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ATM Fees cheatsheet

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H Richards

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So I've been collecting cash-machine usage fees over on another thread, and I've now put everything I've learned together into a cheat-sheet for your phone.

Open or send the image to your phone and then save it to your photos. Then you'll be able to look at it every time you need to go to an ATM to help you find the cheapest ones to use. Common banks are split into categories of free, less than a euro, less than two euros, or the maximum five euro fee.

These fees have been tested by me over three recent Caminos and then confirmed by many people on the forum. They represent the fees to EU travellers, but generally the same fees are applied to travellers from all over the world with only small variations.

Spanish ATM Fees.jpg

It's an ongoing project, so feel free to contribute on the other thread if you learn of any more free ATMs, or if you find a fee to be incorrect:


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I'm sure that your work will be helpful for many forum members. I have no worries with my Charles Schwab debit card as they reimburse me all fees. I highly recommend it to anyone who has that card available to them.


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I just came across your list of charging ATMs in Spain. Unfortunately, there is a growing trend in Spain of ATMs charging you to withdraw in addition to any fees that normally occur with euro transactions. I bank with Metro Bank (UK) which doesn't charge for euro ATM withdrawals so any charges I pay are due to the Spanish ATMs levying them directly.

Currently (September 2019) BBVA used to be free but now charge 2 euros. Caixa used to be free but literally started charging this month (2 euros). I used Bankia which gave no warning it would charge but the ATM receipt showed a 1.85 charge. Santander does charge a whopping 5 euros. I had a bad experience with Cajasur a couple of years ago when the ATM dispensed 25 euros instead of the 40 euros requested. I complained directly to the branch but got nowhere and Metro Bank advised me it was probably a member of the Cajasur branch who swapped a 5 euro note for a 20 when loading the ATM (the ATM does not dispense 5s...) I've avoided Cajasur ever since.

I'm currently using Unicaja ATMs which at the moment do not charge though not sure how much longer that will occur. I don't like withdrawing more than 90 euros at a time as petty crime is common in Spain and I've already had a wallet stolen. I would not be comfortable carrying around large amounts of cash, even if it was to avoid ATM fees.

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