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Taking the train Santiago- Vallodolid....



Hi Peregrino's,

My wife and I are planning to walk from Leon to Santiago in May 2005. We are flying from Brussel to Vallodolid (ryanair) then I take the train from Vallodolid to Leon, walk to Santiago and will get back with the train.
Anybody any idea about the costs of the train? Do I get some discount with my pilgrim-credential..? :D

Paul from Holland.
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Hi Paul,

I believe you will get prices and timetables from the Spanish RailRoad webpage here:


Regarding the pilgrim discount, I am not sure. I know there is such a thing if you use some airlines, but it only applies to the more expensive flights.

Maybe someone else has experience with RENFE and pilgrim discounts?

Welcome to Santiago!

no reduction with your credential for the train,
you can take the train from santiago, but take a look with the ryanair hour of departure, i think you need 2 days to make that (one for the train, and the second to be able to take the plane).

ps : en français maintenant : je crois que la liaison santiago valladolid passe par Léon (changement), ensuite, avec ryanair, il faut arriver quelques heures avant le décollage, et donc avec l'horaire du train, c quasi impossible de le faire (et même carrément impossible lorsque j'avais voulu opter pour cette solution).

Sinon, à titre d'info le retour en train de Santiago jusqu'à LiÚge m'a coûté 200 euros (et + de 27 h dans les trains... amusement garantis :p )

bon camino
The one from Galicia (the round) and the one from Castilla & Leon. Individually numbered and made by the same people that make the ones you see on your walk.
generally speaking, the train service to/from Galicia is poor; there's an afternoon Talgo, or an overnight service (change Medina del Campo at 5am). Buses are more frequent. http://www.alsa.es run a daily direct service Santiago-Valladolid but, as deliege says, it'll take you most of the day. Alternatively, catch the Madrid service and change at Salamanca. If ever I do something like that, I spend a night somewhere interesting en route, like Salamanca.

Alternatively, wait for the high-speed train currently being built - should be finished by 2010 or so ;-)
Thanks for the tips. I've booked a flight with Ryanair from Valladolid to Brussels on June 20th. Gives me about 36 to 37 days to get from SJPP (starting on May 14) to Santiago :D

I was wondering if you have to make a reservation to get from Santiago to Valladolid with the ALSA bus service ? Or can you just buy your ticket on the spot ? Thanks so much for your help.
I wouldn't know what to do without the help of the sweet angels on this forum... :wink:
i think you need 2 days to make that one (reservations) for the train

Depends. Most of the time I've got ten seats, for the same day or the day before, departure. Once, they were all sold out, 26 July, and had to return to Madrid by bus-horrible, it was packed, no walking, brief stops did not help. Nunca mais :!:

...RENFE and pilgrim discounts?

Negative :(

… ...train service to/from Galicia is poor... overnight service (change ...at 5am...high-speed train currently quote]

Worst in the South of Spain :!: Have never had to make changes overnight. Can't wait for the high speed :!:

...make a reservation with ALSA? ...buy ticket on the spot ?

Hmm...that would depend on availability, I would guess u could get them on the spot most of the time. Would not take any chances on/around 25 July :!:

Best, xm 8)
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