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Random Acts of Kindness Day


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Just for your information, September 1st is Random Acts of Kindness Day in New Zealand. So to all pilgrims who have benefitted from random acts of kindness (and that's all of us) it's our chance today to go out and give something back. Do something kind today -- randomly!
Check out my blog for more information on RAK Day and the global Random Acts of Kindness movement.
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robtward99 said:
Check out my blog for more information on RAK Day and the global Random Acts of Kindness movement.

Hi Robert,
We certainly need more awareness towards our need for global unity.
Here in Oz. it is Father's Day, Sept. 2nd. so we are kind/unkind to our own stomachs this weekend depending on how one looks at it :)
It is always intriguing how we choose to be so different as nations with our celebrations etc. yet my current endeavours to learn spanish reveals how we really just all talk about the same things -- sure on the political front we have different targets !! The language barrier is a big one though. When my daughter learnt sign language it amazed me that American signing differed from Australian signing.
I feel as a whole that we go through life expecting harshness and a RAK can leave one stunned in an "is this a joke" kinda way. No doubt the Camino is a great 'setting' for practising a few welcome RAK's !

I look forward to walking the Camino for the adventure and sheer pleasure of it, a pilgrin*age of joy and celebration (re: previous posting on New Book for May Release)

*Perculiar travel suggestions are dancing lessons from God* ... Kurt Vonnegut

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