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Another bad review from Rabe (outside Burgos)

I was asked by elzi to edit out the post. She has updated her blog so you can see her review there.

Just a word to the wise that the albergue in Rabe continues to get bad reviews & it might be worth your while to either stop in Tardajos or continue on to Hornillos.

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I did the Camino by bicycle in 2007 and stayed there for one night... The ospitalera can seem very terrible and rigid, and maybe she can have some obsession, but in the end she's not so bad... if you do what she says! And she can help you too if you have some problem with your feet...she had completely wrapped up the legs of an American boy with a film after putting on them a 'green clay'! Last year I did the Camino again (till Leon), this time on foot, and I passed there to say hello to her... she was very happy and kind, and gave me the clay for my ankles!
This is my experience, and I think I would stop there if I passed through Rabe... even if I would worry about the SOUP :D


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Thanks to Kelly for editing the above post. I have toned down my review slightly so as not to sound rude but I would never advise anyone to stay in the albergue mentioned.
Stay there and form your own opinion if you wish but don´t say you weren´t warned....


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I do not offer judgement on this woman or her albergue. The experience was just that, an experience which contributed to the whole of my Camino. I wouldn't have changed it for the world.

I stayed at the albergue in Rabe in Aug of 08. I found the hospitelera quite stern and demanding. At the end of the day thats her right as she is offering her home to the pilgrim. The meal she provided was described beforehand as a traditional local dish but no matter what description was used a hot dog in a bowl of stewed vegetables is still a hot dog.

Some of the people I was walking with were offended by what they perceived as rudeness and decided to continue on rather than stay. Her demeanor was explained to me by a fellow Pilgrim who was from Paris. His take was that "she was acting like French Aristocracy"...his words not mine.

In any case I will not avoid the albergue if circumstances present me at her door. It was one of the cleanest hostels I stayed in.

Jacobus, some of the reviews from this albergue go beyond "being stern" & "acting like French aristocracy." I'm sure someone will find the link to the review of the 2 pilgrims who stayed at her place & were denied all food & one was physically assaulted by the woman. That, to me, is unacceptable behavior. As a pilgrim, I don't expect fancy food, a chocolate on my pillow or turn-down service, but I do expect civil behavior.

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I stayed in this albergue last year, and I think my experience was something akin to that Jacobus had. I did feel that I needed to 'mind my ps and qs', and I found the room was hot and crowded, and the bedbug precautions somewhat 'over the top'. I found the soup quite delicious, though I wished I had eaten more when I realised we were having a very un-Spanish experience- just one course.

However, all that said, I would stay there again. Both husband and wife had extensive practical experience on the Camino. There was a room full of Camino souvenirs and memorabilia of various kinds. Two of us were given a green clay wrap to help with ankle/knee issues. It was a gorgeous day, and we sat outside in the sunshine, with the one Spanish speaker of our threesome learning a lot from the husband. And the place was spotlessly clean.

Before reaching Burgos, we had thought we would have a rest day there, but all three of us had walked from France, had been in rural areas for weeks, and found the city somewhat overwhelming. The shorter walk to Rabe seemed to provide the 'rest day' we were needing. We were also concerned that the albergue at Hornillos did not seem that large, and we might end up with a long day's walk onto Hontanas, that we didn't feel like managing at that stage. (There was also an 'unofficial' albergue in Rabe at the time (last June), but it was apparently very cold and had no running water. Pilgrims who stayed there came asking us for some water in the morning as they had no access to any overnight.)

I can quite imagine there would be days when this hospitalera would 'lose her cool' and turf people out, even late at night. However, my experience was OK, and I would stay there again.
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I sort of feel sorry for the lady. I hate bedbugs and am afraid of them.
I can see how one might panic and worry about inviting bedbugs into your home. They are such a plague. I agree she should be civil, but fear does a lot to change us from nice to ugly.

Sounds like she redeemed herself a bit by offering to doctor bites with green clay, to draw the poison out.

Regarding the soup, I think I'd be happy to have ANY food offered. So many places do not offer food. Even bread and water would be welcome along some stages.


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Anniesantiago said:
Sounds like she redeemed herself a bit by offering to doctor bites with green clay, to draw the poison out.

The green clay was used to help with inflammation and tenderness. My friend had inflammation in the front of her calves due to walking for a long period with knee problems. I was having a problem with pain around my achilles area.

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Hello fellow pilgrims, I’ve just arrived in SJPP and my plan was to set off for Roncesvalles tomorrow morning via the Napoleon route, potentially stopping at Orisson for the night. However, the... I'll be there in 3 weeks, hopefully adequately prepared.
As someone who has walked several Camino routes (my first was in 2013), I was curious to hear from anyone who has walked ANY Camino, say pre-year 2000, and what the experience was like...

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