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travel to bayonne/biarritz/sjpp

  1. accordeon/21

    bordeaux to SJPP

    What is the best way to get from Bordeaux City to St Jean Pied De Port. We will be traveling on April 21st. Thank you
  2. M

    Arriving at Biarritz Airport.

    Hello I have just booked 2 flights to arrive in Biarritz Sept 3rd at 17.40, this is a surprise for my husband as he has always wanted to do part of the camino, my worry is how do I get from the Airport to St Jean Pied du Port and if there are trains would they run as late as this on a Sunday, I...
  3. M

    Getting to St. Jean pied de port from Paris

    I would like to walk the el camino in mid March 2023 (i had to delay my first plan to walk it in Sept.). Looking at the schedules it seems i need to take a mixture of trains and buses to get to St. Jean. For those of you that have travelled from Paris to St. Jean how did you arrange the trip...
  4. I

    Madrid to St Jean in one day?

    Can i make it from Madrid to Pamplona to St Jean in a single day? Is a taxi from pamplona to st j expensive?
  5. APilgrim3393

    From the Atlantic to SJPP using the GR10 or Gr11?

    Has anyone walked from the Atlantic to SJPP using the GR10 or Gr11(?)? What is the infrastructure like along that part of the GR. Did you meet other hikers? What month did you do it? Where did you sleep or eat? What were the options? I hear that part is less difficult that the part I did more to...
  6. L

    Bilbao to st jean

    Hello all! I am meeting up w fellow pilgrims in Bilbao, then we need to travel to St Jean to begin walking the CF. As far as i can tell we need to take 4 trains to get there. There is a bus to Bayonne but its a lot more expensive than the trains. Anyone have more info, perhaps know of an...
  7. B

    What is the best city to fly into to begin CF?

    I’d like to take a train directly into SJPDP. Am I correct in believing that’s Paris or is it Barcelona? I think I remember taking the train from BCN to Pamplona, but the Rome2Rio app shows a train directly from Degaule to SJPDP. Does that sound right? What have some former CF walkers done...
  8. A

    Pamplona to SJPP

    Hi all, I am looking to travel from Pamplona to SJPP on the 21st October. I have searched the Alsa website but there doesn’t seem to be a bus on this date 😳 Does anyone know why this might be or if there is a better way to get there?
  9. R

    Transport from Biarritz Sunday afternoon 9 Oct 2022

    I am schedule to arrive in Biarritz on Sunday lunch time 9 October. I dont see any trains after 2pm (and I won't make 2pm). Any suggestions or possibly someone who wants to share a ride?
  10. R

    Getting from Biarritz/Bordeaux to SJPP

    Hi! Help is greatly appreciated as I'm losing my mind trying to figure out what to do. I'm this >< close to being able to buy plane tickets but I can't figure out what would be the best option for me. I've spent hours on trainline, rome2rio, google maps, forum posts, etc and I just get more and...
  11. C

    Trains cancelled Biarritz to Saint Jean Pied de Port

    Trains are all cancelled from Biarritz to Saint Jean Pied de Port tomorrow (31 August). After exploring all options we have booked a taxi for €120. It will be less than rearranging accommodation. If anyones in the same situation and would like to fare split we have room for 2 and are being...
  12. Lucy3095

    Taxis at Pamplona/Iruna Station

    Help please, I tried to book a taxi online for September 3rd from Pamplona/Iruna arriving at 13.03pm to go to St Jean Pied de Port, but having trouble, can anyone advise me please will there be plenty of taxis at the station if I can’t manage this online booking. I do not wish to stay in...
  13. Z

    Advice on getting from Pamplona to St. Jean Pied de Port

    Hi there! I am flying into Pamplona on Wednesday and wondering how to get to SJPP. I see one bus that runs daily at noon, but my flight lands at 1pm. I am hoping to not have to pay for a taxi the whole way (if anyone else is arriving on Wednesday, August 31 maybe we can split a ride?) and am...
  14. E

    Advice on getting to St Jean Pied de Port

    Hi everyone, after months of gathering gear on the off chance I could find a way to walk the Camino Frances this fall, things are falling into place and I have secured time away from work. Now I just need to book a plane from Canada and get there. I think I can fly into Paris and just catch a...
  15. A

    Albergue in Bayonne

    I'm thinking of walking Bayonne to SJPdP before starting on the Frances. Does anyone have an email address for the albergue in Bayonne? I'd like to make a reservation but Gronze only lists a phone number and that's not a lot of help for me as I'm in Australia. No big deal if I can't contact them...
  16. L

    Train/bus from Bayonne to SJJP if construction repair work interferes

    We are on a train from Paris to Bayonne (staying the night in Bayonne). Planned to take the train to SJJP in the morning. Looks like train has been canceled? Other ways to get there? There are 2 of us. All suggestions appreciated.
  17. R

    Bayonne to SJPDP on Sept 6

    What do we know about the train from Bayonne to SJPDP ? Is it functioning, and how many per day are there ? Thank you in advance. Rick C
  18. Timar

    Pamplona to Saint Jean in September

    My friend from Mexico is looking for a way to go from Pamplona to Saint Jean on the 20th of sept, aparentely Alsa is not running buses anymore in september. Anyone that can help in this matter ?
  19. F

    Train from Paris/Quickest way to SJPDP

    Apologize -- I'm a nervous traveler, not too concerned with cost - need easiest to follow instructions. Please suggest most direct/easiest way to get from Paris to SJPDP on Sept. 20, 2022. Will leave my Paris Hotel morning of Sept. 20th to meet my walking buddy at a small hotel in SJPDP.
  20. sbmighty

    Bus Pamplona to SJPP

    Greetings - My trip has been postponed two weeks due to injury. I now leave mid September for the Camino Frances starting at SJPP I am unable to book a bus from Pamplona—>SJPP Have these buses stopped running? I cancelled my previous reservation on 9/1 for the noon Renfre bus. Your input in...

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