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Living, apartment rentals in Santiago


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I walked the Camino from Le Puy. Arrived in Santiago end of june. Became rather fascinated and consider moving to Spain. I am a musician by profession and presently work as "kantor" - director of music - in a parish here in Norway. I have the possibility of retirement and a pension next year. My question concerns price and availebility apartment rentals in and around Santiago. I do not plan to actively seek employment in Spain, but would very much like to maintain my abilities and would consider "voluntare" work. Any suggestions?
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Rentals in Santiago

Hi Per,

As I have just (well, in March) moved from Oslo to Santiago de Compostela I might be able to give you some help.

It is no problem finding appartements for rent. The best source would be the local newspapers (paper edition), La Voz de Galicia or El Correo Gallego. This ofcourse will be difficult for you since I am not sure if they have this information on their website. Another way is to visit a local Real Estate Agent. Many of them also have a listing of appartemnts for rent in addition to the properties that they have for sale.

About the prices. My wife and I rented for a few months an appartment 10 minutes walk from old town for €300,-/month. It was not furnished, so if you need a furnished appartment I would gess about €350-€400/month. This would not be in old town, but within a few minutes walking. In old town itself you might be able to find something too, more expensinve and less selection.

My wife and I stayed 2 weeks at Hostal Suso while looking for a place to rent since it is difficult to do all the reasearch from outside Santiago. I would suggest a similar approach.

Regarding your "voluntare" work I am more unsure. I would suggest to try and get in touch with someone that does similar things when you come down and then take it from there.

If you decide to take a research trip, please let me know and we could meet. Also feel free to contact me off the board for any other question you might have.

Lykke til!!


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