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  1. K

    Lunch in Madrid

    G'day Phil, there are a lot of good restaurants around both Chamartin and Atocha stations. The train to Leon (Alva) usually leaves from Chamartin, which is currently undergoing renovation. I suggest leaving the station and walking a few hundred yards towards the Plaza Castellano. There are...
  2. K

    LIVE from the Camino On the camino de Sagunto

    Hi Alan, Thanks for another Hi Alan, Thanks for the fascinating account on the Camino Sagunto. I'm just home from walking the Camino Libaniego, the Vanidiense and then from Leon to Santiago. Might have a look at the Sagunto in the Spring!! PS: Complete and total nightmare from Sarria...
  3. K

    New guide for the Mozarabe, from Almeria

    Ooops. Yes. Thanks. I'll see if I can get some help to do it. Feel free to correct it, if possible to November 2022.
  4. K

    New guide for the Mozarabe, from Almeria

    Hello everyone, Herewith an updated walking guide covering Almeria to Granada. The information here was correct in November 2022. Buen Camino Kevin [Moderator note: Attachment has been corrected to show date of this updated version]
  5. K

    Camino de la Lana

    No worries! What a wonderful Camino it was. Ee walked on to Ponferrada on the Frances and then took the Invierno to Santiago. Good times😊
  6. K

    Camino de la Lana

    Here's a photo of Hans and me in Burgos after the Lana!! Buen Camino😊😊
  7. K

    Camino de la Lana

    Haha Thanks. Kwa Zulu must be spoken further south or west.
  8. K

    Camino de la Lana

    Hello Albert, yes that was myself and Hans on our way to the Lana. I remember we came in a bit late and woke you up!! Sorry! I hope the guide will be a help. The Lana is wonderful. Buen Camino Albert😊😊😊
  9. K

    Camino de la Lana

    Hi Albert. Herewith my guide from 2018. Hope this helps. Best. Kevin
  10. K

    Camino de la Lana

    Haha! I'm guessing that text is in Afrikaans and Kwa Zulu? Got the Afrikaans 😊😊
  11. K


    I can send you my guide Almeria to Granada if you like.
  12. K

    Help me pick my pack! :)

    Recommend a Gregory 40 or 50 liter. In my opinion the best pack on earth. Max weight then not more than 10 kilos. See Camino packing list, and use it. Good luck.
  13. K

    Casa Ivar A few words from me

    Haha Ivar også gjør du dette på søttende mai! Så fint, og takk for all informasjon. Vi er vaksinerte her hjemme men vil nok vente en god stund inntil de har ordnet opp i Spania. Dette m.h.t. folk i Spania, spesielt helsearbeiderne og landsbybefolkningen. Takk for rolig, nøktern og...
  14. K

    OBSOLETE COVID THREAD Just saw this. Don't count on Easter Camino.

    About the most realistic assessment I've read so far. 😊
  15. K

    No worries Tex. Buen Camino!!

    No worries Tex. Buen Camino!!
  16. K

    Notes: Camino San Salvador September 2016

    Hi Kelly and thanks for the question. The ref in Pajares is the municipal and, as mentioned the telephone number is on the wall at the ref in LA Robla. If not it is also on WWW.gronze.com under Camino Salvador. Marisa will be very glad if you can ring, so she knows you are coming and if you...
  17. K

    Ruta de la Lana. PDF form.

    Hello everyone, In the last few months there has been, happily, a steady stream of Pilgrims asking for a version of the simple guide I wrote for the Lana, completed in September last year. I've been sending it individually, but it is possible if you scroll down on a comment written on July the...
  18. K

    LIVE from the Camino Villajoyosa alternative start to the Lana

    Incredible Alan. First the Lana, then the Olvidado and now on the road from Villajoyosa. Plus all the insights into Spanish history. Thanks. Fascinating reading.
  19. K

    Planning Lana in late August 2019 from Valencia via Requena

    Thanks for those kind words Joe. Unfortunately I can't help with the Requena although I know where it goes, and it looks interesting. You could also opt for the Levante as far as Almansa and Alpera. The Lana /Levante split is just outside Alpera and clearly marked. Best. Kevin

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