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Pass Along Used Camino Books - Sharing is Good!


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Hello Readers and Pilgrims!

Finding the wonderful titles many of you have recommended is a challenge and obtaining them can be pricey too.

Here is a way we can each pass on any used Camino books we wish to share. Visit http://www.BookMooch.com and join the fun!

You can post an "Inventory" of books you are willing to pass on to another and you can post a "Wishlist" of any books you would like to recieve. You will recieve an electronic notification when someone wants to "mooch" one of your books. If one of your wishlist books pops up on someone elese's inventory, you may become the happy recipient of a free book. Yes free! The only expense involved is this: you pay postage when you ship a book to a recipient. (There's also a point system to keep things equitable).

You can participate no matter where you are in the world, but some people prefern not to send outside the USA. They specify that in their account information.

I have listed several Camino books on my BookMooch Wishlist - I am hoping one of you will join BookMooch and share some of the old Camino books you are interested in apassing on.

Check it out: http://www.BookMooch.com

Life is good...and better if we work together! :)

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Sippin' Coffee in Sunny Santa Fe

1. OK Ginn you get the same comment my brother in Boca gets when he tells me this and I've got teens w/wind chill .... shuuut up !! :lol: It is FREEZING...and I have to do a training run tonight! EWWW! I let my self get talked into a distance run in March...so gotta start paying the piper! :roll:

2. Bookmooch it is...your right about the prices and the sharing! I saw your post listing and my very first thought was, I have to email her and tell her about Bookmooch...and then I actually read your post!! Over the years...my christmas "bonus" money has gone each year to a new book case! Well as of this year.. no more bonuses...and more importantly...I am seriously running out of wall space for cases!! (and my husband doesn;t know...some of them are double deep!! So... I'll get myself to start sorting thru and start posting my books...and your welcome to have at!

so to one and all Buen Camino and stay warm however you can! Even if it's sipping coffe from a thermos when I get back to the car!!

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Sounds like a good idea. I now have around half a dozen books on the Frances and VLDP Caminos and will make this suggestion to the next meeting of the Sydney (Aus) chapter of the Fraternity. :)
Sharing is good on some ways ... it is not so good for the writers that have put so much heart and soul into their books. They don't get paid when you "share" their work. Authors get paid so little as it is, why not share your wealth with them (as they have shared their wealth of information with you) and buy your own copy.
--Stacey Wittig
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Stacey, in my opinion, it is all about your approach. Clearly, there are those out there who have commercial interests on this forum. Can you even imagine what this forum would look like if everyone who had something to sell took part. That is why we have the Resources section. Our wonderful Moderators are keen to place products accordingly where they belong. There is a place for everything. In the Resources, pilgrims can go in and search out the treasures that lie therein. There are also just as many, if not more, who offer up their creative gifts to 'share', simply for the love of the Camino and for their fellow pilgrims. I think you need to decide which approach fits best for you. If you cannot derive the income you hoped for here, there are a zillion other ways to promote your book. With my deepest respect for your talent and your accomplishment. I'm sure it's a wonderful guide and would be helpful to many. Maggie (a former Flagstaff resident).

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