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Has anyone used this site recently? I booked a bed yesterday, (Tio Pepe, Mazarife), I've paid but haven't had an email confirmation back yet. I used their services frequently in previous years/caminos, and would have recommended them.
The focus is on reducing the risk of failure through being well prepared. 2nd ed.
I don't know it, but given that many of the accommodation options have a price of 0€ but are still reserve-able my gut tells me that it is not surprising that you have not gotten an email confirmation. I don't mean to say it is a scam, but at least a lack of attention to the details... like email confirmations.
Tio Pepe's own site does point to onlypilgrims as the only booking option, so who knows!
I have used onlypilgrims and have always been satisfied. Maybe the confirmation email ended up in the "spam" folder (this happened to me)
Buen Camino
Very light, comfortable and compressible poncho. Specially designed for protection against water for any activity.

Our Atmospheric H30 poncho offers lightness and waterproofness. Easily compressible and made with our Waterproof fabric, its heat-sealed interior seams guarantee its waterproofness. Includes carrying bag.

I was sad to see that this was NOT a dating site (farmersonly.com) or a voyeur site (onlyfans.com) featuring sweaty, dusty, and generally exhausted old pilgrims walking the Camino. 😎. Hey, no judgement! 😘
I have used onlypilgrims and have always been satisfied. Maybe the confirmation email ended up in the "spam" folder (this happened to me)
Buen Camino
Well I have just had a reply - and yes it did go in the spam. Not the best site I've ever used, but it seems to do the job, if you've got a bit of patience.

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I have noticed a few threads about cards and with drawing money. For me as a UK citizen with the top 3 overseas cards, Chase, Clarirty and Barclay card, the main issue is where to find low fee ATM...
After walking in rainy and chilly Galicia for about a week I ended up in a warm hotel room, feverish and with a cold. And I asked myself: why am I doing this? It felt like truancy, but I decided...
I found this interesting, and thought others might too...
Hi I am curious to know what snake this is, just after Astorga before Murias de Rechivaldo ... lovely little thing!
Got a notification from my Phone that we started our first Camino 8 years ago today... We accidently left our phone charger and Kindle charger at Orrison along with our euro plug adapter and...
We are leaving Sahagún and can’t find any coffee for breakfast. Any advice or has someone seen any on the way. Saludos Nando

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