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ISO a name of a book mentioned in the past

I'm a newbie and a mother of five children ages 10-2...I wanted to run away from home and walk the Camino and my oldest three have begged me to come (oye oye oye)...

Looking at going in April 2011, would love to go in 2010 but fear the Holy Year rush with little ones in tow.

Due to the children I never get a good length of time to search, but several months ago I saw mention of a book...I know it must have been big by standards to others since that seemed to be it's main complaint. It was mentioned as a GREAT book for visiting the cathedrals, noting the art work and the cultural experience. If I am not mistaken it seemed to be out of print and expensive (I've saved my pennies). I am not totally certain but I think it had two authors.

Does anyone know what book I am referring to.
I want it under my tree and have spent hours here tonight trying to find what book it is.

Thank you,

William Marques

Staff member
I think the one you are remembering is Gilitz and Davidson
GITLITZ, David M., and DAVIDSON, Linda Kay. The pilgrim road to Santiago: the complete cultural handbook.
- New York: St Martin's Griffin, 2000.
- 440 pp.
[Exactly what its sub-title says]

Other books that may be of interest
JACOBS, Michael. The road to Santiago de Compostela.
- London: Viking, 1991.
- 147 pp.
- (Architectural Guides for Travellers.)
STARKIE, Walter. The road to Santiago: pilgrims of St James.
- London: John Murray, 1957. [reissued by John Murray, 2003]
- 324 pp.
[A classic early account of the pilgrimage and the author's journey from Arles, with his fiddle]
MULLINS, Edwin. The pilgrimage to Santiago.
- London: Secker and Warburg, 1974, [reissued Oxford, Signal Books, 2001]
- 224 pp.
[Possibly the best general historical introduction to the subject by an art critic who followed the Paris route by car]

Bridget and Peter

Active Member
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I have asked for a new one which Sil has been recommending to be under my tree : http://www.caminodesantiago.me/board/pi ... ic7319.htm

''Also, a just published book about the Camino written by medievalist professor Kathleen Ashley of the University of Southern Maine, admirably illustrated by Marilyn Deegan who is Professor Emeritus in the Humanities at Kings College in London. The name of the book is "BEING A PILGRIM" Art and Ritual on the Medieval Routes to Santiago (ISBN 978-0-85331-989-4).
The narratives of the culture, geography, and social and architectural infrastructure of the pilgrimage are richly complemented by riveting sections on visiting the Saints, the wonder of the towns, legends folklore and miracles, the musical journey and the ritual endings of the Pilgrimage in Santiago.
The illustrations and photographs are incomparably revealing and fascinating in major and minor details. The book is large, about 10 by 12 inches, and weighty since its 261 pages are printed in that heavy glossy paper of art books.It costs $60. and is worth every penny.
PS: Barnes & Noble have the book for $40.50 and people in the UK can buy a 2nd hand book through Amazon.co.uk for £18.''

You could look on Amazon and see which one you like the look of best.

Thinking about your family adventure made me recall the family who last year took three children on two tandems with two trailers - googling for them turned up a very smart looking website where you might find lots of inspiration, even if you are not thinking of using bikes.
http://www.familyonabike.org/familyonab ... sHome.html

best wishes for a Happy Christmas, happy participation in this forum (even with all it's recent eccentricities it's definitely the best!) and happy pilgimaging




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