  9. Arn


    To be honest...I have to be in the mood for Paella. Then again, I am always in the mood for food.
  10. Arn

    First Camino experience

    The Camino does as the Camino wills! Each of my five Caminos were begun thinking I’d had a good plan. You would think by then I’d have a great plan. Nope...although I gained in knowledge I was still struck by the many, and varied, NEW experiences each step along the Way. Open your mind to the...
  11. Arn

    Fiction Merchant's List

    Merchant’s List is doing well. Take a peek at the novel’s description for timely updates.
  12. Arn

    Fiction Merchant's List

    Coming from you it would carry more influence. After all, I am but your humble author.
  13. Arn

    Fiction Merchant's List

    Thank you all. I must give credit to Sil. Back in 2009 Sil was lamenting the growth in Camino books that appeared to cover the same templates: the Camino changed my life...the Camino didn’t change my life. I will walk and wonder again...I’ll never walk again. I found new spirituality on the...
  14. Arn

    Fiction Merchant's List

    Tom Clancy
  15. Arn

    Fiction Merchant's List

    A personal pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago thrusts Alan Merchant back into his former life as a military-political intelligence analyst, placing him front and center, leading a coalition of law enforcement and military special operations operators whose mission is to thwart a suspected...
  16. Arn

    Lourdes, Oct. 1st 2018

    Hi, In my memory, there are few pilgrims that begin in Lourdes. More than a few start in Le Puy and travel through Lourdes. Not that Lourdes isn't a good place to begin. I was last in Lourdes this May and spoke with a few pilgrims on Camino. None had started in town. Buen Camino Arn
  17. Arn

    Pamplona accommodation

    Check here: jesusymaria@aspacenavarra.org They are open until 23:00 Buen Camino Arn
  18. Arn

    Vila do Conde to Barcelos - Advice Needed - Thanks

    Hi, Clearly marked. Have you decided to walk the interior/central or the coastal route? That will impact the information generated by folks on the Forum. Bom Cominho Arn
  19. Arn

    Weather? Ski Jacket vs Rain jacket

    What Should I Take What should I take Stuff my pack full With this and that Till bursting I’ve never walkedThis far before “It’ll fit” claimed I, while cursing What should I take besides the gear Are there folks back home awaiting Can I carry love or a warm embrace Life’s sustaining grace...
  20. Arn

    Weather? Ski Jacket vs Rain jacket

    Light fleece, quality windbreaker, poncho “Altus”, and a “lifesaver” (you may call it a trash bag). When worn separately, or in combination you can comfortably trek in adverse weather. Light weight, easy to maintain with the”lifesaver” providing a waterproof vapor barrier that can,indeed, save...

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