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Arriving in Pamplona at 5.30am - help!


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Me and my friend are arriving in Pamplona from the night train at 5.30am in a couple of weeks time and I wondered if anyone has any advice on what there is to do with ourselves that early in the morning in Pamplona?

Also if we are too exhausted to start walking that day (quite likely!) does anyone have any advice on cheap places to stay? I read elsewhere on the forum that some refuges only let you stay if you've walked a certain distance does this mean that we can't stay in the refuge in pamplona on our first nght before we start? :s

And if another question isnt too cheeky where can my friend pick up a pilgrim passport in Pamplona?

Thanks for any help! :)
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Hola Elzi!
I can't help you as to what to do at 5.30am in Pamplona but I can tell you that it is possible to pick up a pilgrims passport at the archbishops palace in Pamplona. Apparently you can get one at the albergue and at the University of Navarra too.
As you have lots of time to explore Pamplona you might want to consider walking the short distance (4.5kms) out of Pamplona to Cizur Menor and spending the night there. This is a small village/town but there are two albergues. I stayed at the one run by the Order Of Malta which was very friendly but I hear very good reports of the other one too. There was a pilgrims menu in the local bar which was tasty and great value. The advantage of staying here is that you take a little time off the following days journey which includes the very steep climb up to the Alto de Perdon. Its quite a climb but the walk down the other side can be difficult as it is steep and over cobbles which are hard on the ankles and knees (walking poles are great on this descent). I did this section in fine weather but I can imagine in the rain when the stones are slippery it could be slow going.
Good luck and buen camino!


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Hello Elzi.-

The first day you can walk to Cizur Menor.- (Now is open only one albergue Maribel Roncal-4 Kms. fron Pamplona.-
In Pamplona you can also sleep in Albergue- Paderborn an get your credential-.
... and Pamplona Municipal Albergue next to the Cathedral and to get the credential too.


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Re Cizur Minor. The albergie Roncal is wonderful but be aware that it doesn't open until 4pm. I can reinforce the info about the local meal, it was one of the best I had on the whole journey. Mirabel, who is multi-lingual, will point you in the right direction.
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Hello Elzi,
The albergues will accept you for the first night but they usually close their doors after all the pilgrims have left between 8am - 8:30am and don't open again until after mid-day.
There is a luggage facility at the bus station if you want to leave your backpack while you walk around the city. Pamplona has a fascinating old quarter with a long pilgrimage history and it would be a pity if you don't take time to look around. (I remember Vintotinto saying that not staying in Pamplona was one of his biggest regrets).
You can do a ± 7km walk around the outer walls which will give you wonderful views over the city as well as the surrounding countryside - and keep you limbered up for the start of your walk the next day. There is a beautiful park in Pamplona where you could probably find a comfortable bench to sit (lie down) on until the city wakes up and you can find some breakfast. Some of the little cafe-bars have a breakfast menu for under 3 euro.


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Hola Everybody!

Wow! Thanks for all the replies that's great.

Actually I think we're quite tempted to walk on to Cizur Menor but I guesss we'll have to see how awake we are when we arrive as the lie down in the park in Pamplona also sounds like a very good idea.

I'd really like to take a look around Pamplona before we go so its good to know we can stay in an Albergue there if we don't walk on.
Oh and the left luggage sounds useful.

Lots to think about... am getting quite excited now - less than 2 weeks to go!

Thanks again for all the info.



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Just thought I´d update this for anyone else arriving on the night train. The toilets in the train station were open and quite warm (though not reccomended as a hang-out!) at 5.30am. We didn´t have long to wait for a hot drink as the station cafe opens at 6.15am. They were very friendly in there and we stayed for quite a while and had a few drinks and some breakfast until it got light and we could walk around town.

The cathedral seemed to open about 9am-ish and I got stamped at the back on the left (totally unmarked door just had to follow the trail of pilgrims!) We had to go to the Archbisphop´s Palace to get my friend a new credencial. To find the Palace: if you come out of the cathedral turn left, walk to the end of the street where there is a little plaza with grass and trees etc and it´s on the left (there´s a sign)

We set off up to Cizor Menor after that as it was a lovely day and were very glad to find a nice bed there to sleep after 2 days travelling!

Currently in Belorado and going strong - Thanks for all the help everyone! :D


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Hi Elzi

Great to heat that your plans fell into place and you are making good progress.

I am starting in Villafranca del Bierzo on 18th May and have been concerned to read how busy people are finding the camino. Would be interested to hear about your experiences of how crowded it is at present.

Enjoy the rest of your journey, and well done for getting as far as you have!

Best wishes, Laura

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