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  1. P

    English language bookstore

    Hello I arrive in Santiago de Compostela tomorrow after 5 weeks on the Camino Frances and am eager to visit a bookstore where I can buy some English language fiction. Any suggestions as to bookstores who sell English language fiction? Regards Patrick
  2. S

    Shoe repair recommendation in Leon

    Greetings from Hontanas! I’m in need of some simple machine stitching on my Oboz. Hiking boot. Any suggestions for a shoe repair shop in Leon…or in any town between Hontanas and Leon? Appreciate any information! Sue
  3. Gwaihir

    Looking for Outdoor Stores in Galicia & Portugal?

    Hey caminantes, qué tal. It's been ages since I was really active here, but anyway I'm back on the Camino (sort of). To be honest my thing now is more traveling randomly and sometimes I walk bits and etapas of the Camino in between. The Portugal sun and work I did for a project here has...
  4. pressnupu

    Urgently need dentist in Sarria!

    Hi all, I’m in Samos today, reaching Sarria tomorrow (will be there Friday and Saturday). A front tooth cap/crown has come loose! Could anyone please let me know how I can find a (ideally English speaking) dentist in Sarria? When I needed a physiotherapist in Logrono, I had to wait a day so...
  5. Del Sur

    LIVE from the Camino On Camino Del Norte , Shoes starting to disintegrate.

    Hi, I’m currently on the Camino Del Norte, about two days before Gijion, my shoes are starting to disintegrate, i.e, the material on my inside heel has worn/split and some of the stuffing/padding has fallen out . I’m thinking this willl be a problem in terms of an irritation point causing...
  6. BobY333

    Help setting up a dental appointment in Santiago

    Hi there! I chipped one of my front teeth and I am going to try and get it repaired in Santiago. I got the name of the dental clinic Sanitas, but when I’ve called my Spanish isn’t good enough to make an appointment for this coming Thursday. I’m wondering if there’s someone out there that can...
  7. Brian K

    Car Rental In Santiago

    Hi, Does anyone have any recommendations on car rental options in Santiago. My family and I will finish our walk on Saturday June 11th and would like to rent a car for a couple of days. Thanks, Brian
  8. Kelli Leydecker

    Anyone know of a good medical clinic in Lisbon

    Hi! I’ve been traveling a bit prior to my Camino and have developed a sinus infection. (COVID test comes back negative. Yay!). I’m flying into Lisbon tomorrow and would like to see a doctor to maybe get some antibiotics. Anyone know of a good clinic? Especially near the airport? Thanks!
  9. E

    buying walking poles in Porto

    Is there a good place to purchase walking poles in Porto [arrriving by plane]?
  10. peregrin peregrina

    LIVE from the Camino swollen painful feet

    i am currently in estella and both feet are swollen and painful with one toenail coming off. wearing altra lonepeaks- no blisters. had rain for a couple days out of roncesvalles with soaked shoes the whole time through zubiri followed by hotter than hell 2 days pamplona-alt de perdon and puente...
  11. L

    Bike packing service in SdC

    Would anyone know of a bike shop in SdC who offers a bike packing service to assist in me flying back home with my bike? I've searched in the forum but it appears some of the suggestions point to shops that unfortunately no longer exist. Any suggestions would be most grateful.
  12. L

    Lisbon: where to find poles and shells

    Hi all, starting from Lisbon soon. Where can I pick up a pair of relatively inexpensive poles in Lisbon? And can I find a shell to tie onto my bag anywhere in Lisbon? Only saw old responses to these in the search - appreciate your help!
  13. gradypup

    Covid testing sites in Santiago De Compostela

    Hello , my spouse and I are walking the Camino Frances from the end of April to the end of May . Where can we get a covid test in Santiago to return to the United States? Thanks for any advice, Gradypup
  14. M

    Looking for stores in Santiago to purchase cookbook and St. James cross for Santiago cake

    Looking for stores in Santiago de Compostela to purchase a cookbook and a St. James cross for baking the Santiago cake. In 2019 when I looked for a cook book, the tourist office sent me to a book store that no longer existed. This time I would like to know in advance where I might find a...
  15. JohnLloyd

    Recommended souvenir shops in Santiago

    I’m a terrible shopper, confounded by too much choice. I’d like to pick up a few nice souvenirs of my latest trip, like a third wristband to accompany these two. Where should I go? Which shops offer best value/most authentic items to choose from?
  16. Damico Walking

    Help with travel from Santiago

    We will be starting our camino very soon. We leave the USA a week from tomorrow. To make things easier for us does anyone know of a competent travel advisor in Santiago that we may use for travel within the EU after our camino is done? Yes I know we can use the internet, yes I know there are...
  17. El Cascayal

    RENFE idiosyncrasies & Interesting knife store in Madrid

    When you board RENFE there is a security X-ray checkpoint. Poles are no problem. In Santiago, I had bought 2 small dining knives which were wrapped in their original packaging and that I bubble wrapped to my trekking poles and secured in my small duffel bag that gets checked on the plane for...
  18. S

    Buying Meindl boots along the Camino?

    Hi - I have a pair of Meindl boots that have life in them yet - they did half the Camino Frances from Fromista in 2019. I don’t need to replace them yet. But I’m wondering if I could get Meindl boots in a city s along the CF if I needed to when walking the whole thing this year? (I can wear...
  19. mark stevens

    Camino patches for backpack

    Hi guys. I’m looking for anywhere to get a Camino patch for the Caminos I’ve completed for my backpack. Hopefully some with the year on them as well. Any suggestions welcome
  20. Don Kim

    Car rental in Santiago

    I'll probably have a few days extra in Santiago after the camino and I'd like to know a little more details of the car rental. Would you please be able to provide some useful information? Thanks for the ideas. [This post was extracted from another thread]