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De Levante' in Spring continued...


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Time of past OR future Camino
Camino de Levante'
Hello to all....

Thank you kindly for your comments about weather on the C. de Levante' in Spring...Much appreciated...

I would like to ask another question about that route, if I may: How crowded is the C de L likely to be in April-May? Historically, June through September has been the busy season for most of the paths...However, in recent years, shoulder months like April, May and October have become very popular as well.... Any ideas about these months on the C de L these days?

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How crowded is the C de L likely to be in April-May?
I would answer that by saying that April-May is the best time to walk because it is the time of year that you are most likely to run into at least a few other plgrims. This is a pretty deserted camino. I walked in 2013 and thought it was poised for a big boom. Wrong again.

In 2021, 107 people who got the compostela noted Valencia as the start point. In 2013 (a Holy Year) it was 143. Of course those statistics are incomplete and imperfect, but they paint the picture well.

In 2013, I saw no one until my 3rd or 4th day when I crossed paths with two French peregrinos. On the way into Moixent, we walked together. We walked into Santiago together weeks later. Until the Levante joins the Vdlp in Zamora, we saw three other pilgrims.

It is a fascinating camino, going through lots of beautiful Spanish towns with interesting historical and architectural features. But for me the defining feature is wide open spaces with lots and lots of castles to climb when you arrive in town. Those spaces are beautiful emerald green fields in springtime, so that’s another reason to walk in April-May!
Dear P. 2000.....
Thank you so much for your reply... Very encouraging indeed....
Happy trails....
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Not crowded at all - expect days and days without other pilgrims, though you may encounter day walkers around the cities, especially at weekends.

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