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  1. R

    Best way to get to St. Jean Pied de Port from Ontario Canada

    Hi everyone. I suppose this is a question more for my Canadian friends from Ontario. What is the best, fastest way to get to St. Jean in France from Ontario Canada? Thank you.
  2. A

    Ride share Transport from Biarritz Airport to St Jean Pied de Port 17 OCT 2023

    Greetings, I am arranging for a taxi or shuttle service on 17OCT2023 at 1900 (ish). Checking in to see if anyone else is traveling around the same time and interested in sharing the fare. I also have a room reserved at Hotel Itzalpea with two extra beds if anyone is interested in sharing the...
  3. D

    Booking train

    Hello everyone. Finally I have booked to fly to Paris from Australia. Do I book the train to Bayonne in advance or wait until I get there in case plane is delayed? Do I take gaiters when I am taking rain pants? Thanks for your help
  4. M

    Bilbao to Bayonne

    Hi everyone, I arrive at Bilbao airport from UK at around 6.25pm on 2nd October and had hoped to make it up to Bayonne the same night, but I'm struggling to find options that work. Plan was to overnight in Bayonne and get a morning train to SJPP for an early start. Only thing I've found so far...
  5. Crourke

    Ride share Getting from Pamplona to SJPDP Oct 30, 2023 - non bus options?

    Hi I am exploring how to get from Pamplona to SJPDP to start CF at the end of October, Monday 30 Oct specifically. Unfortunately the ALSA Bus (1x / day) stops after 12 Oct. So looking into other ways there is of course a taxi for about 140 Euros. Which is more than I would want to pay, and...
  6. A

    Bus from Biarritz airport to Bayonne?

    Hello! Can anyone provide any information on where the bus stop is from Biarritz airport to Bayonne? I have purchased my train ticket Bayonne-SJPP, and I’d appreciate any pointers on navigating the bus and train journeys from the airport. I’m not a city person to say the least. Many thanks!
  7. A

    Options from Bayonne to SJPdP?

    Hello! Thank you to everyone on this forum who so generously gives help to us new pilgrims. I have learned much from you over the last few months. I am almost ready to start my camino… Now I am in Paris, with a 7:11a train reservation to SJPdP for tomorrow …and have just learned that the...
  8. Zippety

    L54 on 13/09 to SAINT-JEANhas been canceled.

    Options. Arriving in Bayone at 1405
  9. B

    Charles de Gaulle to SJPP

    My flight from Philadelphia is scheduled to get into CDG airport at 10:30 am on 9/14/23. I currently have a flight scheduled to take off from CDG at 12:35 to Biarritz. I was then planning on taking a taxi to SJDPP. I am concerned that two hours is not enough time for me to catch the flight to...
  10. B

    Paris to SJPDP

    Hello! I found two routes to SJPDP from Paris on the Rome2Rio app: One goes direct to SJPDP with a short bus ride to make the connection between two trains and the other goes through Bordeaux. Has anyone taken either of these trains? Can I get a recommendation on which route is the best...
  11. E

    No Shuttle Biarritz to SJPP Winter

    As I will arrive at Biarritz airport on october 23rd, I asked Express Bourricot for the shuttle to SJPP. Their answer: Our last day of transport is October 22nd. After that, we close our company until March 2024. So we will not be able to help you! Yes, there are buses from the airport to...
  12. M

    Biarritz to SJPP Shuttle Sept 6, 2023

    Anyone interested in sharing a shuttle from Biarritz airport to SJPP tomorrow Sept 6? I have one reserved that can accommodate more travelers. My flight arrives from Paris @10h40 Please message me for more details
  13. Patrick Hickmott

    Train station in Biarritz

    Sorry to bother you all with this dumb question but I am struggling with the location of the train station in Biarritz. From memory my wife and I walked there from the Hotel de Port Neuf but Google Maps shows it to be the other side of the airport. Can anyone elucidate for me? Many thanks and...
  14. WayneShepard

    Paris to St. Jean Transportation

    Does anyone have a suggestion for reasonable transportation from Paris to Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port? We are travelling Monday, Sept 25, 2023. The best I could find is a one-way $220 (Canadian) rail ticket. And it arrives at 18:15. Somehow I expected something better. Thanks
  15. D

    Madrid to SJPDP

    I’ll be landing in Madrid around 3:30 PM. Is it smarter to stay the night in Madrid and leave in the morning to SJPDP? Or just head straight there? I was looking at buses to Pamplona then bus from Pamplona to Sjpdp. What would be the cheapest, smartest, easiest way to go about getting there? Any...
  16. J

    Biarritz to SJDP

    Hi fellow travellers, this is our first time doing the Camino. We fly into Biartz about 12.20 and l have been trying to see if we can get a train earlier than 5.15 but its only showing 5 scheduled times for Tues 28th Aug. Then checked buses and l cant seem to get anyone near 1.30... Do l have to...
  17. N

    Train cancelled from Paris to SJPDP - need help figuring out if a later train is available

    Hi Camino friends - Our train leaving Montparnasse Station in Paris at 12:08 on August 23 and going to SJPDP was cancelled. I need help on the SNCF site to determine if all trains from Montparnasse Station to SJPDP are cancelled or just my train at 12:08. I am happy to take a later train if...
  18. N

    My train from Paris to SJPDP was cancelled

    I need some advice. My train from Paris to SJPDP was cancelled. Luckily we rented a car in advance just in case this happened. We have to drop the car off at Biarritz Airport. Our problem now is figuring out how we get from Biarritz Airport to SJPDP. Any ideas ?
  19. S

    Transportation from Biarritz to SJPDP

    My wife & I will be arriving at the Biazzitz airport around noon (12:00) on Sept 2 We are looking at the Google maping for transpertation to SJPDP, my question is do the trains and busses run all day? or just in the mornings? Saul
  20. F

    Taxi from Biarritz airport to SJPP

    Hi, My friend and I are starting our first Camino Frances on 4th September. How much should we expect to pay for a taxi from Biarritz airport to SJPP please?

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