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  1. JustJack

    Easter Sunday 2024 - March 31. What does this mean?

    I understand Easter is a very busy period in Spain, but can someone please break that down a bit? What I don't fully understand is the flow of this Easter traffic. I'm assuming the day after Easter would also be a very busy day. How many days until things are back to normal? I'm considering...
  2. ShoshTrvls

    Assumption Day Questions

    We will arrive in Santiago on the 14th of August and staying a few days to rest, take the bus to the coast, etc. I noticed that August 15 is Assumption Day and was wondering two things: 1. Are there any special festivities in Santiago that day? (I assume all businesses will be closed) 2...
  3. Kirkie

    Feast Day of St James

    I did try to find a similar thread... the 25th is the date dedicated to the personage who is credited with the origins of this whole story. Well, upon his neck many threads are strung. (Did he still have a neck after the beheading?) Dear other people on the forum: pilgrims, hikers, walkers...
  4. natefaith

    Apóstol events in Santiago and Pilgrim House

    Hello all, If you'll be in Santiago in the coming two weeks, please note that there are plenty of events to mark Galicia's annual holiday, July 25, St. James' Day. These days are also known as Fiestas del Apóstol, or Celebrations of the Apostle. Here's a link to the programming that will take...
  5. A

    Roman Festival Lugo 22-25/06/2023

    Hi all! I’m in Lugo today and they are already getting ready for a big Roman festival next week. It looks amazing, but will be very busy. Perhaps something to plan for if you are going to be passing through Lugo around these dates. Buen Camino! Ann-Marie
  6. Mycroft

    Problems during Fiesta Nacional de España in October?

    Oh dear. What problems will I have for Fiesta Nacional de España in October? Does that mean everything is closed for a long weekend?
  7. G

    Fiesta de San Roque in Betanzos on the Camino Inglés

    Following a quite wonderful first Camino last month, the Portugues from Tui via the Variante Espiritual, I wish to do another one – this time the Camino Inglés! My plan is to arrive in Ferrol on 14ᵗʰ August, enjoy a leisurely walk for eight or nine days, and reach Santiago de Compostela on the...
  8. A

    Festival of San Isidro in Logroño

    Just letting others who might be in Logroño know that tomorrow is a festival of San Isidro. This involves Mass at noon at the church of Santiago and then a procession to go out and bless the fields.
  9. vkimble

    October 12th, National Holiday

    Hispanic Day (Oct. 12, 2023) in Spain is a national holiday according to the calendar that I am seeing. Will this holiday impact walking on the CF? Will albergues, restaurants be significantly impacted with day tourists? Will these establishments remain open? Thank you, as a first timer, I am...
  10. JKR

    Mothers day question

    There was a post on another forum that tomorrow is Mothers Day and we should be aware that restaurants will be busy. Does anyone know…is it lunch or dinner? Are there times to avoid? We have flexibility when we eat so we are not part of the celebrations. Thanks!
  11. klimmo

    Two more holiday weekends coming up - plan accordingly

    Hi, Just to remind some overseas people that in most countries in Europe we have quite a few holidays in spring (april/may) and that two are still coming up: The first is the ascension weekend from Thursday 18th to Sunday 21 May And the Pentecote (sorry only know the name in French) from...
  12. JWST

    Public holiday 01 May

    Hola, wondering how having a public holiday on May Day (Monday 01 May) is likely to impact Albergue availability that night, I expect to arrive Logrono Friday 28 April and stay 2 nights, and then on to Nadjera? , am flexible with timing and don’t really want to book (other than Logrono...
  13. camster

    Pamplona during San Fermines, pros and cons?

    Hi, I've been thinking about crossing through Pamplona around July 6th-7th, right at the beginning of the running of the bulls. Is this a good idea from a pilgrim's perspective? I would like to experience the festivities, but at the same time, if too much of the city is closed off and you have...
  14. D

    Fiesta and festivals - Camino Inglés

    I'm walking the Camino Ingles from 24 April to 5 May. Does anyone know of any fiestas / festivals/ events that may be happening at that time en route? Thanks
  15. A

    Holy Week ceremonies 2024

    I know this is planning WAY in advance, but ... I hope to resume my camino in Burgos in March 2024 and attend the Holy Week ceremonies (Holy Thursday evening, Good Friday afternoon and the Easter Vigil on Saturday evening) in towns as I go. This means I need 3 towns in succession that are big...
  16. SabsP

    Semana Santa 2023 in Santiago de Compostela (and elsewhere)

    For those who are in Santiago this week. And the live stream from the Cathedral right now on Palm Sunday aka Domingo de Ramos. BTW the mayor towns in Pamplona, Burgos...
  17. B

    Easter processions

    Does anyone have suggestions of villages along the coastal route that will have procession’s in honor of the Easter holiday? I will be starting from Porto on April 6. I understand some villages have events on Friday night and some have for sessions on Sunday. Thanks for any input.
  18. N

    Pamplona - San Fermin Txikito September 2023 dates?

    Hi -- I am planning to walk Camino Frances in September/October and would like to experience San Fermin Txikito in Pamplona in late September. I'm not looking for information on the July San Fermin festival with the Running of the Bulls -- it's the "little" San Fermin festival in September I'm...
  19. E

    Easter "wave" on Camino Francés?

    A question to those who have experience of pilgrim habits and statistics on the Camino Francés. God being willing, I hope to walk this spring to Santiago along the CF, starting out in mid-April from Somport. I am trying to choose a "good" date for my departure. Would I be correct in thinking...
  20. Tincatinker

    Seville: Feria de Abril

    OK, so, I’m going to be in Seville for La Féria and it’ll coincide with one of my birthdays. I’ve always said I was a lucky tinker. Now, can anyone tell me which is the worst bar / restaurant in Seville ‘cos I figure it’ll be the only one where we’ll get a table 😉 Otherwise I guess I’ll just...

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