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  1. O

    Where to buy an electric kettle

    For health reasons, I need to be able to have a small electric kettle to boil water in wherever I go. Where can I buy one in Irun? I can’t bring mine from home, voltage is different.
  2. PiscesPilgrim

    Estrella Galicia merch in Santiago

    Hello from the Camino Portugues! A few days ago going through Pontevedra, we spotted a souvenir shop selling Estrella Galicia related merch - think t-shirts and hoodies, that type of thing. The shop was shut when we walked past and then we never ended up making it there the next morning as we...
  3. F

    Chinese shops???

    What is this Chinese shop I keep reading about?
  4. J

    Finding Camino Patches

    I’ve been to a store 2-3 times in the past several years that has every sew on patch imaginable. Over 100 types with routes, distances and years. It’s a small store, still inside the city center less than a km from the cathedral. Does anyone know the store? It is not any of the ones within 100M...
  5. R

    Via Algarviana shops

    Could someone who has walked the VA recently please tell me whether there are many / any shops in the _villages_ passed en route, and whether it is possible to buy small 300 gm gas cannisters with a screw-on connector in them? I spent some time in the region 10 years ago, and although I never...
  6. D

    In Bilbao - outdoors/camping store?

    I have to buy some gear, and outdoor stuff/supplies in Bilbao. In particular, need freeze-dried food packs, boil water and serve. Anyone suggest some places there? Places, big or small outfits, like Rei or Patagonia. Also, similar places in Santander? cheers.
  7. A

    Pilgrim shop in León?

    I need some new socks and some warm gloves and maybe another warm top. Can anyone recommend where to get such pilgrim supplies in the center of León?
  8. D

    Physiotherapist Pamplona

    Hi all, can anyone recommend a physiotherapist/sports physio in Pamplona? Thank you
  9. highwinds

    Massage therapist in SJPdP?

    Hi all! I am completing the GR65 or via Podiensis in a week (Navarrenx tomorrow) and spending two nights in SJPdP. Then starting the Camino Frances. I’m having some muscle issues in a shoulder and generally tight muscles all over- of course. If anyone knows of a massage therapist (sports...
  10. J

    Any recommendation for a physiotherapist for massage in Sarria?

    Hi, I’m in Sarria and my legs are sore after a lot of walking in the heat!!! I’d like to book a massage with a physiotherapist today. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance! Sinéad
  11. jfgough

    Pamplona Hiking store

    Hi Arrive Pamplona 28 August and need to purchase hiking poles. I'm starting from SJPP on the 30th. Best to buy in Pamplona or SJPP? Any recommendations from experienced pilgrims? This my first camino. Gracias y Buen Camino !
  12. J

    Great Tattoo Place in Santiago

    Hi everyone, Just completed my first Camino and wanted a tattoo to celebrate! I highly recommend Calipso Tattoo and Piercing Coruna. Julia was awesome and helped both my aunt and I create what worked for us. It was my aunts first tattoo!
  13. katie@camino

    Hoka trail runners in Oviedo?

    Hi team, Due to some unexpected achilles issues, I am looking to swap my Altras for Hoka One Ones here in Oviedo before I walk the Primitivo on Tuesday. Can anyone direct me towards some shops in Oviedo that might sell Hokas? The hospitalero has suggested De Ruta and Cavana. El Corte Ingles...
  14. G

    charity shop, thrift store, etc. for cheap/free camping gear?

    ¡Hola peregrinos! I'll probably walk the Camino Inglés in late Augist. Afterward, I am thinking of camping for a few days in the Cíes Islands and will need a tent and ideally a sleeping mat. Wondering if there is somewhere in Santiago de Compostela offering free/cheap camping gear? Just need...
  15. D

    Outdoor shops in Estella

    Can any one recommend an outdoor shop in Estella. I need to replace some walking trousers, following an accident in a tumble dryer (my fault)!!!! I will be passing through Estella on Monday and was hoping to try and buy a new pair. An Internet search has located a Decathlon but I wondered if...
  16. Joanne P

    Where to buy hiking sandals in Logrono?

    Hi Everyone. I'm here now and in desperate need of some new hiking sandals. I currently have Teva Toachi sandals and am looking for something similar. Any idea where I could go in Logrono to buy something suitable? Thanks in advance.
  17. L

    Ponchos in Sarria?

    Hi, I leave in five days (newbie, Frances). This may sound like a silly question, but where exactly in Sarria can I buy a really good rain poncho? My local store is sold out of anything that will cover my pack. I am really short, barely 5 feet tall, so I need a very small size, but with proper...
  18. F

    Where to buy Hiking shoes in Leon

    Does anyone know if I can find Altras Lone Peak shoes in Leon?
  19. Madis

    Buying poles or staff in Irun/San Sebastian?

    I'm arriving to Irun in the afternoon on the 12th of May. Will be in San Sebastian on the 13th. Would like to walk the Camino once again with a wooden staff like they sell in the pilgrim store in SJPdP. Normal cheap pair of walking poles would also do. Will anyways donate them once finished with...
  20. Coddiwomple

    Where to purchase trekking poles in Sarria?

    Can trekking polls be purchased in Sarria? And, is there a place in Santiago to donate after completing my camino?

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