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  1. Robo

    Good Online Spanish Class (and looking for English)

    In trying to improve my very Basic Spanish, I found this guy. I really like the way he explains things and lays out the lesson. And judging by the comments from Spanish Speakers, he seems to teach accurately. P.S. I'm trying to find similar quality YouTube videos for my niece who needs to...
  2. frasert

    Spanish language courses - Gold Coast, Australia

    Hi all I am interested in doing a spanish language course in preparation for trip in 2023. I prefer face to face not online. I am on the Gold coast Thanks in advance
  3. peregrina2000

    A Spanish Conversational Thread

    In a recent thread, @witsendwv asked: Can we have a thread where we practice speaking (typing) Spanish (Castellano)? I'd participate!! So here goes — a thread where Spanish learners can communicate with each other in Spanish and practice practice practice. If you want to participate, start a...
  4. henrythedog

    Spanish language school in Madrid?

    I seem to have a week available in late October and as the flights from here are most frequent to Madrid I thought in might book an intensive week’s Spanish language tuition. I’m B1; B2 on good day. Has anyone any recent personal recommendations to share?
  5. JEsler

    Learning Spanish - Methods, resources, experiences, etc.

    I’m using some lockdown time to do some beginner level book based Spanish study before a planned April ‘22 start in StJPdP. I also reading a book where the author spent a week at the Pamplona Learning Spanish Institute while boarding with a Spanish only speaking family before continuing along...
  6. C

    Which route has more Spanish Speakers?

    Hi All. I'm new here and hoping to do the Camino this coming August. I'll have 2/3 weeks to spend in Spain so could do a 11-14 day camino. I have read many posts about two week caminos and what route is recommended but none with my specific question. I'll be going alone and hoping to meet some...
  7. hunsta

    Spanish language question

    Hey all. I have a small question I need someone who speaks fluent Spanish to help me with. Before my last Camino. I endeavoured to learn a little Spanish to help me along the way. Which it did. And I picked up a little whilst there. Now to my question. Whilst there, on quite a few occasions in...
  8. witsendwv

    The Fifteenth Letter of the Spanish Alphabet

    This is an interesting article from El Pais (English Version) about the origin of the 15th letter of the Spanish alphabet. The article is: The letter ‘Ñ,’ the identity of Spanish the world over. Here is the link...
  9. trecile

    Look what popped up during my online Spanish lesson

    I've been taking lessons online with a tutor via Baselang for a few weeks, and today this slide came up during the lesson, which prompted a discussion about the Camino - though I really don't need much prompting to talk about the Camino. 😄
  10. Wendy Werneth

    Writing about the Camino in Galego

    I've been practicing writing in Galego lately and have set myself a goal of writing a short article/journal entry each day. Unsurprisingly, most of what I've written so far has been about the Camino. Originally I posted these articles on a site called with the hope of getting...
  11. B

    What does 'quintana' mean?

    A website says: Praza da Quintana. This plaza takes its name from the quintana or burial ground that used to occupy this space until 1780, when the city's public cemetery was moved outside the old town []...
  12. Dodger

    How much Spanish do you need on the VDLP

    I have a very basic understanding of Spanish. I can ask for a menu, do you do dinner, etc & do you, where is inanition I can order basic food, coffee, tea, where is/are please, thank you etc I am attempting to understand some basic written words. Will this get me by or do I need more, I...
  13. Prentiss Riddle

    "Fluent Forever" app now offers Castilian Spanish

    The nerdiest language app ever, Fluent Forever, has just added Castilian Spanish to their language list. Has anyone tried it? I read the book and fooled with their method years ago before they had an app (I was learning a different language, Hindi) and I thought their approach made a lot of...
  14. Learning Spanish with Jose from Ponferrada (when he lived in Sydney)

    Learning Spanish with Jose from Ponferrada (when he lived in Sydney)

    Do you need to speak Spanish to walk a Camino in Spain? Yes and No. On the Camino Frances, not really. Other more remote routes? I think it's useful.
  15. henrythedog

    Easy Spanish radio?

    I’ve been learning Castilian Spanish for a couple of years and, at my own pace and in ‘expected’ situations, I’ve some degree of competence. Strong B1, approaching B2 on a good day. (UK ‘A’ level). What I need to work on is conversation and comprehension of random speech. The Spanish radio...
  16. JanskeMarie

    Spanish language

    September 16th I will start my Camino Madrid. This is a Camino where mainly Spanish is spoken, a language I don't speak well. Have you encountered difficulties if you do not speak the language on the road?
  17. cher99840

    Immersion Spanish Schools in Spain

    Has anyone any experience good or bad with any of the immersion language courses in the various schools in Spain? I am planning on returning to Spain in early spring 2020 to complete the Via de la Plata starting from Merida where I left off in 2017. The plan is to go over early for 3 to 4 weeks...
  18. peregrina2000

    Recommendations on Language Courses?

    A Camino pal of mine is hoping to return to Spain for a 2-4 week language course. The choices are overwhelming, and he was hoping that someone on the forum would have specific recommendations. He would like to be in a coastal place, daily lessons, not sure what other features he should pay...
  19. B

    Why is there an a'postrophe?

    Why do I see O'Cebreiro and O'Pedrouzo so often on the internet? It's bad enough to see "it's" when it should be "its", but where do so many people get the idea that there is an apostrophe in these Spanish town names?
  20. Helen1

    Recommendations for Spanish classes in London wanted

    Hi All, I'm lucky to live in central London so I have a overwhelming choice of places to learn beginner Spanish after work e.g. The Cervantes Institute course is £325 per term + books, but the classes are 2.5 hours long !?! (this is the one people tend to recommend on camino forums) Various...