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  1. S

    Possible daily cost of Camino Frances, single traveler, 9/2024

    I realize this has been discussed in different ways...apologies for redundancy. I might have to economize in some ways when I finally do the Camino Frances, if not Sept 2024 it will be Sept 2025. Requesting feedback from veteran pilgrims. I realize fees will go up by next year. Just need a...
  2. M

    Revolut on Camino,

    Good Day, I will start my French Camino on August 24th. I am going to use Revolut card and cash for all payments. Have you had any experience for Revolut on Camino.
  3. JinOhChoi

    How Much Should You Budget Per Day?

    I’m considering the Camino Frances route from St-Jean-Pied-de-Port to Santiago de Compostela. This would be my first Camino. I was wondering what people thought on the best budget for each day. Not knowing the breakdown of how much everything costs. Just trying to work out how much I need to save.
  4. J

    Money on the Camino

    Hi, this might be a strange question but just wandering how much cash should you bring with you on the Camino?? Thanks
  5. brendantkelly

    ATM colour chart

    For those of you who are using the ATM colour chart. One bank is suggested at less than 2 Euro when in fact was 4.50 Euro per withdrawal
  6. Bedspring

    Low fee ATMs. Where

    I have noticed a few threads about cards and with drawing money. For me as a UK citizen with the top 3 overseas cards, Chase, Clarirty and Barclay card, the main issue is where to find low fee ATM along the Camino. Any pointers appreciated.
  7. laurenligreci

    Wise Debit Card on the Camino

    Hi All - I am a debit card /cash only girl, its just how I live. I transfer X amount of money from a savings on to a debit card and then use my debit card. I've been looking into using the Wise debit card for my trip in under 2 weeks. It's known to be good card for international transactions and...
  8. C

    Money exchange

    Good morning Pilgrims! My name is Cecilia and I will start the Camino Frances on 6-8. My quesiton is should I buy Euros in my bank in US before I leave or in SJPD? It's a big difference or not? Thank you!
  9. Bryonydays

    Money taken from my Cash Passport! ☹️

    I am currently walking the Camino Frances with my parents and am enjoying every moment. I brought some euros with me and loaded money onto a cash passport as I thought this would be safe. Unfortunately after checking my balance today over €300 has been taken. The transactions are online ones to...
  10. D

    How much cash to take for cash-only Camino purchases

    Hello Fellow Pilgrims, We are walking for the first time in two weeks and getting all our logistic ducks in a row (all that we can think of, anyway) - we’ve done a little research and asked around on bed availability for albergues and received some useful reassurances on that front. Our...
  11. V

    How much cash to bring?

    I did a search in this sub-forum but couldn't find anything recent. How much cash should I bring for the Ingles? All of my pre-booked accommodations except one accept credit card. That one place charges 30 euros. I'm going to guess that most dining places along the camino take card with some...
  12. B

    2024 Camino Frances to Santiago de Compostela cost

    Just made two first booking for the start of our Camino one SJPDP and Roncesvalles and wow prices are all levels but the base is starting for two around 120euro (175 Cdn) for two beds and some food. 45 day estimate is 7900 +/-. Prices have jumped over our last visit. Second thoughts now on a 45...
  13. C

    What are most people finding as the daily expense of a 2-3 month Camino walk?

    I’m not at all certain what the daily experience will be, which is the most encouraging aspect of this adventure. I’m am curious as to what the average daily expense most hikers engage? I’m thinking once or twice a week I might stop at a nicer hotel, but for the most part I’m looking to the...
  14. MARSKA

    Pocket coin pouch for those EU coins?

    OK this is kinda trivial- but it BUGS me so much ..... those EU coins jangling around in my pockets - heavy, damaging the pocket material. So I've decided to bring some type of a pocket-size coin purse or pouch. OMG there are TONS of them. Buit none seem to be quite right - Looking for...
  15. Liddybee

    Bank verification with Spanish SIM

    Question… I’ve read with interest several threads on using a Spanish SIM or eSIM while on the Camino and I’m curious how people handle two factor authentication when logging into a bank site for example. Doesn’t that authentication code go to the phone’s registered number and if so how do you...
  16. judydaisy

    Scam & booking.com

    Yes, I have fallen for it! What an idiot. I am always telling people to be careful when purchasing on-line. I am planning a shortish camino (Roncesvalles to Logroño) in September of this year. I often use Booking. Com for searching out accommodation and other things. I have a hotel booked in...
  17. ChrissyandElise

    Reserving albergue with a credit card

    Hello pilgrims! My daughter and I are planning our first Camino in May (SJPP to SDC), love this community, we've learned so much from all of you. We're having so much fun planning backpacks and removing ounces here and there. Today's question - I'm currently booking our first 3 nights (only)...
  18. santhi

    How much cash should i bring on my Camino?

    Hi Guys. This question is related to Camino Frances. I will be walking the full distance next spring. How much cash do I bring along on my camino? I will be bringing along my credit card but have heard so many pilgrims say that the hostels only accept cash. It doesn't make sense to bring along...
  19. ellispraggon

    Starting the Camino from the end of Le Puy/ Arles

    Hello everyone! This will be my first camino and I'm doing it solo. I'd love to start the camino along the Arles/ Le Puy route 7 to 10 days before arriving at st Jean Pied de Port for the Frances. Wondering if anyone has done this? Does anyone have advice for linking the end of the Arles segment...
  20. B

    Cost - Frances vs. Portuguese?

    Hi. I plan to walk either the French or Portuguese caminos next year with family members and am working out a budget. Since I want to keep costs to a minimum, is the Portuguese camino cheaper than the French route for food and accommodation? On average, how much did people pay, per day, this...

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