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sarria to santiago

  1. L

    Beds available Sarria to SdC?

    I'm leaving for Sarria next week and getting a little concerned reading about difficulties getting a bed. I'm a slow walker and will probably stop in towns outside the "typical™ daily destinations. Any thoughts about ways to ease my mind? Thanks!
  2. K

    Hi - Planning Sarria to Santiago in October

    Good day to you all. New member here and I am planning to walk sarria to santiago in Oct apart from the obvious good equipment shoes rucksack etc is there any advice for a newbie like me. I am 68 fairly fit with a brand newly fitted knee last October. I do want some comfort of a decent bed...
  3. E

    Accommodation Sarria - Santiago in May

    The first and last time I walked from Sarria to Santiago was in 2005. Since then I have always avoided that route by walking to Santiago via Ourense. In the coming month of May I plan to follow the Sarria path once more, for old time's sake, this being perhaps my last camino. Being concerned...
  4. L

    Sarria to Santiago early July?

    Hello, I am only in Europe for 5 weeks from New Zealand visiting our first grandchild and am drawn to the Sarria to Santiago leg of the French Way (like so many others!) I was planning on starting 01 July but am worried about the heat - is it unbearable? I am also aware it is incredibly busy...
  5. Trishagale

    Sarria to Santiago the last week in July

    I have a friend who wants to walk for a week on Frances during the last week in July. She will be travelling from Malaga so logistically a flight to Santiago where she can leave her suitcase, bus to Sarria, then walk back would seem the easiest. However she is concerned about the number of...
  6. T

    Sarria to SDC in October

    Hi everone I'm walking from Sarria to SDC in October. What can i expect in terms of weather? Not really sure of the altitude on that particular part of the Comino so not sure if i should bring contingent snow clothing... Thanks in advance.
  7. L

    Booking agency

    Kia ora, I have wanted to do the Camino for so long - now I’m 63 and finally doing it on my own - well doing the last 100km (Sarria to Santiago) in July when we are over that side of the world visiting a new grandchild. While I would love to do the walk independently, I manage an old back...
  8. fornazari

    Places to visit in Sarria-Santiago

    Hi there! Anyone has some tips about the places that worth to visit during the camino between Sarria and Santiago (religious, cultural or restaurants/bars)?
  9. B

    Getting a Taxi & Finding Open Bars/Restaurants Along the Camino from Sarria to Santiago in February

    Hi Everyone, How easy (or difficult) is it to get a taxi along the route of the Camino along the route from Sarria to Santiago especially in February where a lot of places are closed? Also, on bars/restaurants, are they open along the route as well? Thank you all for your responses..:)
  10. M

    Walking the Sarria-Santiago Camino in February 2023: Tips on Albergues and Weather

    Hello, I've just managed to find my way to this great forum. Really good to hear of peoples plans for walking the camino. My-self and my mum are planning to walk the 100k from Sarria on the 12th February this year. We have been preparing our walk for a year or so now and liking the thought that...
  11. Kirkie

    For pilgrims, an encouraging account of the Camino from Sarria

    Moderator note: the text in this post is from an article in the Irish Times by Sarah Conroy From the Irish Times, today. What draws my fellow peregrinos to the Camino de Santiago? Perhaps some were, like me, on a personal mission, while I’m sure others felt they were on a mission impossible...
  12. M

    Sarria to Santiago

    Hello everyone. Myself and my husband plan to walk the Camino from Sarria to Santiago around the first week of November. This is our first Camino. What should we expect weather wise?
  13. StClairFam

    Super highway or not? (on trail from Sarria to Santiago)

    Hi all I'm trying to get a sense of just how busy the walk from Sarria to Santiago is in July to help us decide if it's for us. I know it's hard to predict but am after a guesstimate. Is it like a complete trail of people walking right behind and in front the whole time or is there gaps between...
  14. G

    Transport to Sarria from Santiago

    Hi, what is the best way to get to Sarria from Santiago on Sunday afternoon? Is there a bus I can book ahead? Someone told me there is a private bus which will collect you at the airport with the cost shared with other peregrinos, but she could not remember the name.
  15. M

    Accommodations between Sarria to Santiago

    Hi, I would like suggestions on accommodations from Sarria to Santiago from Sep 24th for a week. Any suggestions? Prefer a hotel
  16. C

    timing and route to E-bike from Sarria to Santiago in October 2022

    I have read the post on biking and walking, and my question is if I am using e bikes in October from Sarria to Santiago (because my husband does not like to walk) and I want to do this last leg with him, I understand we need to use the road, but how do I calculate how many miles or kilometers I...
  17. A

    Sarria to Santiago

    Hi I hope to start my camino Sarria to Santiago 30th Sept. This is the 3rd attempt to do the walk. Covid stopped my first planned date. Then unfortunately my brother was ill and I went to look after him in the USA. Sadly he passed away after a long fight against cancer. So I am really looking...
  18. C

    Will anybody be walking the last 100 km of the Camino in the beginning of September? From Sarria?

    Will anybody be walking the last 100 km of the Camino in the beginning of September? From Sarria?
  19. m0mkat

    Sarria- first stamp

    I will be starting my Camino from Sarria in less than 45 days. My first Camino ever and a huge step for me to do solo. I‘m looking forward to meeting new friends on this journey. This forum has been a huge inspiration for me to just do it. I know I can get my first passport stamp (sello) from...
  20. yuliaas

    Sarria Weather in End of May 2022

    Hello everyone! My name is Yulia from Indonesia. I plan to go on my first Camino around 21-27 May 2022 from Sarria. Currently I am planning my trip transport, accommodations, but I have this question about the weather for my packing list. I am not a hiker or even a fan of outdoor activity so...

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