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New bike seat that makes cycling a pleasure! 2017-03-05

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I am a keen cyclist but every time I get off my bike i walk like a cowboy! It is extremely painful to the 'undercarriage'!
For years i have looked at alternative seats without success.
But now i have found it - the holy grail of cycling - a comfy seat!
It is comprised of two oval pads that support your bum, they fit onto the main seat post and are adjustable in two directions. There is a smaller one for those under 80kg, and a larger one for the rest of us! Waterproof also.
I have tested mine on several rides, and although it took a while to get used to the change, and to get it 'set' to my comfort, it is SOOOOOO much better than a conventional seat.
No more aching bones and sore 'soft' bits.
On a serious note i have heard several reports (on radio 4 etc) about permanent damage caused to people and their reproductive systems by persistent saddle use. Especially men.
When listening to R4 and hearing that men could be at risk of erectile dysfunction from this - my husband was heard to roar 'get me a cushty seat NOW!'
As there are many cycle pilgrims on this forum i thought i would post the details here in case anyone was interested.
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