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travel to bayonne/biarritz/sjpp

  1. sherrykirkham

    Anyone started Camino Nord in Biarritz to Saint-Jean-de-Luz instead of Bayonne?

    Has anyone started the Camino Nord from Biarritz to Saint-Jean-de-Luz instead of Bayonne? Was thinking of visiting Bayonne to get credentials at the Cathedral and then taking bus to Biarritz and starting from there. Is there a route and is it marked? Possibly more scenic /shorter. - thoughts and...
  2. M

    Looking for Pilgrims at Pamplona to share taxi to SJPDP

    Hi guys! I will be arriving in Pamplona by air on Oct 3 around 5/6pm. Unfortunately, it seems as though getting the bus from a Pamplona to SJPDP is impossible, I’ve spent ages trying to find a bus but nothing seems to be working or showing any available routes. ive decided that im okay to...
  3. A

    Paris to bayonne

    please tell me about your train from Paris to Bayonne
  4. William Marques

    2020 TAXI SHARE Thread Biarritz/Bayonne to SJPP

    As there are people looking to share on this route I have started a thread for 2020. It is suggested you contact each other by the Conversation function to make arrangements. To the left of the a post there is the persons name and avatar click either and press the "Start a Conversation" button...
  5. Tincatinker

    The Camino does NOT start in StJpdP - discuss

    Members will be aware that I am neither a contrarian nor a provocateur but that I do like, now and again, to ask questions a little beyond which is the best bar to discuss the best sleeping bag in. So, as I viewed a thread started by a new member who is flying into Madrid and probably training...
  6. Camino Madonna

    Thursday 2 May - Biarritz to SJPD - car share

    Hi - I arrive Biarritz airport from Australia (via London) next Thursday 2 May around 5pm. Bouricott express transfers are fully booked & making the last train will be touch & go. If any pilgrims out there want to share-ride to SJPD let me know. Thanks.
  7. K

    ALSA Bus from Pamplona

    Hello, I just booked a ticket on the ALSA bus from Pamplona to St. Jean Pied de Port. My ticket says that boarding is closed 30 min before departure time. How strict is this? Trying to decide which RENFE train to book from Barcelona. One would arrive about 5 min ahead of the "boarding closing"...
  8. sullygal

    Transportation to St. Jean Pied de Port in January!

    I am planning on flying into either Barcelona or Madrid. The flight to Barcelona is significantly cheaper than Madrid, but I have read that transportation to Saint Jean Pied de Port is a bit easier than from Barcelona. Does anyone have any advice on getting there from either of these cities...
  9. H

    Transfer from the airport to SJPP

    Dear pilgirms, on Wednesday I am arriving at Biarritz Airport and unfortunately at the same time the last train leaves to SJPP. I tried to find some bus connection but I did not find any. Anyone else in the same situation? I do not know if there is any other option, or if I just need to spend...
  10. YuliAnna

    Please, help me to get information about Bayona's office

    Buen Camino! Dear pilgrims, My name is Yulianna. I am going Camino del Norte in April 2019. And now I have some questions and cannot find answer... I will be thankful for your help. I have the next plan: I found a good flight for April 3rd. So I can be in Bayona and start my way on April 4th...
  11. N

    Transport from Bayonne Train Station to St Jean Pied de Port 30 September

    Hi All I am arriving by TGV in Bayonne a little before 4pm on Sunday 30 September. Earlier this month I contacted Express Bouricot and the said they could send a shuttle there but advised they had no-one else booked from there. This week I checked in to confirm the arrangement and they said...
  12. L

    Travel from CDG to SJPP - overwhelmed & would like advice!

    Hi all, Embarking on my first Camino this fall, and my first real international trip. I'll be landing in Paris at CDG (terminal 2A) at 6:55am on August 28th, and was hoping to arrive in SJPP that same day with time to visit the pilgrim's office and stay the night before an early start to the...
  13. YoCo

    Bus to SJPdP from Biarritz...arriving too late for EB

    I've been looking at many transportation threads but haven't seen, or missed, BUS options to SJPdP from Biarritz. I get in too late to use EB (I've emailed them)and last time I checked the trains from Bayonne don't leave that late. I arrive at 18:50 to Biarritz airport on a Thurs. I've...
  14. S

    Sharing Transport from Biarritz to St Jean on 14th September - night

    Hello guys, I am booking a private transport from Biarritz to St Jean Pied de Port on the 14th of September 2018 at 10pm at night (arriving at 9:30pm from London Gatwick). This is the only way to get there at that time of day - i have checked other providers (they stop earlier) and public...
  15. J

    Shared shuttle on the 5th of July?

    Hi, Would anyone like to share a shuttle/taxi from Biarritz airport to saint Jean around 10/11 am on the 5th of July?:) If not, then could anyone tell me whether it’s easy or difficult to arrange while at the airport? Do pilgrims usually get shared taxis together without previous...
  16. J

    From Biarritz to Saint Jean next week

    Hi! I’m walking my first Camino this year, starting next Thursday (5th of July), and was wondering if anyone could tell me the best way to get from Biarritz airport to saint Jean. Or even better, if someone is going on the same day and would like to share a taxi/shuttle:) Best, Julia
  17. B

    Guidance Needed- Plane lands at 21:05

    I am flying into the Biarritz Airport at the end of August and my flight won’t get in until 21:05. Since I am getting in town so late I’m not sure what my best option is to get to SJPP. I have tried unsuccessfully to find out when the last bus 14 leaves the airport for Bayonne. Or if I get a...
  18. Cbflores

    Trouble finding train

    Hi there fellow pilgrims! My father and I are planning to start the Camino on May 20, we land in Madrid on May 18 and we’re relying on taking a train to St. Jean soon after BUT we have run into a complication. When we were trying to buy train tickets online, they were not available due to there...
  19. MichelleElynHogan

    Bus Share - Bayonne to SJPP on Sunday, May 6

    There are no buses or trains that I have been able to book from Bayonne to SJPP on Sunday, May 6. The Train, leaving Paris Montparnasse at 9:52 AM arrives in Bayonne at 1:47 PM and Express Bouricot the Baggage Transfer Company, will have a small bus at the Bayonne Train Station at 2 PM. We will...
  20. AgateG

    Travelling from Paris Charles de Gaulle airport to SJPdP

    Hello everyone! I am planning to get to SJPdP on April 21st so I can start my camino on Sunday April 22nd. I already have booked the flight to Paris CDG arriving 10:20 am, but can not decide about the next step. I am looking at the two options: to catch a train at 11:19 am from AEROPORT CDG...