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  1. F

    Where to buy Hiking shoes in Leon

    Does anyone know if I can find Altras Lone Peak shoes in Leon?
  2. MadisV

    Buying poles or staff in Irun/San Sebastian?

    I'm arriving to Irun in the afternoon on the 12th of May. Will be in San Sebastian on the 13th. Would like to walk the Camino once again with a wooden staff like they sell in the pilgrim store in SJPdP. Normal cheap pair of walking poles would also do. Will anyways donate them once finished with...
  3. Coddiwomple

    Where to purchase trekking poles in Sarria?

    Can trekking polls be purchased in Sarria? And, is there a place in Santiago to donate after completing my camino?
  4. P

    Altra shoes in Gijon

    Hola, my altra shoes are almost finished. I am currently in San Vicente de la barquera and will be near Gijon in next days. Do you have some suggestions if I can buy Altra shoes somewhere in Gijon or somewhere nearby on route?
  5. R

    Shoes in Salamanca

    I’m in Salamanca & need to replace my Altra Lone peak 6…not suitable for VdlP terrain. Any suggestions for for good shoe shops please.
  6. T

    Massage in Burgos

    I recently had a fantastic massage by Patricia at MUDAN. She and her partner offer a good selection of massage therapies including acupuncture. Patricia tailored the treatment to my problem areas which had developed during a couple of weeks of walking the...
  7. T

    Awesome Camino Supplies Pamplona

    Amazingly surprised with a cool shop in Pamplona, the fellow working there was extremely sensitive to our needs, everything from backpacks, shoes and every little thing we need. I’m not associated with it but was impressed, normally shop at REI but that’s not an option here. It’s called...
  8. J

    Burgos walking sticks

    Hello pilgrims, We are currently in Burgos and would like to purchase walking sticks. Can anyone recommend a store? We can’t seem to locate any. Many thanks and Buen Camino!
  9. Arctic_Alex

    Postal services in Santiago / sending a parcel

    End of may, on a Friday, I will have to send some smaller items (including foldable walking sticks) home, that are not compatible with Iberia's hand luggage restrictions. My plane goes in later afternoon and I will arrive in Santiago around lunch time. Any advice on where to get a parcel (the...
  10. Aaron Baldwin

    Chiropractors on the Frances?

    I'm wondering anyone has any recommendations for Chiropractors they have used along the Camino frances. Pamplona to start, but other cities would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  11. Zordmot

    A Podiatrist in Logroño

    Going through my photos and memorabilia from my CF last year at this time I was reminded of a real bright spot for me in Logrono. I was developing a very painful blister at that point. I located a friendly, wonderful podiatrist who got me right in, took care of the blister, addressed two other...
  12. jsalt

    Burgos - China Store and Tapas Bar

    Hi, does anyone know of a China Store (sells cheap goods) in Burgos city centre? I am arriving in a couple of weeks' time and would like to buy an umbrella. Thanks! Jill
  13. Prentiss Riddle

    "Camino store" in Porto?

    This has been asked in the past but it's been a few years, so: Is there anything resembling a "camino store" in Porto? My immediate wish is to browse the current selection of Caminho Português guides, and the local bookstores I've checked are spotty on that front. But I'm curious if there's a...
  14. D

    Best Tattoo Shops in Santiago, Chile

    Where is the best place to get a tattoo in Santiago?
  15. F

    Opticians in Santiago 👓

    For reasons I won't bore you with, I'm considering buying lenses and frames (out of pocket, recent prescription) in Santiago after I finish my camino, as opposed to purchasing in the states pre-camino, then bringing over in luggage. Can anyone offer up info re cost difference on Spain vs. US...
  16. A

    Lockers at Santiago bus station?

    Hello, There is 12 hours between our bus arrival from Muxia and our flight out. Are there lockers at the bus station? Or another solution while spending time in Santiago? Thanks
  17. H

    Pilgrims need help

    We have friends who are on the Camino Frances who've had a medical emergency. The husband is in the Santiago hospital being treated for a heart attack while walking the Camino. Are there any pilgrim assistance groups they can reach out to for help?
  18. Andrea Mayfield

    Massage in Astorga

    I had a wonderful massage in Astorga today at the Hotel Spa via de la Plata. I called at 9:30am and was in at 11:30am. My masseuse was Laura. Do yourself a favor!
  19. LavanyaLea

    Santiago artist who makes custom souvenir certificates

    [Moderator note: this post was moved from another thread, in order highlight it better.] Zamo Tamay is an artist based in Santiago, his gallery is just a few mins walk from the Cathedral. He does exactly what you had written above. First, you choose a piece of pilgrim related artwork, then on...
  20. Amori

    Doctors in Santiago

    Hey guys, we are walking to Santiago and when we get there we might have to see a doctor in Santiago. Does anyone have advice? Should we go to the hospital. A GP (general practitioner) should be fine. What is the cheapest and easiest? It would be great if they can speak English. Thanks

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