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Allariz on the Vdlp


Staff member
I have searched the forum and found one post in which Allariz is mentioned. One member described having been there on his Vdlp, so there's at least one person out there who can answer my question, I hope!

My Vdlp dreaming has begun in earnest once again, and I'm looking at all the permutations and possibilities it offers along the way. One thing that caught my attention was Allariz. I was there many years ago and would very much enjoy spending a night there for old times' sake. I see that there is a "southern option through Verin" that passes through Allariz. I also see that there is a way to stay on the "northern option" and at Xunqueira take a turn to hit the southern route in Allariz (about 7 km it looks like). From there, it's a short day into Ourense.

So, my question is this -- if you've been to Allariz, did you walk from Xunqueira or did you take the southern route through Verin?

Thanks, Laurie
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Hi Laurie,

I passed through Allariz in 2007 having started from Verin originally. I stayed in the Albergue in Sandias the first night and then walked through Allariz the next day and on to Ourense. I didn't actually stay in Allariz so can't recommend any accommodation but if you can push the boat out there is a four star hotel http://en.ac-hotels.com/124-AC_VILA_DE_ALLARIZ.html? with rates also available via http://www.booking.com.

From the albergue in Verin, it was about 42km to the albergue in Sandias. It is then about 13km on to Allariz. Alternatively, Verin to Xinzo de Limia is about 35km (there are a number of hotels in Xinzo) and then about 20km on to Allariz.

I haven't used the "northern" route via Laza and Xunqueira but understand it to be slightly more picturesque than the southern route. The cross-over between the two routes is, as you say, about 7-8km at Allariz.

If you use Google Earth at all, there is a downloadable route for Verin-Sandias-Santiago in this thread camino-mozarabe-and-via-de-la-plata/topic3745.html

Enjoy your planning.

Hi Laurie

It was me who went from Xunqueria to Allariz in 2006. The link is here http://www.peregrino.pwp.blueyonder.co. ... eca05.html

I stayed at the Hostal Alarico which is next to the town police station so is easy to find. The hotel seemed ok but the whole town was in fiesta so I don't know what it would be like in normal times. I did enjoy what I saw of the town and would love to go back there with more time for a good explore.

It is indeed a short day from there to Ourense but I got lost in the woods by not keeping a decent look out for the yellow arrows.

Best of luck

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Thank you both for the information, if the stars align right, I will try the detour to Allariz! Laurie

p.s. Tom, thanks for the link to your blog, I have read a few entries. I think you should post a link to it in the blog section of the Vdlp, I'm enjoying it a lot.

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