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“All” Albergues on the Camino Frances in one pdf July 2016_9

“All” Albergues on the Camino Frances in one pdf

  1. SYates
    Inspired by some previous work on lists of albergues and seeking a combined list of references for albergues on the Camino Francés that brought various strands of information together in one place, we decided to produce such a single list. One of the drivers was to be able to store this digitally and access it on the Camino from a mobile phone or tablet.

    The list was produced by trawling through guide books, internet sites and any other reference material. It does not deal with double or single rooms just simple pilgrim albergue accommodation. There are probably some that we have missed, some that are no longer in operation and some where the details are in error but it is the best list that we have seen available to pilgrims.

    We have ignored the stages and distances. Firstly because the stages are different for everyone and secondly the distances vary from source to source and every peregrino's experience is different.

    We welcome feedback comment on errors, omissions and amendments. We understand that for some the printing will be too small and apologise for trying to fit a litre into a 750ml bottle!

    The PDF file is downloaded using the "Download Now" button above.

    This list of albergues on the Camino Francés has been created and is maintained as a task of love for the Camino by:
    Don't forget to give us a 'Like' on the forum :) The file is freely given for personal use only. Please do not republish this file on another site without giving credit for the effort of the authors and Ivar who hosts the file.
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Recent Reviews

  1. meirelessuper123
    Version: July 2016_9
    That's so helpfull. Thank you so much!
  2. Márcio Grigorovski
    Márcio Grigorovski
    Version: July 2016_9
    Wonderfull work.
    It Will help me a lot in my journey.
  3. marolinka
    Version: July 2016_9
    Thank you!
  4. mdmk
    Version: July 2016_9
  5. Honora
    Version: July 2016_9
    Thanks for all the information and the time it took you!
  6. Mary 13
    Mary 13
    Version: July 2016_9
    Fantastic work . Gracias!
    Can't wait to get going now :)
  7. Caneadea
    Version: July 2016_9
    This is fantastic. .. I have been wanting to know this ... thank you! Camino Buenos
  8. Lucija1305
    Version: July 2016_9
    I don't know how to Down load it.. ima 21 and I want to go to Camino this sommer alone..
  9. BlackDog
    Version: July 2016_9
    As an original collator I wouldn't give it anything less than 5*
  10. Liu Yu Chen
    Liu Yu Chen
    Version: July 2016_9
    Thank you, very useful.
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