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Camino Olvidado from Bilbao to Ponferrada 2014-10-16

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This 450 km, very untraveled, Camino, connects the Norte in Bilbao with the Francés in Ponferrada. Its supporters claim that it was a bustling Camino, far more important than the Francés, until the publication of the Codex stole the Olvidado´s thunder. Whatever its historical authenticity, the trail is now very well marked and can be walked in approximately 18 days. Only two pilgrim albergues exist -- one in Cistierna (where the Olvidado intersects the Camino Vadiniense) and one in La Robla (where it intersects the Camino del Salvador). For the rest of the nights, pilgrims will have to resort to pensiones and casas rurales. Days can generally be kept to under 35 km, but shorter stages may be difficult to plan. Great scenery, nice little towns, lovely people.
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