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Silver Oxide Camino de Santiago pendent
Camino de Santiago pendent that has a shell on the front, and "Camino de Santiago" engraved on the back. Comes with a black cord. Pendent is slightly larger than a 50 euro cent coin, about 25mm.
Camino Way Markers
Original Camino Way markers made in bronze. Two models, one from Castilla & Leon and the other from Galicia.


  1. K

    VdlP Easter Week '22

    My wife and I plan to walk the VdlP, starting in Seville, during the latter part of Semana Santa '22 (19 Apr 22). Appreciating the crowds that will likely be in Seville during the Easter period I'd appreciate hearing from anyone that actually started their pilgrimage at this time of year...
  2. VNwalking

    Cherry festivals on the Lana and VDLP

    Looking for some information in another thread, I discovered this: http://www.across-spain.es/en/cherry-tree-blossoming Apparently, both Covarrubias and the area North of Caceres are known for their cherries. So if you are walking the Lana or the Via De La Plata when the trees are blooming or...
  3. D

    Summer solstice bonfire?

    A bonfire is ready in the plaza in Portomarin. Even though the solstice was Friday, will there be a bonfire tonight?
  4. RealErnie

    Astorga Market Day(s)

    When is market day in Astorga?
  5. L

    Market Day in Padron

    I will be walking into padron on a sunday which i think is market day there. Can anyone confirm what time the market will be wrapped up? I will probably adjust my leaving time from Caldas De Reis in order to have time to poke around the market. I have already booked my accomodation, which I...
  6. t2andreo

    Official Holy Week (Semana Santa) Schedule...

    I received this from Santiago this morning. I converted it to a .pdf file and am attaching it here. It is the official Cathedral schedule for the formal Holy Week observances through Easter on 21 April. This affects life in and around Santiago. As the Cathedral is 'offline' for renovations, pay...
  7. gschmidl

    May 1st

    Since our camino will take place over May 1st, I was wondering. I assume all stores are closed as I would expect on a public holiday. But what about cafés and the like? Should we make sure and get food for the whole of May 1 on April 30th? I also assume Sellos will not be hard to come by or I'd...
  8. Raggy

    Cheese festival in Hinojosa del Duque (16-17, March)

    If you happen to be walking through Hinojosa del Duque in mid-March, this should be fun.- 70 different cheeses: https://www.17pueblos.es/hinojosa-del-duque-acogera-el-i-salon-del-queso-de-andalucia/
  9. A

    Booking accommodation in Easter week?

    Hi! I'm setting out on my first Camino in the end of March from Burgos. My boyfriend can only get a few days of work, and is planning to meet me in Sarria (the 16th of April) and we'll do the rest of the walk together. That means we will arrive in Santiago either Easter day (21st) or the day...
  10. A

    Should I book accommodation for Easter

    Dear All, This will be my first Camino, I will start at 13rd of April form Pamplona, and I'm not sure about Easter. I heard Easter time is nice in Spain, so I'm really excited about it:) However I don't know what will be open in that 4 days or should I prebook the accommodation (because of...
  11. rappahannock_rev

    Sahagun Street Market

    My tentative 2019 walk-the-Camino scheme puts me in Sahagun on the last Saturday in September.... and I'm hoping to find there a lively street market, just as I did in 2015. Can anyone confirm that Saturday is the day for the Sahagun street market? Sure hope so! (Facinating town, btw, and...
  12. lissie45

    Starting in April 2019 - avoiding crowds so we don't have to pre-book

    Sorry I know it sounds miles in advance - but its not when you need to buy airfares from New Zealand! We are old and fat with some health issues - I don't expect to walk more than 20km day maximum, we are also tourists and want to spend extra days in the bigger towns - we love Spain - but have...
  13. PFarnsworth

    Pamplona and San Fermin?

    I will be in Pamplona on June 30 or July 1 and am hoping that this will be early enough to MISS the crowds attracted to the San Fermin "running of the bulls" festival that starts July 6th. Does anyone know if being there a week early will be enough for me to miss the crowds?
  14. Delta 43

    Portuguese Independence June 10th

    Should I expect any problems with hiking the Portuguese (central) route during June?
  15. G

    Easter on the Camino - please share experiences

    My family of four (2 children) will be walking the CF next year and will be somewhere around Burgos at the Beginning of Easter. I have googled 'Easter on the Camino' (one site - https://www.followthecamino.com/blog/easter-on-the-camino/ was informative). I am not necessarily asking for...
  16. natefaith

    Summer Holidays and Festivos in Galicia 2017

    If you'll be walking through Galicia during the next few months, you may be interested in knowing some of the upcoming holidays when there may be more activity than usual in the towns you pass through, and businesses may or may not be open: May 17: Día das Letras Galegas. Every year the Real...
  17. W

    Le Puy route during Easter Week?

    I am thinking of beginning my Camino in Le Puy at the beginning of April. Is there anything I should know about walking at Easter season? Do gites shut down, or are they harder to book? Is there any place near the beginning of the route that I should spend Easter? Are there any Catholic masses...
  18. S

    SJPP Market

    I will be leaving SJPP on Monday, May 29, 2017. I need to buy lunch for my walk to Orisson and heard that there is a very good outdoor market on Monday to buy sandwiches, meat and such. Does this exist, and if so where? In the alternative, I arrive by train that morning in SJPP. Is there any...
  19. T

    Festivals May/June ?

    Hola, I'm planning on leaving around the 2oth of May from SJPP. I was wondering if there is a website or a list of village/town festivals going on during those times? I'm a photographer and would love to capture some other shots besides landscapes and village churches. Also, I've read...