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  1. JennyH94

    Searching for the ‘secret’ Santiago

    With thanks to our beautiful Camino friend and fellow Forum member @OzAnnie for thinking of the idea, here’s a thread in which a lot of us might be prepared to share details of our ‘secret’ Santiago - ie those gems in Santiago which aren’t widely known about. I have two such secrets to share...
  2. gollygolly

    Discovery in the Cathedral in Santiago

    A wonderful story from The Guardian https://www.theguardian.com/culture/2020/nov/01/a-selfie-set-in-stone-hidden-portrait-by-cheeky-mason-found-in-spain-900-years-on
  3. SYates

    Report about Cathedral Renovation

    Here an article I found:https://www.elcorreogallego.es/santiago/ecg/mil-hora-catedral-punto-antes-31-diciembre/idEdicion-2020-01-10/idNoticia-1222952/ "A "thousand per hour" for the Cathedral to be ready before December 31 Confidence that the works will finish before the start of the Holy Year...
  4. efdoucette

    Hostals or Hotels in Santiago

    Hello friends, I know there is a thread about favorite Hostals / Hotels in Santiago. My searching skills can't locate it, could someone please direct me to the thread? My favorite, San Martin Pinario, is full on my dates. Many thanks
  5. jungleboy

    Podcast episode about Santiago de Compostela

    Hi all, I host a weekly podcast for intermediate/advanced English speakers and learners. The podcast features real conversations about people, places and their stories (so it can be enjoyed by native speakers too). This week's episode is about Santiago de Compostela so I thought I'd share it...
  6. t2andreo

    Pilgrim Office Status Report

    I have been working here as a volunteer since 13 July. My last work day is this Tuesday, 15 August. I will return home (FL) on Thursday. Here is the current status of things at the P/O: Daily volumes - yesterday 12 AUG, we set the daily record for 2017 (to date) with 2,722 pilgrims processed...
  7. notion900

    Santiago Airport Catering £££££££

    Just had a thought to share - the only food available at Santiago airport is horrendously expensive. At London Gatwick airside I usually spend £3 on a sandwich, drink and fruit to take on the plane (thanks Boots Meal Deal!), last time I was at Santiago it was EUR17 for the same in the...
  8. R

    Cathedral in SdC under restoration - still worth it?

    Hi All - I am planning to do part of the Camino Portugués this year, potentially all the way to SdC, but have just read that the cathedral is currently under restoration. To those who has seen the cathedral recently in its current state, do you think it is still worthwhile for someone (like me)...
  9. Elle Bieling

    Rooftop Tour of the Cathedral

    Just thought I'd remind you that one of the highlights of my Santigo de Compostela experience was the rooftop tour of the cathedral. It is part of the cathedral museum package and should not be missed. The tour takes you through hidden passageways, first to the gallery level and then to the...
  10. jsalt

    The Pilgrim Monument

    Why does the camino not go past the Pilgrim Monument on the way into Santiago? Jill
  11. lessonslearnedabroad

    Santiago Cathedral: Construction

    Does anyone know when the repairs are scheduled to end on the cathedral? My past two Caminos have showcased the wonderful scaffolding, but I thought maybe it would be nice to get to see the actual bell towers on my next Camino :)
  12. Roxey

    Where to stay in Santiago

    I'm going to end up (God willing) in Santiago about June 7. I was told that the Barbandes Libredon was a great place to stay, but when I checked out their website, it appears the hotel is fully booked...for the rest of 2016. Apparently the calendar days in red are "full" and those in gold are...
  13. Knud

    Top 10 List of restaurants in Santiago

    Hey everone, I just found this link with restaurant recommandations on the fb site of the Irish Camino Society. I think this may I might check out two or three of them. :D http://theculturetrip.com/europe/spain/articles/the-10-best-restaurants-in-santiago-de-compostela/
  14. RJEyoung

    The Tree of Jesse

    I was under the impression that the barricade about the column of The Tree of Jesse (Portico of Glory at the Cathedral) is in place as a means of protecting the delicate stone cutting and especially to prevent pilgrims from placing hands in the "hand print" as it might compromise the future of...
  15. Shurolla

    Pilgrim's Mass

    Good Morning from Utah! I am wondering about the Pilgrim's Mass. I hear that Mon-Friday the only Pilgrim's Mass is at 12 Noon. I thought I read somewhere that there is also a Pilgrim's Mass on Friday evenings at 730pm. Does anyone know for sure? It is an event that I cannot miss! Thank you!
  16. Flying inside the Cathedral (Santiago de Compostela)

    Flying inside the Cathedral (Santiago de Compostela)

    Drone flying outside and inside of the Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela.
  17. Rambler

    lockers in Santiago?

    Are there any lockers where I can leave some clothes and my tube for my hiking poles in Santiago's train station of the bus station where the Fisterra bus arrives? We have only a couple of hours between the arrival of our bus from Fisterra and our train leaving for Santiago. I don't suspect I...