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  1. J

    Language difficulties.

    Not really difficulties - but a curious question. Having walked several caminos it still surprises me how few spanish speak english. Even in Portugal I met several portuguese that could speak more than just portuguese. In Finisterra with so many daily "tourists/pilgrims" it's often still...
  2. sun is shining

    A2 / B1 Spanish learner book: El Camino de las Estrellas

    El Camino de las Estrellas: Un viaje por el Camino de Santiago (Clara Villanueva) For all currently learning Spanish, this was a great language learner book about the Camino de Santiago. My level is somewhere between A2 und B1 and I found the story easy to follow and certainly entertaining...
  3. JustJack

    Do I need to learn some Spanish before my camino? Yeah, you probably should...

    Perhaps the one thing that surprised me more than anything else when I started walking the CF in May is how little English is spoken in Northern Spain. Or more precisely, how seldom there is English signage, menus, etc., as compared to other countries. And before some of you start haughtily...
  4. Paintboy2

    Don't speak the language?

    My best advice in any language. Learn how to introduce yourself, and be thankful for help.
  5. Lmccue

    How to address other Spanish speakers, Formal or Informal?

    I'm reviewing my Spanish (learned in high school) in the hopes of communicating effectively while on the Camino. One book does not cover the 'tu' form of the verb because as the book says "as a visitor, you will never use it". Another reference book only gives the 'tu' form of address and never...
  6. W

    Language app

    I'm doing the Camino in May and June, and while I can't learn the language in that time I would like some key phrases (have you any water, where are the toilets etc) to show I've at least thought about it. I've downloaded Duolingo, but it's a little generic (my sister has 2 children, my house...
  7. Arctic_Alex

    How do you manage to overcome your language learning laziness?

    ... or as we say in German "Wie überwindet man seinen inneren Schweinehund?" About a year ago I decided to learn Spanish so I could survive better on Camino routes that were less travelled than the Camino Francés. But so far I re-started two times and never really got further than ¡Hola...
  8. L

    Enhance Your Camino Experience with Online Spanish Classes

    Hello, I’m a coordinator for a sub chapter of the national organization “American Pilgrims on the Camino” we will be starting zoom classes, probably in February, with a teacher who is living in Spain. Although it is not critical to be able to speak Spanish while walking the Camino, it certainly...
  9. B

    Learning Spanish for the Camino: Recommendations for a Spanish Teacher

    I've done a couple of Caminos but I speak only enough Spanish to ask for sandwiches and coffee. I'm planning another Camino and would like to learn some. I'm an English monoglot. What I'd like to learn: Numbers Basic greetings Calling an albergue and making a reservation (most important)...
  10. A

    Unique Replies to 'Buen Camino': Personalizing the Traditional Greeting

    Perhaps one of the most common activities among all pilgrims is greeting other peregrinos and locals along the way. Equally common, and almost second nature, we offer a "Buen Camino" and receive a "Buen Camino" in return. One morning, I heard a local older gentleman, walking with his mature son...
  11. B

    Translation of 'regacho'

    Google Maps shows the Roman bridge near Cirauqui crossing the "Regacho de Iguste". Google Translate doesn't recognise 'regacho', and neither does my small Spanish-English dictionary. It is recognised by GT as the Galician word meaning 'stream'. GT doesn't have Navarrese (if there is such a...
  12. mark connolly

    Earliest Words Ever Written in Basque
  13. W

    Language barrier

    There are lots of posts about the language barrier, but it seems they get mostly advice on learning or coping. Few (seemed to me) mentioned that there really isn't one. Native speakers of English were by far the majority staying in the Dutch-run albergue I worked in, and the majority of others...
  14. S

    Learning Spanish and Portuguese

    I am planning or have been planning my Camino since before Covid. I am looking at changing from a Spanish Camino to the Portuguese Lisbon - Santiago. I have been trying to learn Spanish from Australia where we are predominantly only English. Do people who have walked the Caminos need to have a...
  15. Robo

    Good Online Spanish Class (and looking for English)

    In trying to improve my very Basic Spanish, I found this guy. I really like the way he explains things and lays out the lesson. And judging by the comments from Spanish Speakers, he seems to teach accurately. P.S. I'm trying to find similar quality YouTube videos for my niece who needs to...
  16. frasert

    Spanish language courses - Gold Coast, Australia

    Hi all I am interested in doing a spanish language course in preparation for trip in 2023. I prefer face to face not online. I am on the Gold coast Thanks in advance
  17. peregrina2000

    A Spanish Conversational Thread

    In a recent thread, @witsendwv asked: Can we have a thread where we practice speaking (typing) Spanish (Castellano)? I'd participate!! So here goes — a thread where Spanish learners can communicate with each other in Spanish and practice practice practice. If you want to participate, start a...
  18. henrythedog

    Spanish language school in Madrid?

    I seem to have a week available in late October and as the flights from here are most frequent to Madrid I thought in might book an intensive week’s Spanish language tuition. I’m B1; B2 on good day. Has anyone any recent personal recommendations to share?
  19. JEsler

    Learning Spanish - Methods, resources, experiences, etc.

    I’m using some lockdown time to do some beginner level book based Spanish study before a planned April ‘22 start in StJPdP. I also reading a book where the author spent a week at the Pamplona Learning Spanish Institute while boarding with a Spanish only speaking family before continuing along...
  20. C

    Which route has more Spanish Speakers?

    Hi All. I'm new here and hoping to do the Camino this coming August. I'll have 2/3 weeks to spend in Spain so could do a 11-14 day camino. I have read many posts about two week caminos and what route is recommended but none with my specific question. I'll be going alone and hoping to meet some...

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