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  1. The Cathedral from below

    The Cathedral from below

    The cathedral in Santiago de Compostela
  2. AndrewDavOz

    Lost Lost camera in Santiago

    A fellow pilgrim advised by email that her camera was lost in Santiago about a week ago (8-10 October ). She had not specified the details but I think it is a Sony or Panasonic. It had all her photos since SJPP on it so she is devastated. I asked her for more details. She normally carries it...
  3. N

    Watching Rugby In Santiago

    Hi fellow pilgrims There is a rugby World Cup game on Sunday 20 October at 11:15am BST that I would like to watch. I will be in Santiago. Does anyone know of a place in Santiago where I can watch the game? An Irish pub perhaps? Any info will be highly appreciated :)
  4. Welcome to Santiago.jpg

    Welcome to Santiago.jpg

    Welcome to Santiago
  5. Santiago de Compostela Spain

    Santiago de Compostela Spain

    Here are some pictures from Santiago.
  6. K

    Donating my hair upon arrival in Santiago

    I am currently walking the route of Camino Francés and although my hair is very low maintenance and very long. I originally had plans to cut it and donate it to locks of love upon returning home. However, I’ve been thinking of adding to the idea of going home “lighter” in this manner as well and...
  7. image-11-1024x768.jpeg


    Arrival in Santiago after walking three Caminos - http://throughourlookingglass.ca/
  8. Col Prosser

    Help needed for my short film about the Camino (France)

    So you’ve got home from the Camino and been asked the question “how was it”? I have found answering this question to be difficult. Generally people want something brief and to the point. But there are no quick answers that could do my experiences justice. If you’re talking to someone who has...
  9. S


    Hi. Am arriving in Santiago tomorrow but wonder can I get the credencial any day or does it have to be the day you finish? Many thanks.
  10. Aliog

    Lost Mammut Jacket. SQC Airport

    Hello Travelers, I just want to try my luck here as well if someone has found a Mammut crew jacket on the airport in Santiago. I feel so stupid to lose the jacket of my dad on the last day... My Flight was on the 27th May at Night. Greetings
  11. Daniel Beaumont

    Let's Start A Pilgrim's Albergue in Santiago de Compostela!

    Hey everyone, My name’s Dan - i’m originally from Britain but currently live in Bucharest, Romania. Like many of you, I’m deeply passionate about the Camino and for the last 4 years I’ve walked a different route, and next month I’ll be heading back to Spain for my 5th Camino - the Via de la...
  12. Stereotypical arrival picture

    Stereotypical arrival picture

  13. Ultreia


    PIlgrims Museum in Santiago
  14. peterbells

    Camino Pilgrim Statues - Monumento ao Peregrino

    As the 2019 Camino season is starting to get busier I thought I would do this as a bit of awareness in case it helps. As individuals, films affect us in different ways. There was a scene in The Way where they are seen walking through a field to the pilgrim statues just outside Santiago. I...
  15. in the cathedral

    in the cathedral

  16. The cathedral

    The cathedral

  17. Around the cathedral

    Around the cathedral

  18. Sunny atmosphere

    Sunny atmosphere

  19. The best fellow pilgrim ever

    The best fellow pilgrim ever

    With this sweet and strong girl I have done Caminos in Spain, Portugal, Germany and Switzerland. Our mom-daughter relationship is very much shaped by all those kilometers together.
  20. Santiago view from Saminario Menor

    Santiago view from Saminario Menor

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