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sarria to santiago

  1. Stone Footbridge out of Sarria.jpg

    Stone Footbridge out of Sarria.jpg

    Stone Footbridge out of Sarria
  2. S

    Walking/Biking Sarria to Santiago on trails

    Hello. I am planning on walking with 5-7 girlfriends from Sarria to Santiago for my 55th birthday . . . well 60th to be truthful. One friend is planning to cancel because of her knees but I’m hoping to find an alternative - biking. She, and maybe one other for company, would bike while we walk...
  3. JoHill


    I’m on my walk and started May 8, I’m in Burgos now. If my 15 year old granddaughter wanted to join me from the USA and walk from Sarria (or any where on Camino Frances) what would be a good flight over and what would be the best way to retrieve her from an airport. I would have to leave my walk...
  4. Timoteo

    Sarria to Santiago 18 to 23 April 2019

    Hi, is anyone else doing this stage on these dates? I walked the entire CF in 2012, but now I only have a week off from work, and I think that April, and Easter, would be a great time for Galicia!
  5. T

    First week of March lodging

    Hi all! Having a tough time finding open lodging for the last part of the route beginning Sarria March 1. In addition,it looks like many restaurants are also closed. Is this generally a bad time to walk? I will be doing so solo and would love not to be totally alone the whole time... I may be...
  6. T

    Sarria to Santiago- First week of March

    Hi everyone, I am hoping to do the final stretch of the walk beginning February 28, finishing no later than the 5th of March. As a solo female walker and it being still technically winter, is this a good time to go, or would it be better to wait until April? I will be traveling and in Madrid...
  7. S

    Traveling from Oslo/Norway - starting in Sarria - how to get there?

    Hello everybody, I am planning for my first Camino in March, the short version from Sarria (as I can't be gone more than 11 days maximum). The thread title explains my questions - what is the recommended travel route to get to Sarria? Another question - is it recommended to book all...
  8. JoAnn Reyes

    Travel Santiago to Sarria

    I am looking for a transport service from Santiago de Compostela to Sarria. We are 3 pilgrims travelling together. Does anyone know of such a service? I have researched buses and trains and the current times listed will not work for me because I will be travelling by bus from Porto to Santiago...
  9. G

    How much stair climbing in last 100 km?

    As a follow-up to my previous post about navigating the Camino with walking difficulties, I wanted to check with folks who've walked the last 100 km from Sarria to Santiago. Based on previous responses, I would make arrangements in advance with private accommodations and use taxis to get to/from...
  10. S

    Wailing woman in Sarria

    Hi everyone! First post from me. I'm a solo female traveller and arrived in Sarria yesterday to start my walk today. I'm staying in an albergue on the camino and last night an old woman started wailing and singing and playing a tin whistle for a few hours in the middle of the night. I booked a...
  11. Katherine Fugate

    Help with Sarria to Santiago with a 10 year old.

    Hello, I have lurked here for months readying for our Camino and thank you all for your generous posts and comments that have helped far more people than you know beyond the original poster. I, a single mom, have 10 days to walk from Sarria to Santiago with my 10 year old daughter. From your...
  12. H

    Should I reserve my spot in alburgues?

    Hola! I was wondering if anyone had recommendations on either reserving a bed or just showing up. More specifically, in the last 100 km. I am starting my first camino from Pamplona on June 2nd! Hope to see many of you there! Buen Camino!
  13. B

    Public Transport From Sarria To Santiago (the "wrong" Way!)

    We are finishing our Camino in Sarria and need to get public transport to Santiago on a Sunday to fly out early on a Monday. As far as I can see, the buses don't seem to run on a Sunday. Does anyone have any tips?
  14. C

    Sarria to Santiago late March 2017

    Hi all, I'm doing the last leg of Camino Frances end of March 2017... Is anyone else doing this route around the same time??
  15. A

    nice places on the road from Leon to the Compostella

    Hi, i will go from Leon to Santiago on October and I have enough time not to go through the "popular" route and go "off trail". I would love to get recommendations if you have about nice places to go through and/or stay at for more than a drink at the local caffe - on trail or off trail from...
  16. B

    Two Week Countdown!

    After months of planning and fretting (so much fretting!) my wife and I are finally a fortnight away from leaving for our Sarria - Santiago stretch on October 4th. And we may be ready for it, or as ready as one can be in a world where God laughs as man plans. I'd ask worriedly about bedbugs...
  17. Melensdad

    Finished a few days ago... am I the only one who

    Loved my Camino from SJPDP to Sarria. Disliked the way it changed with the heavy crowds and noise after Sarria. Packs of teens from schools were singing or carrying music players. Loud talking adults. Tranquility lost to the herd. Now I'll say the groups were polite, just loud. At one...
  18. S

    Camino Guided Tours 2016

    If you don't have the time to plan your Camino, why not book with us on a Guided Trip from Sarria to Santiago. We will take care of your airport transfer, luggage transfer, accommodation and food leaving you free to relax and enjoy your walk while meeting new friends. Included in our Guided...
  19. Rafael Pujols

    Help with Camino Frances: Sarria - Santiago (Santiago - Fenisterre)

    Hi, Im planning to walk the camino on Jul 2017, from Sarria to Santiago (and if possible Santiago - Fenisterre), and i have some questions about it. As I'll arrive to Madrid, - I don't see any airport in Sarria, Which is the best / fast way to get to Sarria? to start walking as soon as...
  20. Lance Chambers

    'The Spanish Route' - A New Route from Sarria?

    Checking the forum I have noticed that a number of people comment on the dramatic jump in numbers starting at Sarria. Almost every year the number of pilgrims/hikers that start in Sarria dominate those from any other location on the Camino Frances and this, I believe, causes the problems which...

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