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    Favorite variant of Camino Portugues?

    I have only done the coastal and I loved every minute of it but I grew up on the Oregon coast. This was the route I took. Porto - Spent 2 days here before starting Vila do Conde Esposende Viana do Castelo Vila Praia de Ancora A Guarda Oia Baiona Vigo Redondela Pontevedra Caldas De Rais Padron...
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    New version of Ender's Salvador guide (2022)

    Wow great material thank you for this. I am planning on doing this in 2024
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    My Find Penguins album

    How does the App work do you take a picture and post a footprint immediately or take pictures and post them all at the end of your day?
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    Coastal Vs Central Camino?

    I'll let you know in a few weeks I am going all of the way up the coast to Vigo and cutting over.
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    How many days walking from Porto to Santiago?

    I’m flying direct to Porto at the end of August through Newark and doing the coastal in 13 days. Anywhere from 9-18 miles each day with no rest days
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    Camino Marked from Vigo to Redondela?

    Corned Beef or anyone else Is the Senda del Agua longer?
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    Impressions from my April 2022 Camino Portugués Coastal Route

    Thank you that was wonderful to watch and gets me excited for my trip in August!
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    LIVE from the Camino Starting in Porto

    Enjoy I start the coastal route at the end of August!
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    Solo Walking Journey from Porto, September 2022

    I leave from Porto on August 30th going the Coastal route for my first time
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    I just did it!

    Congratulations I just booked the Coastal route for end of August!

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