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  1. gollygolly

    Camino related stamps available in Spain

    Of possible interest to some will be a stamp featuring the Cathedral in Santiago as well as separately a series of stamps that relate to the Camino de Norte which feature certain churches along that camino. These are released by the Spanish post office.
  2. T

    Women’s Plus Size clothing - santiago

    Does any one have suggestions on where I could buy plus size clothing in Santiago? I know there’s a shopping mall but specific stores would be helpful!
  3. 6522F0DC-AE1F-4CE7-A21A-02CFD214FAAC.jpeg


    The view from Just outside the Monastery where we are staying while we support the incoming Pilgrims. Absolutely beautiful. Santiago
  4. t2andreo

    Egeria House Santiago - Assistance for Pilgrims

    Egeria House in Santiago has now been opened for just over a year. This is the home of @SYates in which she welcomes and supports pilgrims. Egeria House is a few minutes walk from the Cathedral - map on the website. Every afternoon from Monday to Friday Sybille hosts pilgrims from all over the...
  5. M

    Santiago to Finisterre (90km) in one day

    Hello, Just wanted to share that last Tuesday (22.5) me, my sister and her baby walked from Santiago to Finisterre in just one day (18 hours to be exact). So for anyone that was wondering about it before, yes it is possible.. We had really enjoyed our long walks on the camino and just wanted to...
  6. CirrusTheCloud

    Tattoo Parlor Recommendations in Santiago

    I'm on my way to Santiago, and I really want to get a tattoo while I'm there. Just a small, simple black scallop shell, preferably a walk in. Any recommendations for a good, clean parlor in Santiago that does walk ins? Preferably also one with an artist/artists that speak English, and/or...
  7. natefaith

    Pilgrim House 2018 Resources and Hours

    Hi everyone, The Pilgrim House welcome center opened today for the year, and the team would love to meet you and hear about your Camino after you get into Santiago. Some new resources have been added this year as well: * Daily group Camino Debrief sessions at 4pm. Formerly we called these...
  8. Storyteller Matt

    How do I get to Sarria?

    My first time on the Camino, I wanted to start small. I'm walking from Sarria to Santiago, then on to Finisterre. I find the best schedule for me is to fly into Madrid at the start, flying out of Santiago de Compostela at the end. My questions to the group are: How do I get from Madrid to...
  9. jefferyonthecamino

    Atlas of Places that Could or Should have existed on the Camino de Santiago 2018-02-17

    In this Atlas you will discover 37 places on the Camino de Santiago in Spain, each presented with a map, illustration and a short descriptive text. Some of the places exist and all of them could or should have existed; as all the stories in this Atlas stem from facts, and these facts have been...
  10. Sharonih

    Looking for recent information

    I have been asked by a Roman Catholic friend of mine to pick up a Rosary and perhaps a necklace and bracelet with a cross on it. Reading old posts it seems like there are only touristy ones around Santiago. Without going overboard on price are there decent ones there? Or would it be better to...
  11. J

    How to get from Santiago Airport to Sarria?

    Hi all, finally, next month i will start my journey (a small one unfortunatly) it is planned to arrive the 18th of november in Santiago ( 17.00) and would like to reach Sarria the same day. is there another way to get there without a Taxi? as busses and trains are no longer available after...
  12. N

    Last 100 km: How to Reach Starting Point?

    Hi! I hiked most of Camino Frances (some bussing due to injuries) starting in Saint John Pied de Port last year with my mother. For us, it was pretty simple to get the train in and start at the "start" of the trail. Next summer, I am planning a trip with my best friend who has NEVER hiked...
  13. S

    Vigo to Santiago

    My friend is arriving into Vigo airport next week & walking to Santiago. I would like to help him get a compostela & Vigo falls just short of the required 100km journey. My guidebook says the church of San Miguel de Bouzas is 100km from Santiago - can anyone verify this? He is time poor so...
  14. KinkyOne

    About obtaining Compostela for last 100/200kms (again, I know...)

    ...but when watching certain vlog with false info I did some internet searching. As I know you can only get Compostela if you collect two stamps per day on the last 100 km (walking) BUT: - 1: there isn't any rule published on Cathedral site...
  15. G

    Backpack weight

    Hi all! I will be going on my first Camino in September and am a bit concerned about the weight of my backpack. I weigh about 59kgs and my pack is currently 6kgs (without the weight of water or snacks). Just wanted to get some other opinions on the 10% rule and whether going over is alright. I'm...
  16. Rodrigo Cerqueira

    New Maps page of the Associação de Amigos dos Caminhos de Fátima.

    New Maps page of the Associação de Amigos dos Caminhos de Fátima. http://www.caminho.com.pt/mapas_e.html
  17. Rodrigo Cerqueira

    Summary of the Caminho do Tejo (Lisbon - Fatima)

    It is with great pleasure that in this day August 13, 2017, we publish a pdf document of 6 pages, with the summary of the Caminho do Tejo (Lisbon - Fatima) Part of the Caminho de Santiago from Lisbon to Santarém. This document compiled information on altimetry, steps, distances, places of...
  18. t2andreo

    Pilgrim Office Status Report

    I have been working here as a volunteer since 13 July. My last work day is this Tuesday, 15 August. I will return home (FL) on Thursday. Here is the current status of things at the P/O: Daily volumes - yesterday 12 AUG, we set the daily record for 2017 (to date) with 2,722 pilgrims processed...
  19. Charles Zammit

    LIVE from the Camino Post Camino hair cut

    A small thing but certainly important for my reintroduction to the post Camino world . After thirty four odd days on the Frances and a further week to and in Finisterra I was looking a little like a Wooki . Men of a ' certain age ' tend to sprout hair in peculiar places , so much so that...
  20. Alberte

    How to get from SCQ

    Hi all! How often does intercity buses go from SCQ airport to the bus station in Santiago? I can't find a time table, and I don't know if an hour and 20 minutes will be enough to reach the bus at the station and catch my bus! Arriving at noon, so there must be a lot of buses? And is it...

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