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    Live - Camino Francés Where to buy new shoes?

    There is a small shop indeed in Carrion, but I'm not sure how good it is for shoes - I seem to remember they were good for clothes and bits and bobs. But Carrion is a pretty large place in Camino terms, and you may find more shops if venture into the area used by locals. However, I do remember...
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    Advice requested about route selection with limited time available

    BTW, just noticed: Burgos to Hontanas is an impressive distance!!! 32km!! Well done to you for covering that in one day!
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    Advice requested about route selection with limited time available

    Tell me about it! It was one of the most challenging sections without a doubt, second only to crossing the Alto Matagrande after Ages/Atapuerca, which, with those rough rocks and lack of shade, I found a true walk of penance in the afternoon heat - I'm not religious but I thanked God when I...
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    Bedding and rain gear decision questions

    I think the answers you're going to get will be quite idiosyncratic. I know I would need a proper sleeping bag not just a liner, but then I know I feel the cold. You may not be the same. I would definitely try to find a lighter sleeping bag if you can (again, I'm a weed when it comes to...
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    What did you forget?

    Brilliant idea! I'll definitely do that next time!
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    ..not all of them are using vinyl encased mattresses. Only about half of them, in my experience, if that! But I think I agree that perhaps taking an external bag to put your pack in would be a good idea. I used my internal liner partially as protection against the rain (which never happened, in...
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    Did/Does this forum help you?

    Yes, this forum was definitely the most helpful planning resource for me, and I've just donated. Should have probably done so before leaving but for various reasons couldn't. Excellent resource! Thank you for making it available!
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    I think definitely got some bites which I would put down to bed bugs on my recent camino. I used a pack liner inside my backpack, which I always sealed with one of those food clips you get from IKEA, and I mostly kept the pack away from the bed and didn't lean it against it if I could arrange...
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    Live - Camino Francés Everything you taught me is working

    Some people suggest olives as a good snack on the camino, as they're high in salt (though sodium is not the only mineral you lose) and fat (an alternative to carb-based energy). I did use some mineral salt powders, too, in the first days, so hopefully if you've got those they will help too...
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    What did you forget?

    Things I forgot/would bring next time: One obvious thing, which I simply left behind by mistake when walking out of the door: my fleece! Thankfully I travelled in August so I was just about alright without it, but that, or a warmish top/jacket, is definitely an item that it's worth taking no...
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    Advice requested about route selection with limited time available

    I thought I'd report back what I ended up doing having now actually been out on my cut down first Camino. First of all, thank you very much, Dancing Rain, for your recommendation. I had actually had a room booked for my first night, but as things rarely go to plan in my life these days I not...
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    Am I missing anything?

    Overall a good list. I agree about there not being any need for a trowel, though a small roll of toilet paper and some a few lightweight waste bags (I took doggy bags :) ) can come in very handy. But overall, unless you have a particularly touchy system, you will need to use these far less often...
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    Warning: Reports of Scam in Galicia

    I must admit, having lived in Granada where these things are rife (approaching you with a sprig of rosemary is the favourite method there), I've adopted the Spanish gesture for dealing with this which is to immediately break eye contact when you see them approaching, look away and perhaps even...
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    Advice requested about route selection with limited time available

    Thank very much for taking the time to have another look. I've dug around a bit myself and have come across the following schedule, which would suggest that the Estellesa buses are now leaving from opposite the Renfe station (or certainly the one bus I need)...
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    Advice requested about route selection with limited time available

    Thanks Allan, I understand what you're saying and that (starting at SJPP) was what I was going to initially when I thought I'd have more time available (at one point, I thought I'd have another week which would have brought my total time to a month). However, I'm pretty sure that I would really...

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