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GPS Tracks - Lycian Way in Turkey 2015-02-03

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The included files are GPS tracks for the Lycian Way in Turkey, from Fethiye to Hısarçandır (in 2014 the route was extended two additional days walk beyond Hısarçandır - we will update these tracks once we have feedback from those who have walked it). They are in KML format, meaning they can be used in Google Earth and easily converted to other formats (such as .gpx) for use on your mobile device.

The GPS tracks cover four categories, each organized into its own sub-directory:

1. Route Sections
The Route Section files each cover one small route section, typically from one town to the next. These cover very short distances, usually between 2 km and 10 km, though some can exceed that. Collectively, these cover the main 'official' route plus many alternatives / detours. By keeping each Route Section small, you can assemble them as needed for your personal needs (based on your starting location and preferred path).

In addition to showing the path itself these KML files also include details on the communities, accommodation (mainly pensions, but also some other types), services (restaurants, markets, etc.), attractions, and general points of interest (waymarks, water fountains, bridges, and so on). For most items, descriptions are included directly in the KML file, along with links to the related pages on my Trekopedia website where you can get more information, contact details, view photos, and so on.

Each Route Section file connects seamlessly to any other Route Section file that shares an endpoint.

All files are sorted roughly in 'route order', starting from Fethiye. Of course, you can also do the Lycian Way from east to west.

2. Other Sections
The Other Section files each cover one path that is not part of the route itself, such as a small detour. One notable characteristic of an 'Other Section' is that it does *not* seamlessly link with Route Sections — that is, you cannot *replace* a Route Section with an 'Other' section.

3. Communities
Each community (hamlet, village, town, and city) has its own GPS file containing all the accommodations, services, attractions, and general points of interest in that community.

All files are sorted roughly in 'route order', starting from Fethiye.

4. Overall Route
The Overall Route files consist of pre-defined routes that 'pre-assemble' Route Sections for you in order to match popular paths for doing some or all of the Lycian Way. For breakdowns of those routes by stage, please visit my Trekopedia website.

Also included is a single KML file that includes *all* of the available Route Sections plus all of the communities. Note, though, that this file does *not* include any of the accommodation items, attractions, services, or general points of interest. Its purpose is to give a good 'high level' overview of the route without resulting in a massive KML file.

### HOW DO I USE THEM? ###
On your computer you can open them in Google Earth or any other program that can display KML files. You can also use many different tools to convert the format if needed. An excellent free tool to both display and convert GPS tracks is RouteConverter (http://www.routeconverter.de/). RouteConverter has versions for both Windows and Mac.

On your mobile device, you can use these files (as-is or with the format converted) in many different apps.

All of the Lycian Way KML files are drawn from first-hand experience walking on the Lycian Way. The GPS tracks were captured using high-quality GPS receivers. Due to the inherent error margin involved in GPS technology, I base the KML files on *multiple* GPS tracks — I then smooth the KML file to eliminate 'wandering' and to average the tracks. Lastly, I tweak the tracks regularly based on feedback from other Lycian Way walkers. This results in very high-quality, reliable tracks that are suitable for helping you on your own trek. If you spot any errors or have any suggestions on how I can improve the quality and/or usefulness of these tracks, please let me know (eugene@trekopedia.com; I'm 'stratophile' on Ivar's Camino forums).

These KML files are part of Trekopedia (www.trekopedia.com). Trekopedia is a community-driven collection of in-depth information and resources on some of my favorite long-distance hiking and bicycling trails. The website is free. There is no advertising or nonsense. I've always received incredible help in planning my own treks - Trekopedia is my way of giving back to the community for all of that help. There is also a mobile app for the Lycian Way which does have a price attached - proceeds help to pay for the website, researching new content, and so on.

All of the information is available free, on the website. There is no need to purchase the app unless you want the mobile-only functionality. Or the convenience of having the content available off-line. Or if you want the offline maps. Or if you just want to support the project (thank you!) — but you are perfectly welcome to just use the content in whatever way best suits your own trek.

These files are made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Please visit my website for details on this license. In general, though, it means you can use them for your personal, non-commercial usage. If you distribute these files to anyone else, please keep this 'read me' file included with them. You can modify the KML files as you wish, but only for your own personal use.

These files are provided free-of-charge. Use of the files is at your own risk.

Buen Camino! (or, since we're talking about the Lycian Way: 'Happy trails!' LOL)
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From what I can see on Google earth (I haven't walked the route yet) this is a very accurate track. I have been thinking about doing at least part of the walk for years but was put off by the reviews about the guide book being vague in sections and the sign posting be almost non existent in certain areas. I know never to take anything as 100% accurate but this track would seem to make navigating the LW a lot easier.

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