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tony griffiths

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hope to be starting northern route 2 may for those who may have done so recently cash or card/tap in shops and accomm which would you advise
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Both. Most take cards, but there are still smaller bars, albergues, and fruit stands that only accept cash
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Me and my godson plus hounds were on a road trip last Easter, and stayed a few days near Hontoria (Asturias). One evening we went to this place to eat that turned out was also had an Albergue attached, and it also had this huge selection of craft beers in this very modern bar area. anyway long story short, we went to pay by phone and they only accepted cash or Bizum. I said we'd have to cancel order, but instead the lady just said to bring the money tomorrow (€30+ euros)! While we were there (we went two nights in a row) several pilgrims came to check in - little did I know that in little over 6 months time I'd be one of those pilgrims.

Anyway, the moral of the story (apart from the place did the best home made burgers and pizzas) is that even the places you think will take cards sometimes don't. So yes, always carry enough cash to get you through two days if need be.
Just looked - the restaurant says “temporarily closed” but hopefully that’s just a seasonal thing.
Just looked - the restaurant says “temporarily closed” but hopefully that’s just a seasonal thing.
Yes I think it's been like that for a while, even late summer last year so I hope they haven't given up. The owners were from South America, a beautiful young couple who were really passionate about what they were doing there. I'll always remember the trust they showed in trusting we'd come back the next day to pay, a beautiful example of how humans can be for my then 13yr old godson😊
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The message on their site says they're temporarily closed and will open in the new season - good news!
Tony, this is the second time you’ve asked this same question on this forum. Did you think the answers would be any different?

I’ll summarise the answers you’ve been given: anywhere takes cash; most places accept card payments. Spain is just like home except the people who live there mostly speak Spanish. If you’re planning walking a Camino stop worrying about everything else. Worry about your feet
hope to be starting northern route 2 may for those who may have done so recently cash or card/tap in shops and accomm which would you advise
Take some cash as well as cards. Some smaller places don’t take cards although most do, and the cash is also useful for donativos, tips etc. You’ll be able to top up your cash in many places along the way.
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For health reasons, I need to be able to have a small electric kettle to boil water in wherever I go. Where can I buy one in Irun? I can’t bring mine from home, voltage is different.
hello We plan to walk from Irún to San Sebastián first day in Mid May and looking for feedback on how long it takes. Think we are up to it but will be our first day. Thanks for your thoughts and...
Please, am I mad to contemplate the following combo: Norte: Biarritz-Bayonne-Irun-Santander (via Bayonne to get my legs going) Santander - train to Leon San Salvador - Leon to Oviedo Primitivo -...
Hi, ive been training for my CDN in two weeks time and thought i'd get some UK coastline under my belt (Scarborough to Robin hoods Bay). I have to say i was just not prepared for the amount for...
What is the most beautiful seven day section on the Camino del Norte? I have a good friend who cannot come with me for the entire walk. She is only available for a week. I start from Irun. She...

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