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The Roads to Santiago:The Medieval Pilgrim Routes Through Fr

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The full title of this book is:
"The Roads to Santiago: The Medieval Pilgrim Routes Through France and Spain to Santiago de Compostela".
I saw it on Amazon available as a pre order for $37.80-as opposed to $60. It is 256 pages and the blurb says:
"According to legend, St. James the Apostle preached throughout the Iberian peninsula. His bones found their way to the cathedral at Santiago de Compostela and today many pilgrims make trips to the shrine. This fully illustrated book covers all the routes to this holy place from Paris and Spain. Providing readers with historical context for the routes, it showcases all the stunning monuments and magnificent landscapes along the way."
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If you want to have a good look at this book, click here


Then, underneath the picture of the book cover, click on the small "Google Preview" button. By using the small slider bar immediately to the right of the image, and the tools at the top, you can see the first 110 pages of the book. The pictures look beautiful, and by zooming in, you can easily read the text.

What a wonderful tool to decide whether or not to buy a book on-line.

Although my travel/adventure library includes over 25 books on the Camino...more than any other destination.... I recently bought this wonderful coffee table style book through Amazon.ca.....it took several weeks to arrive....but well worth the wait and the price.....I find both the pictures and narrative are great...I had been looking for such a book ....it is different from the other Camino books in my collection....the pictures capture the true Camino experience and I found the informative narrative to be a bonus....the colour quality and presentation is also top notch....overall a great looking book....

It has been (and will remain) on my coffee table since it arrived ....for everyone to enjoy...hardly a person sits down in the living room without picking it up and looking through it and asking me questions about the Camino.....which in turn take me back....I just love it when people ask me questions...sometimes I can hardly contain myself in answering them!!

I had been looking for such a "picture" style book on the Camino for quite a while...it always reminds me of those wonderful days in May 2008 when I made my way on the Camino...except the pictures in this book unlike my photos....have no rain in them....

Great book..highly recomend it !!!

3rd Edition. More content, training & pack guides avoid common mistakes, bed bugs etc

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