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Bombas Socks?

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May/June (2018)
May (2019)
For those in search of the perfect socks or best anti-blister prevention might want to research these. Just saw an ad on my FB feed. Apparently every pair sold they donate a pair to the homeless as well.

I did fine with blister prevention using Omnifix tape / vaseline with 1000 mile socks but maybe there is always something better. Anyone familiar with these?


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I actually tried some, but didn't care for them as a hiking or backpacking sock. Like you, they intrigued me a bit from their marketing ads on an internet site. There was nothing that I could determine were unique about them when compared to some other cotton-based socks I wear around the house. For non-critical use, they were comfortable, though. :)
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I am an advocate of 1000 mile socks. Used them to walk the Camino (entire length) and a couple of the national trails in Britain. I used the three season double layer socks and have had minimal blisters. By minimal I mean it would have been none (rather than the one or two) had I stopped to pay attention to my feet. I was pretty prone to blisters before these socks. Other socks would work as well. It's all about reducing the friction between your foot and something else. BTW, I didn't use any vaseline or other lub at all.
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I've found Bombas socks to be quite effective; especially their socks designed for long-distance hiking. I walk 5 or 6 miles in them in my primary walking shoes; trail runners. I change to Darn Tough socks and walk a couple miles in my Keen sandals, which I'll use in the shower. I change back to my trail runners with fresh Bombas socks and finish the day. No moleskin, tape, vaseline, or any other products used. Just good trail runners, two types of socks, and good sandals.
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I have four pair of darn tough socks that have over 2,000 miles on them (combined). They have a lifetime guarantee, but have yet to fail me. So far no blisters, but that may just be my combination of socks and footwear (Salomans).
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My feet have always been my achilles heel - pun intended. I have run a half marathon and hiked every available volcano in Guatemala - one thing is for certain, blisters come and go. Hiking on the Appalachian Trail presented new problems due to the sudden driving rains, frequent elevation changes and wet feet. My Oboz hiking boots are well broken in at this point and I'm awaiting superfeet replacement insoles as the previous ones have finally given out.

Finally, I believe I am arriving at a solution. I always pre-tape my feet now with moleskin in place on my identified hot spots. I use J & J cloth medical tape, it holds better than duct tape and I'm not stingy with it. I wear two pair of socks, one Injinji synthetic toe socks, then smartwool on top. I change the smartwools every 4-5 miles to keep my feet as dry as possible. I still experiment a little but one thing I know is that if you are blister prone, cotton will not work, more than likely.

Still experimenting, I bought a pair of Sealskinz waterproof, breathable socks and will try those over my Injinjis on a 36 mile wet hike this coming weekend. I hope they work. Wet feet are my nemesis.

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September 2018 - Camino Frances
Haven't walked the camino yet but Bombas were a lifechanger just for everyday wear for me. I would still be hesitant to use them on the camino. I've tested some merino anti-blister socks. I think Bombas just have too much cotton. What I do love is their support around the arch. I have flat feet and that level of support is appreciated. Their low ankle socks truly don't slip into your shoes.

I have sweaty blister prone feet. These socks are absolutely fantastic for day to day or a week's vacation with heavy city walking. But I've had more long term success trying out the super fancy wool socks with various degrees of padding. Bombas are pretty decent at controlling moisture but merino and wool is on a WHOLE other level (and price tag!). Alas, I find bombas still have a bit more control in the arch area.

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