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  1. Pandre2011

    ATM in St Jean Pied de Port

    Looking for a good trusted ATM in St Jean Pied de Port.
  2. M

    Question and warning about ATM in Lisbon

    I arrived in Lisbon this morning. I heard the blue and yellow ATMs had exorbitant fees, so avoided them. Went to an ATM at Caixa. Started the withdrawal of 200 euros. A warning came up that the commission was 13.25 %. I was asked if I accepted or rejected the commission rate. I rejected...
  3. G

    Camino del norte budget?

    Hi all! I'm Giovanni, from Italy, I'm 21 years old and I'll start my first camino on the 12th of July. I'm here to ask if my 4150€ budget will be enough for my trip. So please allow me to give you some info to judge. I will walk the camino del norte from Irun, and I'll arrive in Santiago de...
  4. jeanineonthecamino

    Payment on Booking .com

    Gosh - I wish I had thought to ask this question ages ago instead of after 1 "backpacking Europe" trip, 2 completed Caminos and a completely pre-booking Via Francigena via direct websites, emails, booking .com and airbnb! When you are booking on the booking .com or other booking websites - do...
  5. camster

    Average daily expenses?

    I'm planning on being on the camino for about 50-55 days. I'm having a hard time trying to estimate the daily expenses and cash on hand needed as things have changed in price since the pandemic. I was hoping for a budget of 3000$ CAD (2000 euro) to suffice. Can anyone share their average expenses?
  6. trose

    US ATM cards not working

    I am hearing today from a number of American travelers that they are experiencing problems with getting euros at bank ATM machines with US issued debit cards. It involves a number of people from around the US and different banks. The Spanish banks have said that it is not a problem with thier...
  7. R

    Euro Denominations

    Hi all We will start the Norte from Bayonne on 20 April 2023. As with past caminos, we will purchase a supply of euros before leaving Oz but in talking to the bank it seems that they mostly hold 200 euro notes. We have travelled holding mainly 100 euro notes in the past and experienced little...
  8. NZjim


    Beena few years since I’ve been over the northern side of the globe as I’m from NZ. I’ve no idea of how much things are costing eg accommodation and food nowadays. So just wondering if anyone who has recently walked the Camino Portuguese has an idea of how much I should allow for daily...
  9. kowacz

    Best way of converting $CA to Euros

    Best way to convert $CA to euros
  10. G

    Daily costings

    Hi all, planning for my first Camino have all my clobber pretty much sorted, now saving. Realistically, how much more do you need to budget for the day-to-day Camino costs now compared to pre Covid. Book to do Camino from SJPP to SdCP starting Oct – approx. 30 days walking. Thoughts appreciated 😊
  11. isnardj

    ATMS / Bank availability on the CP

    Just curious to anyone who’s done the CP from Lisbon to Santiago lately: Who are the ATMs (trusted) & banks along the CP ? What cash reserves would you recommend ? Do most places - food & accommodation take debit cards ?
  12. MesaWalker

    Best ATM Debit Card

    We're planning our second camino. We have read that the Charles Schwab Visa debit card reimburses all international ATM fees. That would save us from always looking around for a transaction fee-free ATM in Spain as we did on our first camino. Does anyone know if there are any "catches" to the...
  13. B

    Cash vs Credit or Debit

    I was wondering if I should exchange some US$ for Euros before I leave the US. I know I can get cash from ATM’s, but would I be wise to start off with, say, a couple of hundred Euros in cash, like for when I first arrive for busses, taxis, etc. Do taxis take credit cards, BTW?
  14. JustJack

    Paying for albergues via Whatsapp?

    I emailed Albergue Rio Arga in Zubiri to book a bed, and they replied that they need a credit card number to secure the booking. They don't have a booking form on their website, and when asked they said I should send my credit card number to them via Whatsapp, and they provided their whatsapp...
  15. Jeepl8d

    Debit Card Usage on the Camino Frances in France and Spain

    I will be doing the Camino Frances in June of 2023 and haven't used a debit card in years. I've searched the forum for the PIN format in France and Spain. I am unable to find this info. Can anyone who has recently walked the Camino tell me if the PIN MUST be 4 or 6 digits? Thank you so much...
  16. JulioCesarSalad

    How much did you spend and what was the total cost of your Camino Frances, start to finish?

    I understand that there are general guidelines of 20-40 Euros a day depending on your accommodations. I am not asking for an estimate on per-day spending. All things considered, from Saint Jean to Santiago or Muxia, how much did you spend from start to finish? What was the total cost of the...
  17. J

    Best U.S. $$$ Denominations

    I understand that U.S. $$$ can be used while on the way. What are the best denominations to carry? $1. $5. $10. $20. $50. $100 bills
  18. S

    Money Transfer

    I feel a bit foolish, but I need to send $18.00 to the Pilgrim Reception Office for the Distance Certificate and another copy of my Compostela. It is $18.00 or Euro, but my bank will charge me $60.00 to wire it. Ridiculous! I am sure there are cheaper methods to do this. Can someone...
  19. M


    Planning my trip i was wondering about the average costs of the Albergue's on the Francis Way. I was thinking maybe get a hotel every week or more, but trying to limit costs and be more of a 'pilgram'. Thanks
  20. tominrm

    ATM Choices in Spain

    On November 18,2022 after finishing my walk, I had a few hours in Santiago before I leave for my next destination. Then I realized I might need more euros so I decided get some cash out of ATM, and this turned out to be an experiment answering what I always wondered about whenever I used an ATM...

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