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Airport immigration problems.


Hi everybody, I don't know if you have read some news about Brazilians being deported from the Madri airport the moment of their arrival. For the last week, that's all we have read in the newspapers here in Rio.
Spanish authorities say that they have been sent back because of lack of hotel reservations and money.
That would be my main point: When I arrive in Madrid, I'll immediately catch a train or bus to Pamplona and Roncevalles. What kind of reservation should I have? Secondly, I was planning to bring two credit cards and two different debit cards and a little pocket money for the first necessities. Now I wonder if I should risk being robbed and bring more Euros with me... Please, I would appreciate any ideas. I do not know if age has anything to do with their profiling but I am a 56 year-old woman and will be going to Paris to spend 10 days after completing the Camino...
Thank you all, buen camino, Sumachado. :oops: :oops: :shock:
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Of course, I know nothing of the circumstances of the airport situation you mention but, for your part, perhaps you might begin by carrying the credencial from the Brazilian Camino group and, should you be a member of a church, you could always lay on a letter of reference from your priest or bishop to the effect that you are a kosher bona fide pilgrim. Throw in a reservation for the hotel for your night or two before your end-of-pilgrimage departure and that might also help.


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Hi there,

This has been in the news here in Spain as well. I am no expert in these laws, but it seems like one of the problems spaniards are having entering into Brazil is that they do not know/do not have the address of the place where they will stay in Brazil. They are actually sent back to Spain due to the lack of this information. I have a feeling that this is the same reason for many Brazilians are also sent back from Barajas (Madrid).

I woulds recommend that you visit the website of the Spanish embassy in Brazil and see what papers/information you need to have for avoiding these kinds of problems. As for the address, make sure that you have one address ready... I think you fill this address out on the paperwork that you fill out on the plane and give to the customs representative in Madrid. Do you have an address of your first alberge? If not, could you find an address of a hostel/hotel close by and tell them that you are going there..... just to have an address.

As I said, I am no expert on this, but after listening to some of the news lately this seems like it would work. I think this has been a bigger story in Brazil than in Spain, but I just heard the Brazilian ambassadors to Spain on the radio and he was trying to calm things down... like ambassadors are supposed to do... :)

If you know the rules and follow them, you should be fine...



Thank You all. I feel more confident now that I know what I have to provide to ensure the authorities that I am not going to stay forever nor work in Europe. Indeed, knowledge is power!!! I am going to do my part to the best of my knowledge, Thanks again! Sumachado.
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