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Rain during Lourdes -> SJPDP


New Member
Time of past OR future Camino
April 2024
Hello everyone,

The time approaches for the 7 day walk from Lourdes to SJPDP. We will start next tuesday.

However, at this moment the weather forecast isn't encouraging -> rain every day for a week

We're having second thoughts because it might be complicated to walk every day while it rains.
Did anyone had some experience with rain in this region ?

Is it dangerous ? How much does it complicate the things ?

Thank you in advance for your answer.
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It’s not dangerous….not sure why it would be? Plenty of folks live in that region and walk that area every day for the past millenia. The walk is generally flat on well-maintained trails and roadways. It only complicates things in the sense that you’ll be wet and need additional socks, perhaps, if they don’t dry overnight.
It isn’t a difficult path, just when it rains or has been raining… the grass is wet! As mentioned above, take an extra pair of socks 😉
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I've asked because I have no idea what does it look like the path itself. I've walked via Francigena in Italy that goes through nature/forest and there were quite a few steep slopes that would be (almost) impossible to mount in rainy/muddy conditions. Even when it was dry it was a challenge in some parts...
Thank you for your answers. In other words, there are no steep slopes dangerous to mount while raining.
Thank you for your answers. In other words, there are no steep slopes dangerous to mount while raining.
Nope, some up and down parts but nothing steep nor dangerous, wet or otherwise. Perhaps the biggest climb is on the part where you walk through the stations of the cross by the monastery, but that’s hardly more than a pleasant uphill
The focus is on reducing the risk of failure through being well prepared. 2nd ed.
If you are worried about slipping on the path, just make sure you take hiking poles.
IMHO, you should take poles anyway.

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