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Guide to the Haervejen Trail in Denmark -- Viborg to Padborg

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Hi All, last summer we walked the Haervejen trail in Denmark from Viborg to the German border at Padborg. I made a guide for our walk which I finally have updated and I blogged while we were walking. If you are interested in this lovely walk, check out our blog and guide: the Haervejen on Footloose & Tuition Free. Liz


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the Haervejen trail in Denmark from Viborg to the German border at Padborg.
Can we get a quick-and-dirty summary? Flat/hilly? Rural/road? Well-supplied with accommodation or long stages between stops?


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Excellent! Thanks for this!
Camino(s) past & future
Frances (2013), Primitivo (2015), Muxia/Fisterra (2015), Haervejen (2017)
Just for you Kitsambler —the 50 cent tour!

The Danish government has provided incentives to establish hostels along the Hærvejen. They are pretty evenly spaced and are dedicated to walkers and bikers. The route is organized into 14 stages around these hostels. There is one longish stage of 32km, the rest are between 18 km and 27 km. We really like to be under 25 per day and had no problems. There are other accommodation options in places, but they can be off the route by a fair amount so if you use them you might want to bus or cab or see if the proprietor would give you a lift. I worried that with “everyone” heading to the same hostels, we might not get accommodation, particularly because we are slow. But it was never an issue. We never stayed with more than 3 others.

The walk is pretty flat. There are hills but nothing sustained. The trail is quite rural. It goes through the uplands of Jutland through sandy and peaty areas so it’s pretty “soft”. It has been purposefully routed to skirt the towns and to go through “nature” as the Danes constantly explained. This made the it beautiful and buecolic, but also, in our view, a bit lonely. It also made it difficult to access services. Especially on the first half of the walk, you had to plan ahead for the ATM and food.

The trail is well marked but not frequently marked. So If there are no turns or twists, you can go a long way without seeing a trail marker. We never got lost. But we didn’t have GPS, and there were definitely times we thought we were lost. The trail signs are of a graphic walking man. We took to calling him Einar after my husband’s grandfather. We were always relieved when we came across Einar confirming that were were still on the Hærvejen.

We only met two other walkers going our direction. One was a veteran 70 year old peregrino who was delightful. He was with his daughter and was trying to convince her to walk a Camino with him. The Haervej was her tryout. He was as happy to meet us as we were to meet him and to some share meals and fellowship. We met about 6 walkers going north from Padborg to Viborg. And we met a few bikers going in both directions. It turns out some of the Danish walkers like to end their journey at Viborg Cathedral. Also lots of Danes Do weekend walking trips and day hikes on the Hærvejen.

All and all we loved the Hærvejen. My husband is Danish and we loved this foray into Danish history and culture. Jelling, at about the midpoint of the walk, is the seat of the Danish monarchy and a World Heritage Site. It is not to be missed. But we did crave some additional company some of the evenings.


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