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  1. travelwithgrace

    Wifi (Portuguese Coastal)

    I have Verizon and their international plan is $10/day or $100/month limited to your data plan. I used this traveling Dec 2022 without problems. Recognized whenever I entered a different country.
  2. travelwithgrace

    Follow up to gear recommendations from Pilgrims

    I used gossamer gear murmur36 in 2021, Primitivo route and loved it. Since then they have come out with the Loris25. These packs are ultralight and can expand considerably. I'm taking the Loris on the Portuguese in June (9# without water total weight). If you decide to try this you do have to...
  3. travelwithgrace

    Reserving beds—or not

    We will be a group of 4 females with ages from 15 to 63 starting June 1 from Valenca. We booked albergues to insure we could stay together. I booked when I walked the Primitivo during covid times. I am looking forward to a solo camino sometime in the future that is totally unplanned beginning...
  4. travelwithgrace

    Transportation Lisbon - Fatima - Tui

    Transportation needed Lisbon airport to Fatima on June 2 and Fatima to Valenca or Tui on June 3. Any recommendations? I have checked the RomeToRio app but it says tickets are unavailable. Thanks in advance!
  5. travelwithgrace

    Best ATM Debit Card

    Agree with other commenter liking this card. It does take some time to set up an online account and get money transferred to it. At least that was my experience. so get that on your priority list
  6. travelwithgrace

    Cafe con Leche / Coffee on the Camino: Enquiring Coffee Lovers want to know!!

    I fell in love with café con leche from day one in Spain. Since returning to the States I have tried to replicate it. I've gotten close but never quite the same taste. And the fresh squeezed juice was great as well. Looking forward to my return in June for an original.
  7. travelwithgrace

    Patches on my backpack?

    I sewed mine on but where there was overlapping fabric. My pack is a Gossamer Gear Mariposa. Over a pocket only so the main compartment shouldn't be affected
  8. travelwithgrace

    Central route and paved surfaces

    Also interested in other's experience and how much road walking there is. I have been debating which route has more, Norte vs Central Portuguese. Also interested in the Spiritual variant.
  9. travelwithgrace

    Avoiding asphalt

    I am beginning planning our pilgrimage for early June 2023 for 4 of us. We prefer a route with the least road walking and wondering which routes would be best between the Portuguese or the Norte. We will only be walking the last 160-180 km due to time constraints. I've walked the Primitivo...
  10. travelwithgrace

    Less Crowded Routes to Santiago after Camino San Salvador

    I'm planning another camino for June 2023. I completed the Primitivo in 2021. This year I want to walk camino San Salvador. What would be the best route after this to get the 100k requirement to Santiago? Thinking transferring to Tui but it's a full day bus trip. I like less crowded routes. TIA
  11. travelwithgrace


    Primitivo last year. I used Polarsteps and found it easy to journal in at night as well as downloading pictures. I spent a lot of time editing pictures when I got home for the book that you can order. The book price was good. The only thing I didn't like was there wasn't any way to adjust...
  12. travelwithgrace

    Packing for the Walk

    Don't forget blister care. Needle and thread, leukotape were my choices. Agree with ditch the camera. I upgraded my phone and it took fantastic photos. You can put on airplane mode to save battery while walking. If your windbreaker is waterproof do you need a poncho or a rain cover for your...
  13. travelwithgrace

    When considerations become plans ... and when things get complicated ;-)

    In the same boat so to speak. No plans for a booster and original vaccines outdated. Last year I made all my arrangements in one month so last minute may still be possible. Since Pfizer released their studies I personally don't feel vaccines have a good enough safety profile but everyone has...
  14. travelwithgrace


    I walked Primitivo last year in hiking shoes - somewhere between a trail runner and boot. During the walk my plantar fasciitis returned and I taped my foot per YouTube instructions. I believe this caused mortons neuroma to develop and I had pain for months after returning home. I have since...
  15. travelwithgrace


    I sized up a full size.
  16. travelwithgrace


    Agree with the importance of the right socks. Merino wool are great and can be found in different weights. Another good option besides those listed are Wright socks that are made with a liner built in.
  17. travelwithgrace

    Cash and credit cards on the camino...

    I used a credit card to pay for most meals and store purchases. Almost all Private albergues accepted credit card also (Primitivo). I have since started a Charles Schwab checking acct. There are no international fees and facility fees are reimbursed when getting cash. You might check it out...
  18. travelwithgrace

    Apps for Documenting My Journey

    I used polarsteps and was happy with it on Primitivo 2021. Took tons of pictures and wrote daily. I shared the link with those that were following my journey and they reported it useful enjoying the pictures and written entries. I found it easy to use and I'm not of the generation that grew...
  19. travelwithgrace

    Situation Albergues Primitivo

    Just completed Primitivo Sep 1. I prebooked a few weeks before however I understand August is one of the busiest months for Primitivo. There were some days that I knew of that other pilgrims had a hard time finding an available albergue but were able to get into a pension when calling a few days...

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