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Accomodation at San Roman de Retorta


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Hi, I'm going on the camino primitivo with a group of 10 in April and am unable to find out if there is accomodation in San Roman de Retorta- my guidebook says there was scheduled to be one set up 2007 but I have no further information.

Could anyone help me?

Thanks in advance!!
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Yep, it's open.

Per the CSJ site -

>> Fantastic news !!
The Xunta de Galicia have opened a new albergue at San Roman de Retorta in a beautiful woodland setting 1km beyond the village on the “Roman Road Route” between Lugo and Melide. It is 25 km from Lugo and has 12 beds. Hospitalero on duty to collect €3 charge. Very clean and comfortable and about 50 metres beyond the bar. Has hot water, showers and washing facilities. No food provided but cold meals - bocadillos, salads, plates of smoked meats etc. available back at the bar. <<


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The albergue at San Roman is very nice. There is an equipped kitchen as well, if you don't want cold food at the bar below. when you get to the village, you will see a sign pointing you to the "albergue provisional," which is the little house in the woods described in Dave's post. We asked why this albergue is deemed "provisional" and were told that they are building a bigger one in the village itself in the old school house. I surely hope they don't decide to close this one because it was one of the nicest albergues we stayed in. The wooded setting is lovely.



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Happy days!

Thanks for the confirmation, were all looking forward to it already :D

Just worried in case a group of ten is too many to accomodate, whats the protocol? Is there any way of contacting the manager ahead of the trip?



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I've led student groups of around 10 people on the Camino Frances three times before and, for the most part, have had no trouble with the albergues accommodating us. The only one that outright refused admission to groups was the albergue in Palas do Rei.

I'm gearing up for a student trip on the Norte/Primitivo this June/July and was a little more nervous, given that most of the albergues top out around 20-25 beds, and often have less. Where possible, I've emailed albergues and been told that they are fine with groups, provided beds are available. Reservations, of course, are not an option in the majority of albergues.

I think you'll be fine on the Primitivo in April, but you might have a few people bring sleeping mats, just in case.

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Re: Accomodation Lugo to Melide

Hi, This is Ange. I have just got back from Spain after doing the Camino Primitivo during the peak period before the 25th July. The Albergues were pretty full but spaces were always found for everyone. I already wrote before I left that I would report on camping possiblities, which I will write about in another email. Down to the subject of accommodation between Lugo and Melide. We asked the hospitalero in Lugo who was very gruff - appeared to want to get the registration done as quickly as possible and told us to go to the Tourist Office. They produced a sheet of information for the emergency accommodation being opened up along the route right through to Santiago. The section between Lugo and Melide goes right past the signs for St Roman, but we carried on to find the School at Augus Santas. We nearly missed it because there are several little hamlets with different names all in the District of Augus Santas. The Camino goes past the Roman bridge and up the Roman track at Ferreira, and what stretches there are on the roads, are not clear. We were lucky to get the directions from a local who we met on the road, and had to walk back to the school. The Camino did not go past it, but came out further on towards Melide so we were lucky we asked. This had floor area to use with mats, two w.c.'s and one sink, no shower. No shops or bar, but was a roof over our heads for the night. Ange from Agen

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Hi folks , I am wondering if someone can tell me exactly which is the longer route , on the Camino Primitivo the Hospitales route or the Pola route. Thanks Folks 🙏👍

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