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sarria to santiago

  1. T

    Pole usage from Sarria to Santiago

    Good day everyone, I am debating to bring poles are not for the last stage of the Camino. I am a believer in poles and have used them quite often when hiking. I know they work for me when it comes to hiking through the woods (trails) or through different elevations. My understanding is that...
  2. peregrina2000

    Bridges on Camino near Sarria to be torn down?

    A Spanish friend's facebook page has a link to this article: http://www.amigosdelcamino.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=551%3Amollamonos&catid=68%3Anoticias-agacs&lang=es It says that medieval bridges on the Camino will be torn down as a hydroelectric project moves forward...
  3. D

    Starting Point in Sarria

    Hi all, am doing the entire Camino next year but couldn't wait so am off to start in Sarria in July, am staying at the Monestario de Magdelena and have no clue where the trail starts. Will the Brierley guide tell me or will I easily find a way marker..?
  4. D

    The last 100 km

    There are a few times that I experienced a reality shock. The first time was after the weariness of the first few days of walking amassed and I understood the physicality of what I was doing. The second time was at Puente la Reina when I joined the Camino Frances from the Camino Aragones. We...
  5. W

    A compendium of useful links for travel in Galicia including Santiago, Sarria, and Fisterra

    This thread discusses travel services in Galicia, including Santiago, Sarria, and Fisterra Caveat. I do not have first hand knowledge of most of the information presented here. The material in this thread was researched using web resources that may be out of date. Information may be incomplete...
  6. heavenlyflower60

    Difficulty walking uphill -Sarria to Santiago ?

    I am looking for information on just how steep or difficult the climbs are along the way between Sarria through to Santiago. I have leg problems and have to stop to rest my leg often even when walking on flat terrain but am determined to walk the Camino at my own pace. Climbing uphill is much...
  7. devenney1

    The last leg.

    What is the attitude towards people who fly to Santiago and take a bus to Sarria to walk the last leg. I quite understand older people or people who are just not able and can only manage the last eighth of the pilgrimage. What I cannot understand is youth club leaders arriving with crowds of...